Top 7 Haunted Places in Nepal

In a country like Nepal with hundreds of temples and numerous monasteries, it is hard to believe that there are a few haunted destinations, which keep tourists and locals away from them. On the other hand, a few tourists love to take up a challenge and enjoy those thrilling spots. No matter how logical you are and how educated you are, somethings the ghost stories and unexplainable situations make you feel evil things. Are you one such person? Here are the top 7 Haunted places of Nepal with such a feel.

1. Raniban – The Tree Of Rape


Raniban gets its name because it was one of the most favorite places of Nepal’s yesteryear queen. True to this reason, the place is famous for stunning views, beautiful sceneries, amazing mountain regions and much more. The jungle of Raniban village is lush and was famous among locals and tourists until it became haunted. Especially, a tree in the jungle, which is said to be spooky. Locals started hearing unusual sounds of a girl crying and angry shrieks. Soon, they were able to associate this with a recent murder of a girl at the same spot. Today, some youth try to visit the tree after sunset to experience the ghostly feel. If interested, check with the locals around it and you can listen to numerous interesting stories. Also read : Top Attraction in Nepal


Several years ago, a man raped and killed a girl right under the tree. Police have confirmed that the location of the murder, right under the tree. From the day after the murder, locals started to hear unexplainable noises and crying. Although this might look like a hallucination, to everyone’s disbelief, the man who was accused of the rape and murder was found hanging from the very same tree, just two days after the death of the girl. No matter how much you try to give a logical reasoning to it, it just gets spookier as you explain. Must read : 10 Best Places to Visit In Nepal In Winter Season

2. Dhapasi – Water Tank Of The Mugged


Even if you plainly mention, as the water tank of Dhapasi and everyone knows that you are talking about the haunted water tank. This water tank is located in Basundhara. The tank was specifically used for storing drinking water for locals around the region. Later, locals started to hear crying, shouting and other noise near it. When they got to the spot to find the reason, there would be none. Later, people started seeing a spirit of a man, who was killed near the water tank. Today, people are afraid of going near to the tank, even during daytime. Are you willing to give this water tank, a visit? Visit Dhapasi.


According to locals, a group of robbers mugged a man near the water tank. During the resistance, the robbers injured the man severely and pushing him into the water tank. They later closer the opening of the tank and locked it. The man was said to struggle for his life inside the tank, which was filled with water and was left to die in the tank. Also read :

3. Devghat – Fire Dance Of Old Women


The town is located in Chitwan, near the Seti Gandaki and Krishna Gandaki rivers. This region is a famous ceremonial site for people for rituals. In 2009, a strange thing happened in this ghat, a skull of a female was recovered from this region. There is no evidence to who it was and it was already getting spookier. Later, police started recovering numerous bones and skulls. To top it all, locals started to witness four old women coming to the exact spot for dancing, every night. The weirdest part of it is that these women set fire to themselves at midnight while they perform their dance ritual. If you really want to watch this dance performance? You ought to get down to Devghat.

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Finding human bones in this ghat is not something horrifying for the locals. This is the land of cremation. Devghat receives around 20 dead bodies for cremation, every day and there are even plans for introducing electric cremation machines (source). It is said that the place is a ceremonial site for black magic believers. It is also said that skulls of various people were removed from this ghat, in the past too. There is no one concrete answer to who those old women were. No one has the guts to walk down to them, interfere their dance performance and ask them. Maybe you have what it takes to have that encounter. Must Read : Most Famous Things To Buy In Nepal

4. Mount Everest – The Spirit Climber


This is not more of a scary haunted story but a cute one. You would be familiar with Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world. Every year, thousands of people visit this mountain slope to get to the top and get glory. This includes a friendly ghost too. Many climbers have said that they could feel the presence of a spirit, which ultimately aims at providing motivation to the climbers. Also Read: Top 10 Treks of Nepal


Many people die in their pursuit to the peak of Mount Everest. One among them was an enthusiastic climber, Andrew Irvine, who died in his attempt in 1924. Until date, there are around 300 bodies in Mount Everest, but unfortunately, the body of the spirit climber is not found (source). Many climbers have encountered many paranormal activities and few have even spotted the spirit of the climber. However, none has ever mentioned that the spirit was harmful. They mentioned that the spirit climber seems to be motivating and helping other climbers. Well, I don’t mind a friendly ghost like Casper, do you? Do you want to enjoy Mount Everest but do not want to climb up or encounter the spirit climber? Read Best Way to See Mt Everest Nepal Without Climbing to know your options.

5. Royal Palace of Nepal – everlasting gunshots

 Royal Palace of Nepal

You would be familiar with the royal massacre of 2001, in which the crown prince of Nepal took a gun to the party hall, killing ten people of his family and ended up killing himself. A few days later, locals around the palace started to hear screaming, shouting, cries and even gunshots from the palace. To avoid local commotion, the current King Gyanendra performed many spiritual rituals to cleanse the place. However, even workers of the palace have mentioned that they hear gunshots from dark places and closed rooms. Today, the palace has become a museum for sightseeing and you could visit the palace to examine the ghostly screams.


After his father refused his proposal to marry the love of his life, the crown prince took a gun to the hall, where his entire family was having a party and killed everyone he could find. However, there were many loose ends to this story. It is said that the crown prince was left-handed but there were bullets in his right temple (his suicide). Most interestingly, there were two bullets in his right temple. Was there someone with him, who induced him to do the murder? Nobody really knows and somehow, people are convinced that the prince is now haunting the place. Also read : About Nepal Cuisine

6. Mugling- Narayanghat – Never stop for hitchhikers

Sundarijal Bank

How about visiting a haunted place on a drive. One of the most beautiful route to cover is the road between Mugling and Narayanghat. However, today is has become more of a gashing dream. Yes, the journey will be exciting but, if you prefer to cover the road at night, you are in for a treat. Locals will request you to avoid traveling on foot in the road during nighttime. What happens? Well, you would see ghosts asking for lift, sudden figures falling in front of your vehicle and other paranormal activities. Today, the road is quite busy during morning and evenings and you would not feel the adrenaline kick during the busy times. Choose around mid-night for the spooky effect you need.


The road has forest on either side. Police have confirmed that they have retrieved several bodies from the forest regions and most of the cases are still pending. Unfortunately, there can be numerous other dead bodies in the forest, beyond imagination. In the past, the towns around the highway were just deserted fishing regions, which was a dangerous place for crime and violence. The sprits found on the highway were said to be tortured souls, whose remains might lie unattended in the woods. Must read : 10 Festivals In Nepal You Must Experience

7. Sundarijal Bank – river that needs human sacrifice

Sundarijal Bank

The region of Sundarijal is located a little away from the main city of Kathmandu. The place holds the huge river, which is one of the main source of drinking water for inmates of Kathmandu. Although the water is quite essential for their living, the locals consider the river to be haunted. People refused to go to the banks of the river for any activity, anytime of the day. The river is said to flow through a lush jungle and the forest is assumed to be home to many tormented spirits. Also read : Top Things to Do in Kathmandu


The river Sundarijalis said to have a thirst for human. It is said that every year, the river manages to take lives of humans who reach near the water for any activity. There are incidents were tourists and locals who reach the banks of the river, abnormally fall into the water and perish. This kind of belief is also associated with the theory that the spirits of those who died in the river still roam along the riversides. Do you think that these are just made up stories or just a developed folklore? Well, someone might have heard a falling fruit and assumed it to be spirits chasing them. You could put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and start digging for evidences. Are you looking for some spooky time in Nepal, choose our Nepal tour packages for a vacation.

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