Top 10 Yoga Destinations in India

Getting its origin from India, back from the days of the Vedic Period, yoga is truly a disease and stress buster with a wonderful combination of spiritual, mental and physical exercises. This is the reason that the majority people across the globe have opted for yoga as the method for achieving the goal of complete fitness. 21st June being announced as the International Yoga Day, got yoga internationally accepted and cherished.

If you also want to connect with your inner self and remain fit, come and try yoga in its birth country in various yoga retreats and centres which are popularly world wide for their style and courses. No, you need not search about the best destinations for yoga tourism in India to go to as we have done all the research work for you and have sorted out the Top 10 Yoga Destinations in India for you. Continue reading and select your perfect place to go to!

1. Rishikesh 

In the cold and clear breeze of this North Indian state nestled in the Himalayas, yoga is one of the best activities to indulge in. Located in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh is not only a home to many ancient and historic religious sites and temples but is also widely known as the yoga capital of India. Referred to as one of the holiest places, there is calm, peaceful, hushed and undisturbed atmosphere all over which further helps in concentration and practicing yoga. The place is a house to many yoga institutions and ashrams which attract thousands of yoga lovers, after all who wouldn’t like to practice yoga in such a divine and soothing atmosphere?

Yoga in Rishikesh

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2. Kerala

Also known as the God’s own abode, Kerala, surrounded by lush palm trees which provide shadow from the blazing heat of sun and the beautiful houseboats which glide smoothly over the calm backwaters, it is the perfect place to visit for those seeking solace and calmness. Hence, with the presence of all the right ingredients it is also one of the best places to practice yoga. For the best experience visit the many ashrams in the capital city of Kerala and let go of all worries by submerging yourself in the wonderful yoga practices. 

Yoga in Kerala

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3. Goa

Whether it is pleasure in terms of partying or in terms of wellness, Goa never disappoints its visitors. Famous for its serene, gorgeous and balmy beaches, in your next visit to Goa ditch those beach resorts and try the amazing wellness resorts, yoga ashrams or Ayurvedic centres which among mesmerizing landscapes and fabulous weather provide a number of detoxification courses, yoga exercises and wellness programs which balance and heal your body.

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4. Auroville

Spreading over in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, Auroville is one of the most peaceful, calm and spiritual locations that one can find in India. Famous for housing the great Matrimandir, a gorgeous golden sphere which is considered as the soul of the city and one of the greatest yoga practicing destinations. Attracting spiritual seekers from all over the world, the surrounding lush greenery add on the calm and beautiful environment thus making it as the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate and revive yourself. Practicing the mental and physical health strengthening exercises in such a peaceful environment is literally a dream come true for all the fitness lovers.

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5. Dharamshala

Dharamshala is an amazing place to learn and grab all knowledge about yoga; whether you want to know how to become a yoga teacher or want to learn some special yoga techniques or want to take classes for learning different kinds of yoga or anything else related to yoga, here at Dharamshala you can find answers to almost all your questions and queries. Moreover, the noise and disturbance free atmosphere and the presence of the many yoga ashrams make it even more irresistible for the fitness freaks to lose this golden opportunity of practicing yoga in such mesmerizing, isolated and beautiful forests or spiritual ashrams of Dharamshala.

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6. Delhi

Being the capital city of India, Delhi is known for having something or the other for everyone. For all the yoga lovers, the city boasts of housing a bunch of some wonderful yoga and meditation ashrams and centres. These ashrams also hold workshops which deal with subjects of inner healing processes and spirituality. Delhi is a place worth exploring with its numerous historical sites, fitness centres, modern surroundings, sky scraper buildings and what not. 

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7. Kolkata

Those who wish to learn yoga but with a more traditional approach, Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal is the perfect place for you to go to. Not only Kerala houses several remarkable yoga centres but they also teach you various forms of yoga and meditation with a traditional approach. With a regular and genuine practice, you can see amazing outcome very soon.

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8. Maharashtra

Maharashtra is truly a place fulfilling dreams. Apart from being the home to the world - famous Bollywood cinema, Maharashtra is also known for housing some great yoga retreat centres which provide a series of healing, Ayurvedic, naturopathy and yoga programs for you to chose from. Some of the yoga ashrams also have courses which train you to become a yoga teacher and even provide you with a diploma has an award for your achievement. Hence, in your next visit to Maharashtra apart from sight-seeing indulge in yoga and connect with your inner self.

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9. Mysore

Another wonderful South India destination which offers a wonderful yoga getaway is Karnataka. Not only famous for its frequently visited pilgrimage and heritage site but it is also well known for housing one of the most preferred Indian yoga destinations, that is, Mysore. The natural and authentic ambience with antique houses and a subtle touch of modern décor makes provides the right motivation for practicing the different kinds of yoga exercises.

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10. Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a beautiful state that is a centre to many rejuvenation centres which offer many yoga and meditation classes. With beautiful surroundings, peaceful ambience, pretty west coast destinations, the overall rejuvenation process becomes even more overwhelming. If you want to cleanse your soul and seek for positivity, well being and peace, then make sure of visiting places like Chennai, Madurai and Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu.

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If you are also on a lookout for a peaceful, calm and wellness vacation to practice yoga in India, feel free to chose any of the above destinations without worrying about the language problems because despite the other languages spoken, these places are sure to speak the language of yoga which is the ultimate language spoken by every health and fitness traveller.