Top 7 Water Activities Kerala is Famous For!

Kerala is one of the most visited Tourists Destinations in India. It is considered as ‘God’s Own City’ because of it lush greenery, tranquil lakes and coconut palm fringed beaches. The natural beauty can be enjoyed in a better way that is by cruising across the lakes on traditional house boats and adventurous water sports. “Nature is the art of God” and it is proved by its enriched natural surroundings. People visiting Kerala, can carry out various water activities as it is also famous for adventurous water sports. The exciting water sports amidst natural surroundings of Kerala will make your tour thrilling. Some of the popular water activities which you can enjoy during your Kerala Tour are mentioned below:

1. Kayaking

Kayaking is done on a little boat called Kayak, made for one or two person. It is actuated with paddled oars. Therefore, Kayaking in the exotic backwaters of Kerala is considered as the best way of exploring the backwaters of this region. Kayaking, Kerala

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2. Canoeing

One of the favorite water sports among the tourist coming to Kerala is Canoeing. Not only the travelers but also the natives of this state like Canoeing. It is another excellent way to explore the backwaters nearly. Also Read : Top Things to do in Kerala

3. Scuba Diving

Those who want to reach the water level beyond the surface to experience the aquatic life can opt for Scuba diving. It takes down to the sea-bed and allow to explore marine life. This sporting activity is pleasant and is admired by the tourists during their tour to Kerala. Also Read : Top Tourist Attractions in Kerala

4. Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran sailing is a source to boost tourism in Kerala. Catamaran is a small wooden vessel with two joined hulls that helps cruising across the pristine backwaters of Kerala. Catamarans with motor operation are also available nowadays that makes sailing easier. Kovalam Beach, Kerala

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5. Snorkeling

The beaches of Kovalam, Alappuzha and Varkala witness the exciting and most popular recreational activity called Snorkeling. This activity allows an in-depth view of the marine life underwater. Also Read : Top 10 Beaches of Kerala

6. Para Sailing

Mostly the beaches or the sea-side resorts witness Parasailing. This thrilling water sport consists of an attached parachute with a motor boat or other such vehicle. The para sailor is fastened with a harness and so he glides securely in the air.

7. Wind Surfing

Windsurfing is riding on water surface on a surfboard. This interesting recreational activity is carried out in many beaches of Kerala. This adventurous sport is a combination of surfing and sailing. Windsurfing is an ideal sport carried in Kerala because of its breezy climate and serene backwaters. Experience the beauty of nature and explore the backwaters while you engage yourself into adventurous water sports. These activities will keep you busy and thrilled during your Kerala Tour driving away your boredom! Also Read : Top Three Eco Tourism Destinations in Kerala Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala Top 5 Backwaters of Kerala that you should not miss Know About the Traditional Dances of Kerala Popular Backwater Tours of Kerala : Popular Tour Packages of Kerala :