Safari of Ladakh

Safari is an overland journey Ladakh usually by tourists for the purpose of sightseeing, wildlife spotting and photography. Originally, the term was used for hunting.

In Ladakh, tourists have wide choice for Safaris. However, the most popular Safari in Ladakh is Jeep Safari. In Leh, you have an option for Motor bike safari which suits a cost-conscious single tourist. Other safaris available in parts of Ladakh are Camel Safari and Yak Safari. The Camel Safari is suitable for the cold desert regions covered with snow. The Yak can survive only at the higher altitudes and makes a perfect Safari for difficult terrains at higher altitudes. You may choose one depending upon the destination and availability.

Jeep Safari in Ladakh is most common for the reasons that all the important destinations and regions are connected by road, good and rough too. Jeep, being a four wheel drive, can cover the bad roads and the winding ascending or descending roads in hiily terrain.

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