Top Things to do in Nepal

If you are asking what to do while in Nepal, then definitely that’s the wrong question. As there are so many things one can do in Nepal that you will lose count. However, which ones are the ones you would to do, definitely depends on your taste and what you would like to do.

Ranging from small evening walks to trekking, seeing natural parks, taking short cooking classes churning out Nepalese and Indian dishes, taking spa, shopping for souvenirs and seeking the blessings of God while visiting many of those temples and monasteries ….. . In fact the list is really good one of the kind of things one can do.

Making a wish list is a work you can do. Here is a guide to Top Ten Things to do in Nepal:

1. Be in Thamel

Being in Thamel means enjoying the night – life of Nepal to its fullest. Wine flows in and music is on its top. But beware of the high – class pick pockets who make their smart entry in such places!

2. Go on Hidden Treks

There are Treks of Nepal which are very popular and make their way in every tour itenary. But there are treks which are silent and not so popular. Take a peek into these treks and see the beauty of Everest in a completely new way. But, make sure these are guided and not tailored out by thugs!

3. Bishal Bazar

The best place to shop in Kathmandu. End – end shops, vibrant with dark striking colors, faces blooming and highly buzzling place; it’s just the place you have been looking for shopping. Buy local stuff here, dresses, small idols of lord Buddha and fashion jewellery.

4. Bike Tours

Biking in Nepal is like biking in any other hill stations of the world; but this is a must if one really wishes to see the beauty of landscapes in a different way.

5. Budhanilkantha

It’s not as famous as Durbar Square, but it has got the uniqueness which no other place has. The floating God or sleeping god on water is simply amazing. In fact, you must not have seen Buddha like this anywhere before. So silent and serene even the architectures of today keep upon amusing the beauty and details of this magnificent piece of art! Be here not just to see just another idol of Lord Buddha; but to get experience of a lifetime.

6. Hiking and Camping

Hiking and Camping are something which everyone looks for one he is in Nepal. Camps at high altitudes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and comfortable stays automatically make for hiking. If you are the one who cannot make it to the Everest Base Camp; then definitely you are the one who can make it to a Hiking Camp. Perfectly designed and comparatively easy, these are worth it. One can take a halfway short camp trip to Annapurna Base camp or likewise to experience the thrill.

7. Cooking Classes

Tasted the fine dishes of Nepal and liked some of them! That’s cool. Now it’s time to take some of the choicest ones with you. If you are a foodie buff and love to cook too; then instead of buying those cookery books over the shelf; try some recepies on your own. There are some of the Nepal’s best chefs to bring out the best in taste for you. …. Try them!

8. Spa Therapies

Who told you Nepal is all about UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Temples only! It’s a place where Spa and related therapies have their own place. Get some of best natural therapies of stones here in Kathmandu’s Spas.

9. Kaiser Library

What is a traveller’s day without a book referred7ikm8! If you are looking some of the most interesting facts about Nepal and its history, culture as well tradition and have time too; then here is a place which tells you all about it. Be at the Kaiser Library; quite an old one but well managed. You would love spending hours here!

10. The Crematoria

We have kept this in the list of must do activities as it tells more than one can experience in a lifetime – the perfect synchronization of cycle of life and death. A perfect harmony between what is and what will be – amazing yet so true!

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