Best Time To Visit Nepal

The land of fluttering Buddhist prayer flags and a mesmerizing background of mountains, this land is an embodiment of gushing adrenaline. Being the cultural capital of Himalayan region, this sublime destination is welcoming throughout the year. However, it is best to choose the right time for your vacation.

Winter season

Winter starts in December and ends in March. The place can get cold during this season. The snow covered regions and high altitude landscape makes the place more beautiful for adventure activities. However, very high altitudes might be closed for safety.

Monsoon Season

The monsoon starts in July and ends in November. The monsoon does not bring down very harsh showers. However, it would rain every day, masking the beauty of the backdrop with grey clouds. The roads will be muddy and damp. In high altitude regions, landslides are very common. Thus, it is better to avoid this season.

Summer Season

Summer of Nepal is very typical like any other tropical region. The land will be hot and humid. However, the regions of higher altitude and closer to mountain rangers would< be very pleasing. This is the right time for sightseeing activities.
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Best Tourism Season

Other than monsoon, Nepal is welcoming to tourists throughout the year. However, when it comes to snow based activities and beauty, winter is the best time to visit the land. Top suggested winter tour packages of Nepal are

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