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Best Time To Visit Nepal

Nepal as such is a pleasant place to be in throughout the year. However depending upon the reason for which you are going to Nepal there can be best time. Let’s see what’s it all about.

Most of the people who travel to Nepal is for trekking. For these September to early December is the best time. Cool winds and slight snow-fall welcomes them as they travel up high and then downwards.

The second-most thing this travellers come here are its National Parks. To see the wild-life at its best and to be parks like Chitwan National Park one should be here at the end of February to mid April when the long grass has been cut down and the weather offers a pleasant stay.

Now, if you are looking for cold season and love to enjoy the cold waves of air, then be here at the end of December to January end. You will definitely love the coldness of Nepal which stretches itself in every nook and corner of Nepal. So, choose the one which suits you best!


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