Best Things To Do In Lumbini, Nepal

Lumbini is concentrated with numerous Buddhist monuments. Located a little away from Bhairawa, this is the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, who turned into the Buddha of 7th century BC. After Buddha’s lifetime, numerous temples were built for him and his mother at the spot. Today, Lumbini is becoming a top pilgrimage spot for locals and international travelers. Yes, pilgrimage is the top activity to enjoy in this region.

However, that is not the only activity. We have listed best things to do in Lumbini and top activities to enjoy in this list.

Temples In Lumbini, Nepal

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Exploring Monasteries

Monasteries are not just temples. They are colossal structures, which are well explained as a living museum. You can stay in the monastery, enjoy their culture and relish their style of living. Top monasteries to enjoy in Lumbini are Myanmar Golden Temple, Chinese Monastery, Great Lotus Stupa, German temple, Mahabodi Society Temple and others.

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Try Street food

Nepal street food would be almost similar to that of Indian cuisine. You can find many street vendors selling flavor-full dishes. Since Lumbini is very close to India, you can find an Indian infused cuisine. Top street dishes to try are samosa, curries, noodles, panipuri, tikiya chat, pakauda and others.

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Explore Rural Regions On A Cycle

Hiring a cycle is very easy in Lumbini. This is the best way to enjoy sightseeing in rural regions. The roads are easier for a ride and you can experience minimal traffic. You will encounter acres of land with fresh yellow flowers of mustard, rice paddies, goats, friendly locals yelling Namaste, small huts and so on. You can rent the cycle on an hourly basis or on a daily basis.


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Meditation is an important part of Buddhist culture. You can find numerous meditation centers in this region. The monks in the center will be able to guide you through the process. There are a few meditation centers, which allow tourists to stay in for the entire vacation and become a part of the community. If you are looking for a tourism styled meditation time, visit Maya Devi temple and meditate under Bodhi tree. Bodhi tree is the one, under which Maya Devi rested before giving birth to Lord Buddha.

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Visit The Birthplace Of Buddha

Maya Devi temple covers the birthplace of Lord Buddha. You can find the pond, where Maya Devi (Mother of Buddha) took a bath after birthing him. You will have to walk a long way to reach the white temple. Once inside the temple, you can find the house of his birth, ruins of a few buildings, pond, a few stupas in ruins and the Bodhi tree. You are allowed to wander through the region as you wish.


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World Peace Pagoda

This is a famous religious spot, which was built by the monk to spread the importance of peace and love. You can enjoy a peaceful time here by meditating or enjoying a panoramic view of the Annapurna range, Phewa Lake and regions around it. The pagoda gives a great sunset and sunrise view. There are numerous hiking trains and cycling routes to enjoy around this pagoda.

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Best Time To Visit Lumbini To Enjoy These Activities

If you looking for enjoying the heritage and culture of the land, April/May is the best time to visit in Nepal (Lumbini). You can find a grand celebration in this region, since it marks the time of birth of Lord Buddha. When it comes to other sightseeing spots, it is better to stick with April to October, as the temperature will be mild during this region, allowing you to explore the regions, without any hurdle.

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Importance of Visiting Lumbini

Lumbini marks the birthplace of Prince Gautama, who gained enlightenment to become Lord Buddha. You can find many sacred Buddhist sites, pagodas and monasteries in this region. In short, Lumbini is the Mecca of Buddhists. This is the main reason for tourists to visit Lumbini. However, it is not the only reason.

  1. This is the best place to enjoy the culture of the land. Buddhism traditions and ancient cultures can be visualized in monasteries and meditation centers. Tourists are also welcomed to be a part of those rituals.
  2. The agriculture of Lumbini is quite primitive. Cycle through the rural regions to spots mustard fields and rice paddies. You can watch locals performing agriculture with primitive tools.
  3. Find an Indian monument in the land of Lumbini. Ashoka Pillar, built by King Ashokacan be found in this village. People pray to this pillar with incense sticks and meditate close to it.
  4. You can spot various bird species near the farmland, if you visit during summer. You can spot Indian spotted eagle, owls, gyps and a few endangered species too.
  5. Trekking is not very common in Lumbini. However, you can trek through the Lumbini circuit to spot 64 archeological sites scattered around the area.

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