Experience of Ladakh

Visitors to Ladakh are exposed to varied experiences of natural bounties like the snow capped peaks, rugged mountainous terrain, serene l lakes, cold deserts, mighty rivers and monumental Buddhist heritage. You can indulge in adventure activities like trekking in the difficult most terrains and experience ruggedness of Ladakh.

You will experience interaction with the people as innocent as the nature itself in Ladakh. You will find yourself in another world while experiencing the warmth hospitality of its people while exploring untouched charm of nature in Ladakh. You will be exposed to culture and hard daily life the people live besides their fantastic cuisines.

This region will throw open to you the architectural uniqueness and spirituality in the Buddhist Monasteries in Ladakh. You can experience deep meditational practices in the remote Buddhist monasteries. It is thrilling experience to participate in Yang Tsedup festival at Phyang Monastery. You will camp on the banks of Lake Pangong and trek the Indus, an ancient region that was once alive with the Indus Valley Civilization of City States like Mesopotamia and Rome.

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