Top Motorcycle Tours Regions in Ladakh

There are three lakes and seven passes in Ladakh that serves as paradise for those who want to take up motorcycle tours. Among these, world top three highest motorcycle passes are found here. What more can you explain about Ladakh that would inspire a motorcycle enthusiast like you?

Khardung La pass is the highest pass in the world. The second highest is also in Leh Ladakh. It is called as Tanglang La pass. The third highest is Chang La which is also here. These three passes are motorcycle enthusiast’s paradise.

1. Khardung La Pass

This pass is the gateway to exotic Nubra Valley. If you look at the top three places to visit in Ladakh, you would have Nubra Valley in the list no matter which website you are referring to. This pass is about 40 km away from the heart of Leh. It is about 18 thousand feet high and has the most scenic views on the way. You can find many camels, horses and others on the way. You can watch Siachen Glacier from this pass. This pass would connect to Manali and Srinagar if you wish to visit. A lot of people from various parts of the world visit this place for riding in this pass. There is an army canteen that provides tea and snacks to all motorcycle passers.

The best time to visit is between May and October. The pass would be closed after November due to heavy snowfall.

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2. Chang La Pass

This pass is about 5000 feet above the sea level. This might not be the second highest pass, but when it comes to scenic beauty; it takes the second place in this list. There are a lot of monasteries, temples and settlements in this route. This is the most aesthetically pleasing region for motorcycle rides. Pangong Tso Lake can be reached only through this pass. This lake is the most attractive one in the Himalayan region. There are a lot of other attractions in this pass in Ladakh. This pass also has an army canteen that serves tea and refreshments to travellers. If lucky, you could meet some officials here and have tea with them. If you are ready to spend some considerable time in this tour, Changthang plateau is a must see. This route is open only between May and October due to safety.

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3. Baralacha La Pass

This pass is about 73 km away from Ladakh. This pass is located on the Manali Leh road. While travelling through this pass you can find Chandrabhaga River, Suraj Tal trek, Chandra Tal trek and many other attractive landscapes in Zanskar plateau. Many people try some of the trekking routes for adventure. These routes would be closed in winter and thus, it is better to visit this pass between April and October. There are a lot of picturesque landscapes and wonderful spots for picnic in this bike route. It is not easy to find a decent restaurant. Thus, it is advisable to carry as much food as possible in this route.

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4. Lakes in Ladakh

Passes are not the only motorcycle tour regions in this place. There are a lot of lakes which are visual marvel Narnia. The three most beautiful lakes in this region are Pangong Tso, Tsomoriri and Tsokar. Each lake is a wonder in its own style. The Pangong Lake changes its colour as the day advances. The lakes get frozen during winter and it is advisable to visit these lakes during summer season.The top region among the lakes for motorcycle tour is Pangong Tso Lake. Pangong Tso Lake is in the Chang La route. The traces of white snow, mountains of varying colour and various other elements in this route make this an important motorcycle tour region in this place. You can also camp near this lake to enjoy an adventurous night. There are no eateries or decent hotels to spend a night near this lake. If you are looking for hotels, you need to drive back to Leh. It would be adventurous and entertaining to camp near the lake and enjoy the view in moonlight.

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These motorcycle tour regions are the important reasons for considering road routes as the best option for reaching Leh Ladakh or travelling to any other region from Leh. The cold desert with snow, amazing background, colourful mountains and awe inspiring natural elements make these regions a paradise for all.

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