Why To Visit Ladakh - Top Reasons to Know

Ladakh is a scenic attractive place in the Himalayan ranges of Jammu and Kashmir, India. This place attracts millions of people who visit this place for its various elements. Are you confused about whether or not to choose Ladakh for your next vacation? Here are 15 Top reasons to why you should visit Ladakh.

1. Scenic Beauty

The place is located on the Himalayan ranges and is surrounded by mountain ranges of Karakoram. The place is always cool no matter when you visit the place. It would be freezing during winter. The rivers in are crystal blue in colour and some might be frozen too. You can find backgrounds of Himalayan Mountains with silhouette of monuments and monasteries. You can find perennial streams, unique structures and a lot more there that would act as a good source for still life and other forms of photography.


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2. Culture

Ladakh has a unique Buddhist culture with impacts from traditional beauties. Over the years, this culture has become an important backbone for tourism. The land’s traditional culture and lifestyle make the cuisine, dressing, dance forms and others. The festivals of the land gain more attention thanks to the exclusive culture of the land. This is one of the few places where you can find dancing monks enjoying festivals just like you.

Ladakh Culture

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3. Mountain Passes

Since the medieval times, the mountain passes of the region were of greater importance. The passes were the economic routes for trading spices, silks and others. Exploring the mountain passes on a bike is an important activity of Ladakh. This is the most signature activity of Ladakh. Covering the mountain passes is easier during the right season. Top passes to cover are Khardung La pass, Bara-lacha la pass, Chang la pass, Taglang la pass, Umling la pass, Namikala pass and others.

Mountain Passes Ladakh

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4. Kindling Romance

Do you know that Ladakh is an important honeymoon destination in India? The serene place, cold climate and mesmerizing sceneries are said to rekindle love and romance. It being the coldest area in the country; attracts a lot of honeymooners and young couples every year. Are you ready for an entertaining vacation with romance, adventure and relaxation? It would be the right place.


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5. Wildlife

The diversity of Ladakh arises from its nature and the wildlife is a part of this beautiful nature. Ladakh holds a beautiful Himalayan nature, untainted by commercialism. Rare birds and animals can be found in their natural habitat rich with Himalayan flora. More than 225 species of animals and birds can be seen in this region. Top animals to spot in Ladakh are snow leopard, brown bear, lynx, wolf, Tibetan sand dox, Tibetan Argali, antelope and others.

Wildlife Sanctuary Ladakh

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6. Religious places

Taking a pilgrimage tour is a double beauty. You get to wander around ancient monasteries, explore the culture and enjoy the unique architectural beauties. Apart from these, the nature plays an important role in adding peace and tranquility to these religious places. Every year, thousands of people visit Ladakh for pilgrimage activities. Top iconic religious sites to visit in Ladakh are Likir monastery, Thiksey monastery, Sumda Chun, Shanti Stupa, Gurudwara Pathar Sahib and others.

Likir Monastery, Ladakh

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7. Adventure

Statistically, this is the main reason that drives more than three fourth of the travel population to Ladakh. The geographical wealth and the Himalayan nature gives access to different landscapes, which allow you to enjoy unique adventure activities like mountain biking, trekking, jeep safari, river rafting, camel safari, yak safari, ice hockey and many others. No wonder, Ladakh is called as the adventure capital of the country.

River Rafting Ladakh

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8. Photography

The gushing streams, charming houses, narrow paths taking you closer to Himalayas and the spectacular nature make it the apt place for post-card style photography. The arid mountain gives the magical background to your pictures. Not just the nature, the architectural beauties, interiors of monasteries and fluttering prayer flags make the place a classic destination for photography.

Photography in Ladakh

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9. Safari

Ladakh is the only destination in India apart from Rajasthan, where you can enjoy camel safari. It is one of the very few places to experience yak safari too. The most common safari to enjoy in the region is the jeep safari. The Himalayan regions make the safari more exciting. Many sure to choose the right season so that you can enjoy all types of safaris here.

Bactrian Camels Safari Nubra Ladakh

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10. Outdoor Activities

It is the place for adventure activities. Top three motorable mountain passes of the world are located in Ladakh. You can find a lot of trekking trails for hiking and trekking along with frozen rivers. Name an adventure activity; and, you would find it there. Top peaks for hiking are Nun-Kun, Stok Kangri, Jang Yatse and others. You can also enjoy a trekking excursion to the base of Mount Everest; if you are up for the challenge. Apart from these, there are a lot of monasteries to explore and enjoy their rituals, explore their libraries, antiques and others.

Frozen Zanskar River Trek Ladakh
Frozen Zanskar River Trek Ladakh

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11. Yoga, Relaxation and Rejuvenation

You can find a lot of yoga centres and Buddhism centres where training courses and meditation workshops are conducted every day. You can enroll in any of the program and enjoy a complete rejuvenation process along with a vacation. Moreover, there are a lot of monasteries where you can stay and be a part of their daily rituals of meditation and spiritual teaching. Inner peace can be gained by enjoying a lonely morning walk too.


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12. Rare Sights

Have you seen glaciers? Have you ever driven through ice capped mountains? Have you ever watched a snow leopard cub playing in the snow? Do you know there is a species of blue sheep? You can have interesting sights that cannot be easily enjoyed elsewhere in the world. This is a whole new Narnia in India. Starting from mountain wolves to river rafting, this place can craft new experiences that are rare and everlasting.


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13. Festivals

There are a few places in the country where a traveler could be enchanted with cultural beauty. Dotted along the mountain background with stupas, monasteries and temples, this is the right place to enjoy festivals. The culture of the land is infused with Tibetan lifestyle that each festival is a unique extravaganza. Top exclusive festivals to try in Ladakh are Losar, Hemis festival, TakTok festival, Saka Dawa festival, YuruKabgyat, Ladakh festival and others.

Leh Hemis Festival

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14. Local cuisines

One of the most signature elements that give a unique experience to the travelers in the cuisine. The region sticks with its traditional roots when it comes to cuisine. The cuisine is healthy and delicious. Top dishes to try in Ladakh are chutagi, skew, paba, butter tea and of course, momos.

Ladakh Cuisine

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No matter which age group you fall under or what type of traveller you are; It is the best place for a relaxing summer vacation or a thrilling winter vacation.