15 Top Places To Visit In Karnataka

Karnataka is a South Indian state bordering the Arabian Sea. It is located in the South Western part of the country. This state has rich culture and diverse landscape. Many rules of varying culture and religion ruled this place in the past and thus, you can find various architectural marvels of varying styles. This state is known for its heritage, natural resources, culture and other entertainment elements.

Here are the top 15 places you ought to visit in Karnataka.

1. Bangalore

Bangalore is also called as the Silicon Valley of India. It is a major IT hub in the country. There are a lot of natural sites, historic spots, palaces and temples in this city. This city is also called as the garden city. When it comes to parks, there are many parks in the city. The top ones are Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park and JP park. Top attractions are Bangalore fort, Palace of Tippu Sultan, Bangalore palace, Mayo hall, government museum, aerospace museum, Gandhi Bhavan, Dodda Alada Mara, Thottikallu, Nandhi Hills, Bannerghatta park, Butterfly park and many others.

Bangalore palace

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There are a lot of lakes in this city like Ulsoor lake, Hebbal lake, Bellandur Lake and many others. Many lakes will have water related activities during peak tourist season. In the religious front; there are several temples like ISKCON temples, Ranganathaswamy temple of 16th century, 16th century Halasuru Someshwara Temple, 17th century Kote Jalakantheshwara temple and many others. St. Mary’s Basilica is the oldest church in the city.

Sri Ranganatha Swamy temple , Bangalore

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Skandagiri is a small trekking spot which is about 75 km away from Bangalore. Savandurga is a famous waterfalls which is 60 km away from Bangalore and Muthyalamaduvu is a picnic spot which is 40 km away from Bangalore main city.

Skandgiri Trek, Bangalore

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2. Mysore

Mysore was the capital of the state for the past six centuries. It was ruled by Sultans and various other kings in the past. This place is the centre for various forms of arts and crafts. It is an important tourist destination too. This place is also called as the Palace City of the country. As the name indicates, there are a lot of palaces in the city like the Mysore Palace of royal family, Lalitha Mahal, Jaganmohan Palace of 19th century and Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion. The top gardens in the city are Brindavan gardens, Happy Man park, Butterfly Park and others.

Mysore Palace

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Other top attractions in this city are sand sculpture museum, rail museum, wax museum, Chamundi Hills, St. Philomena Church, Mysore Zoo, Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary and others. Shivansamudra falls is the second largest waterfalls in the country and is located a little away from Mysore.

Shivansamudra falls

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3. Mangalore

Mangalore is a small city between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. It is an important part of the city even during the ancient times. This place has mesmerizing beaches, hills and other attractions. Top attractions in this city are Kadri Manhunath temple, Tannirbhavi beach, Sultan Battery beach, Panambur beach, Pilikula Nisargadhama picnic spot, St. Aloysius Church and many others. Do not forget to taste Udupi cuisine while you are in Mangalore.


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4. Hampi

Hampi is not a very big city. It is a little away from the hustles of the city. You might not even find a lot of tourist attractions here. But, it is important to visit this city for its ruins. It is an important historic spot in the city. The temple ruins of Vijayaraja Dynasty on the banks of Tungabhadra River are important attractions. You can also find many architectural marvels of ancient India here. These temples are considered to be a very important cultural element. A temple in Hampi is the oldest temple in the world that is still functioning from the day of inauguration without any break. Only a very few temples stand as whole, today. This visit would take a whole day as you explore and enjoy the ruins and temples.

Hampi rath

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5. Coorg

Coorg is a hill station in Karnataka. It is an agricultural spot too. You can find coffee plantation, rice plantation and various types of flora here. You can also find a few Buddhist monasteries. The top attractions in this city are the Abbey waterfalls, Nagarhole trekking spot, Dubare elephant camp, Tibetan monastery, Raja seat garden and others. The top activity to perform in Coorg is an early morning walk amidst coffee plantation. If you visit during the right season, you can witness coffee being harvested and processed.


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6. Hubli Dharwad

Hubli and Dharwad are twin cities which are considered as commercial centres of the state. It is growing very fast and is also called as small Mumbai. There are a lot of industries growing in this area. On the other hand, you can find a lot of tourist attractions like monuments, temples and others.900 years old Chandramouleshwara temple, Banashankari temple of 13th century, picnic spot at Nrupatunga Hill, Jain temple Navagraha Teertha, Indira Gandhi Glass House garden, Lake Unkal and many others are important tourist destinations.

Chandramouleshwara temple, Karnataka

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7. Gokarna

Gokarna is a pilgrimage centre and a recently discovered hub for beach enthusiasts and hipsters. Each year packs of tourists take the tour Gokarna in search of holiness and forgiveness on one hand and rest and leisure on the other. The beaches are opposite to the spirit of the city. Palm clad beaches are filled with international travellers in a majority and very fewer Indians are viewed across.

Gokarna Beach

Gokarna is not a very typical touristy place. The beaches are intended for a quiet, carefree vacation and everything on the beach works at the similarly comfortable speed. Abundant of coconut trees, the ocean and washed sands, Gokarna is a preference among travellers who want a calm holiday. It is the less commercialized version of Goa. Some places you can visit in Gokarna are Om beach, Mahabaleshwar temple, Koti Tirtha, Bhadrakali temple etc.

Koti Teertha, Gokarna

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8. Anthargange

The name Anthargange truly signifies 'Inner Stream' or 'Ganges from the deep' in 'Kannada' language. It is located in the Kolar region of Karnataka, nearly 70 km from Bangalore. It is excellent for the residents of Bangalore and nearby areas to get apart from their disordered and ordinary active paced normal life. It is the Ideal spot for couples, friends, adventure lovers, history buffs, photo enthusiasts, and pilgrims as well. This unique place of a stacked up volcanic rocks creation place is a must visit to have an eye charming experience.

The natural caves journey is amongst the pursuits you need do while in Anthargange. Anthargange satisfies the adventure fans in you in form of hiking the hill area walking under the moonlight to have an engaging activity. The cave searches, rappelling, rock climbing; the temple tour and observing the sunrise and the sunset through the bordered mountain range dare the adventure freaks, photo enthusiasts and religious people from around the world.

Anthargange Caves Trekking

9. Nrityagram

Nrityagram is a perfect stop for dance fanatics. It draws a lot of visitants as it has a peaceful environment and an eco-friendly mark. You can tour this area while on a journey to Bangalore. It is a dance village established near Hesarghatta in Bangalore rural community. It rests at a distance of only 35 kilometres off from Bangalore. The village was imagined by the well recognized Odissi dancer Protima Bedi. Aside from the outstanding dance, other contributions of this place are the superbly made village - made up of mud homes, greenery and free spaces.

A vacation to Nrityagram would also give you the opportunity to travel the Hessarghatta Reservoir. It rests five kilometres apart from the dance village. Practice in many Indian classical dance forms like that of Bharatnatyam, Mohiniattam, Kathak, Odissi, Kathakali, Manipuri and Kuchipudi is given here. Nrityagram also gives dance troupes to act on a global level and has been preparing this from the year 1996.

Nrityagram Karntaka

10. Madikeri

Madikeri is a section of Coorg district. This hill station is a classic weekend getaway for those watching for a pretty and relaxing vacation decorated by landscapes and beautiful compositions made up of overflowing and rich nature all over. A fabulous mix of natural, historical as well as spiritual attractions can be seen here, thus providing to all sorts of visitors and making it a full tourist adventure. Madikeri is an amazing hill town in Karnataka with large coffee plantations, dense forests and foggy hills, all ending into an amazing scene. This place has so much more to offer like trekking, Chingara Falls, Namdroling Monastery, Madikeri Fort, Abbey Falls and Chelavara Falls.


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11. Nandi Hills

Tiny hills near Bengaluru called Nandi hills, work as a fabulous trekking stop and one of the most famous 1-day getaways for people in the city. The Yoganandeeshwara Temple which ascends the hill, with a remarkable statue of Nandi the bull at its entrance, gives the hills their title. With its charms holding of holy sites, Nandi hills is also an environment lover's as well as an adventure enthusiast's haven with the trekking and other activities and unusual vegetation and animals.

Nandi Bull Statue, Karnataka

Nandi Hills is a well-known trekking place. There are many trek paths, through the Nandi hill, to befit the capacity and energy of various sorts of trekkers, from amateurs to masters. You can also enjoy other things like paragliding, Tipu's Drop, cycling/biking and Amrita Sarovar.

Nandi Hill Trek

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12. Kudremukh

Kudremukh is remarkable for its biodiversity and picturesque charm. Kudremukh is really a hill range in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. With its plains, fields and thick forests, this area is a biodiversity hotspot. Kudremukh is a magical place to visit, still holding much of its true beauty notwithstanding threats from multiple causes to its environment.

At an elevation of 1894 m above sea level, the Kudremukh Peak is a heaven for trekkers and naturists same, with its rocky paths and floral and faunal variety. Varaha Parvatha, another tourist spot here is a member of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most important and beautiful trek of Kudremukh is the trek to Kudremukh peak. The trek takes you through the wildlife sanctuary of Kudremukh which is a home for tigers, leopards, wild dogs, deer among other species of fauna.

Kudremukh Peak

13. Bijapur

Bijapur district is one of the biggest districts in Karnataka land. Bijapur has several sites of historical, cultural and architectural importance essentially linked to Islamic design. Bijapur district is established in the northwest section of the state of Karnataka and it is 613 km from Bangalore city. The numerous appeals in Bijapur city, include Gol Gumbaz, the Jumma Masjid mosque, the Uppali Buruj tower and the tomb of Ibrahim Adil Shah II (Ibrahim Rauza).

GolGumbaz, Bijapur

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14. Nagarhole

Nagarhole indicates 'snake river' and obtains its title from the relentless natural environment of the river that runs through the woodlands. Nagarhole is ideal for Wildlife lovers. It can be toured by people in hunt of having a raw experience away from the hustle and bustle of metro life. Paragon for adventure seekers, nature fanatics, photo enthusiasts, and explorers.

Nagarhole is the southern repository of precious vegetation and fauna and is the owner of Nagarhole national park, honored as one of the best wildlife parks. When you are not involved finding Asiatic elephants, Indian Bisons or pretty birds around the area, you can observe your breath being taken away by the waterfalls in the area like Iruppu Falls.

Nagarhole National Park

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15. Aihole

Aihole is a tiny village in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. It is a spot of high culture and spiritual credit including many temples within its perimeter walls that surround an area of over 400 meters in length. And these temples are not only inside that frame, but the whole Aihole village is capped by temples, where many more buildings spread in the open fields. In all, there are about 125 temples at this spot, big and small, most of them in ancient and broken state

Aihole Temple, Karnataka

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Karnataka is a tourist magnet in the country. It has diverse elements starting from hill station to beaches. No matter how old you are; you would certainly enjoy Karnataka.

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