What To Buy In South India

Southern India is a colossal cultural deposition. You can find more variance within a small area only in this region, in India. Each state is different and each region inside that state will show different influence of culture. There are even European infused cultural destinations in southern India. Such a diversity gives rise to unique cuisine, exclusive art forms and fantastic souvenirs.

Here are the Top Things to Buy in South India during your vacation.

Tamil Nadu State

1. Tanjore Painting

Where To Buy - Tanjore District (Thanjavur)

Average Cost - 2,500 To 30,000 INR

Type Of Souvenir - Painting

Tanjore paintings are classic mythological figures painted with gold leaf, precious and semi-precious stones and glass. The vibrant color and the glossy finish of the gold leaf makes the painting look magnificent. These are exquisite art works of the land. This 16th century style of painting adds more beauty to your home’s décor.

Tanjore Painting

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2. Aroma Oil Or Aromatherapy Oil Or Essential Oil

Where To Buy - Ooty, Kodaikanal, Yercaud And Other Hill Stations

Average Cost - INR 200 To 500 Per Bottle

Type of Souvenir - Oil, Health Product

Thanks to the climate and plantations, you can find numerous aroma oil in the hill station like eucalyptus oil, clove oil, almond oil, camphor oil, lemongrass oil and much more. Apart from oil, you can rubs, dried herbs, infused water and much more.

Aroma Oil, Ooty

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3. Kanchipuram Sari (Silk)

Where To Buy - Kanchipuram district and in textile shops around the state of Tamil Nadu

Average Cost - 6,000 to 40,000 INR or more

Type of Souvenir - Textile

Kanchipuram silk articles are the product of a small community owned loom business. These textiles are famous for details, design, elegance and grace. Around 5000 families in Kanchipuram live their livelihood based on this weaving practice. Starting from marriage to every auspicious occasion, women of the state prefer wearing this silk. In most families, Kanchipuram silks are passed on to the female children as family heirloom.

Kanchipuram Silk

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4. Artifacts of Mahabalipuram

Where To Buy - Mahabalipuram or Mammalapuram

Average Cost - 200 to 10,000 INR and more

Type of Souvenir - Statue And Home Décor Items

Mahabalipuram is an International tourist destination, famous for its collection of artifacts, statues and rock cut monuments. You can find replica and miniature artifacts in the shops around the region. Starting from simple animal structures to deities, you can find statues and home décor items of all kinds. Starting from simple key chain to enormous statue for decoration, the shops are filled with every artisan masterpiece.

Mahabalipuram Artifacts Shopping

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5. Kathakali Mask

Where To Buy - Shops Throughout Kerala

Average Cost - INR 300 to INR 1000

Type of Souvenir - Decorative Item

Kathakali is an important dance form in Kerala. The dancers cover their body with vibrant paints, which would help them to portrait expressions in a grand manner. The headgear of this dance form is a very important cultural souvenir. There are five different headgears of the dance and the green one, which represents noble and virtue is the most common souvenir.

Kathakali Mask Kerala

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6. Nettoor Casket

Where To Buy - Nettoor

Average Cost - INR 200 to INR 30,000 and more

Type of Souvenir - artifact, home décor, wood article

This wooden casket is also called as Malabar box. These are ornamented wooden boxes, which were used in the past by kings for securing valuable. You can find smaller and weightless versions made with modern material or the remodified ancient versions, which are very strong and heavy. The cost of the casket varies with the material used. Most of the souvenir items of this genre is made with jackfruit wood. If you are looking for authentic versions, you can find ones with mahogany, teak wood and others.

Nettoor Casket, Kerala

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7. Coconut Shell Handicraft

Where To Buy - Coastal Regions Of Kerala

Average Cost - INR 20 to INR 500

Type Of Souvenir - Décor Items, Utensils And Others

Kerala is filled with coconut trees. The shells of coconut is used for making utensils and handicraft items. The shells are smoothened by artisans and then carved with beautiful designs and patterns. You can find simple home décor items to usable bowls, ladles and cups. The best part is these coconut shells are environment friendly. If you are looking for more luxurious ones, you can go for shell articles overlaid with metal works.

Coconut Shells Handicraft Kerala

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8. Aranmula Kannadi

Where To Buy - Aranmula or from other major shopping destinations of Kerala

Average Cost - INR 2000 to INR 12,000 and more

Type of Souvenir - Mirror, Home Décor Items

Unlike the usual mirror you see, this is not glass. This mirror is made with a secret combination of metal alloy. The composition of the metal alloy still stays with the family, which produces this mirror, for generations together. The manufacturing process of this mirror is very tedious and thus, it is highly priced. The frame of the mirror is also of detail and elegance, which represent the culture of the land. It is best to buy from the family workshops rather than commercial shops.

Aranmula Kannadi Mirror

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9. Spices

Where To Buy – Plantation Regions Of Kerala

Average Cost – Varies With Type Of Spices

Type Of Souvenir – Edible Item

Kerala is filled with plantations and is lush with spices and condiment growth. This is the reason to why European countries were very attracted by the wealth of India. Every nation, which tried to colonize India, entered via coast of Kerala for the spices. Top spices to buy here are pepper, cardamom, cloves and cumin. You can find both fresh and dried version of these spices. You can buy in sachets or in bulk.

Spices Shopping Kerala

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Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State

10. Wooden Articles

Where To Buy - Kondapalli

Average Cost - INR 50 to INR 10,000

Type Of Souvenir - Wooden Décor Items, Toys And Utensils

Kondapalli toys are very famous throughout the world. You can find niche figurines and carved statues made out of wood and glued with tamarind seed paste. Vegetable dyes are used for coloring the articles. Toys are the quite common wooden article found in this region. You can also find large statues, accessories and figurines.

Kondapalli Toys Wooden Craft

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11. Hyderabad Pearls

Where To Buy - Charminar Region Of Hyderabad

Average Cost - INR 100 To Few Lakhs

Type Of Souvenir - Accessories

Nizams and sultans of the country fell in love with the pearls of Hyderabad. It is best to buy from workshops, where they polish raw pearls into accessories. The pearls come from Chandanpet, a little outside Hyderabad. Pink pearls and black pearls are considered more valuable than the common white ones.

Hyderabad Pearls Shopping

12. Bidri Work

Where To Buy - Emporiums And Shops Around The States

Average Cost - INR 200 to INR 30,000 and more

Type Of Souvenir - Décor Items And Utensils

This metalwork of 14th century was the favorite of sultans. Bidar is the prime destination for this type of works. The metal used in a mixture of copper, zinc and silver sheet. You can find home décor items, utensils, hookahs, accessories and other articles made of this metal for sale.

Bidri Work Andhra Pradesh

13. Pochampally Cotton

Where To Buy - Pochampally And Other Emporiums around the state

Average Cost - INR 100 to INR 4000

Type of Souvenir - Textile

Pochampally cotton articles are famous for their pure material and handloom techniques. The designs will be simple geometric patterns and of limited number of colors, but the quality of cotton is great. You can find government emporiums and shops in Pochampally village.

Pochampally Cotton Material

Karnataka State

14. Sandalwood Articles

Where To Buy - Bangalore, Mysore And Other Regions

Average Cost - INR 50 To INR 600

Type Of Souvenir - Home Décor Items, Utensils, Soaps, Aroma Oils and Others

Starting from grand statues to soaps, you can find numerous items made out of sandalwood and sandalwood oil. You can also find pieces of sandalwood for sale. People use it to grind it in stones for applying it on the face.

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15. Mysore Silk

Where To Buy - Textile Stores Throughout The State

Average Cost - 2,500 to 30,000 INR

Type Of Souvenir - Textile

This is one of the fine styles of silk articles. You can find numerous other textiles in this state like Kasuti saree, ilkal sari and others. However, the Mysore silk is the most predominantly purchased souvenir.

Mysore Silk

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16. Rosewood Painting

Where To Buy - Throughout Karnataka

Average Cost - INR 200 to INR 5000 and more

Type Of Souvenir - Painting

These wood carved paintings are made with rosewood. You can find small paintings to large scene depictions for door frames, made out of this material. This painting is quite famous in the state and you can find them in temples and palaces of the region, too.

Rosewood Painting Karnataka

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Andaman and Nicobar Island

17. Bamboo Souvenirs

Where To Buy - Throughout the region

Average Cost - INR 50 to INR 500

Type Of Souvenir - Home Décor, Handicraft Items, Bags, Accessories And Others

Rich with bamboo wealth, the islands’ tribal community prepares exotic items. It is very common in Nicobar regions. Top bamboo items to buy here are cane bags, lamp shapes, caps, masks, baskets, toys and others.

Bamboo Souvenirs Karnataka

18. Seashell Articles

Where To Buy - Throughout The Region

Average Cost - INR 50 to INR 500

Type Of Souvenir - Accessories, Handicraft, Home Décor Items And Others

The land is filled with ocean on all the four sides. Thus, the abundance of seashells is nothing to be surprised of. When it comes to accessories making, the artisans dive into the sea to fetch fresh shells, carve delicate shapes out of it and sell them. You can find colorful articles made out of seashells like necklace, handbags, figurines and much more.

Seashell Decor Karnataka

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19. Ceramic Items

Where To Buy - Throughout The Territory

Average Cost - INR 50 to INR 1000

Type Of Souvenir - Home Décor Items And Utensils

You can find unique styles and types of ceramic articles in the streets of Pondicherry. The innovative products of ceramic art includes utensils, ash holder, wine glasses, decorative items, figurines and others.

Ceramic Items Pondicherry

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20. Handmade Paper

Where To Buy - Aurobindo Ashram Factory

Average Cost - INR 100 to Several Thousand

Type Of Souvenir - Paper Articles, Diary, Notebooks, Scrapbooks And Others.

For several decades, the Aurobindo Ashram factory is preparing durable handmade paper made completely out of rag pulp of cotton.

Handmade Paper Aurobindo Ashram Factory

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