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There is more than this place to being the Birthplace of Lord Buddha and being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a place where the Buddhist viharas /monasteries and stupas of 15th century A.D. still stand tall today. (However after the earthquake of 2015, some of them have been damaged. Its presence is has lot of religious importance not only for local people but also globally. Situated under the foothills of Himalaya; it’s one of the most beautiful places of world to be in!

Lord Buddha was born here in 563 B.C. ; named as Sidhhartha Gautama and so a lot of Buddhist and non – Buddhist disciples come here from around the globe. Located just 22 kms of Bhairawa; there is the beautiful temple of Maya Devi – mother of Gautam Buddha. Being here in Lumbini means not only going on a spiritual ride; but also seeing around 36 places which are of importance. A stay of 2 – 3 days is must to see and dip in the entire place.

Maya Devi Temple

It’s the place or the tree under which Lord Buddha was born. It is said Maya Devi gave birth to Prince Siddhartha while on her way to her parental home Devadaha while resting under a Sal tree and it is much revered. But seeing this place comes at a cost and one needs to buy a ticket to enter. There is a small pond here called Puskarni. It’s a pious pool where Maya Devi took a dip before giving birth to the Lord. This too is much revered.

Myanmar Gold Temple

One of the oldest yester-years structures, it has three impressive prayer halls. One the top of these there is this corn – cobbed shikara – something replicating temples of Began. There is also the Burmese styled Lokmani Pula Pagoda which is another impressive architectural structure.

World Peace Pagoda

It’s a beautiful place not because about US $1 MILLION HAS BEEN INFUSED INTO IT to construct it; but simply because the place has really been very well built. Sit here in silence and feel the peace and place. The huge sparkling and smiling statue of Lord Buddha does makes its presence felt. Be here and feel the difference.

Ashokan Pillar

Emperor Ashoka did make is presence felt here when he visited Lumbini and till today it can be seen. Everywhere there is something which speaks of Buddha, if you look closely. On the distant view there is this Ashokan Pillar with original inscriptions on it.

Lumbini Crane Sanctuary

Even if you are not interested in those high walking silent cranes; still you should be here. The best time is to be here in the early morning and get the rarest sights. See them walking, talking, shrieking, taking a flight of heaven and gripping their diet in a flash of a second. It’s as amusing and as thrilling as you can imagine.

Drubgyud Choling Gompa

Unlike others this Gompa is not one of the oldest. Rather it’s a recent one built in 2001 with fantastic mural work, well defined relics and a gigantic stupa which is as beautiful as others are. Spending some time here in the morning hours or evenings can be memorable.

There are more things which can be seen here than the above. Other places include Dhama Janami Vipassana Temple, Lumbini Museum, Vietnam Phat Quoc tu Temple, Korean Buddhist Temple, Royal thai Buddhist temple, Manang Samaj Stupa, Vipassana Meditation Centre, Great Drigung Kagyug Lotus Stupa, Zhong Hua Chinese Buddhist Monastery and so on. Watching, seeking the blessings of Lord Buddha and being here offers an insight which no other place does. So, be here and be blessed!

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