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Top Tourist Attractions in Delhi

Delhi is the capital for a reason. Do you know that this union territory is the center for every field of the country including tourism? Starting from ancient monuments to mouthwatering street food, this city is the best to start your vacation. The city is blessed with numerous attractions of varying genre. Delhi is best for sightseeing, exploration, shopping, pilgrimage, backpacking and other activities. The best part is that, most of the attractions are at prime beauty throughout the year.

The beauty of the land is tribute to ancient kings, Mughals, Sultans and the British. There are myriad stories of how each monument came into existence. With the right guide, you will be amused with the history and richness of the land. This land is flawless with its collection of heritage sites, pilgrimage spot and architectural sightseeing spot. Delhi is a mixture of modernity, spirituality and history. The beauty of the land does not end with sightseeing. There are numerous colonial and modern markets to stroll and thousands of unique souvenirs to buy.

With the modern transportation system, you can easily scale all the tourist attractions in Delhi. Delhi emphasizes more on the tourist attractions that are around Delhi too. May it be a lazy afternoon in the Old Delhi or the modern fusion vacation in the New City; it is always the best vacation, here. Delhi is the land for all kinds of tourists and travelers. You can find list of attractions under different categories from business to leisure or from economic to luxury. It is up to you to choose the right mix of attractions for your vacation. Do not satisfy with just monuments. Add some museums, parks, shopping trips, malls, heritage sites, religious destination and so on to your vacation.

Are you looking for a complete detail about all the attractions in the city? Scroll below to find the list and click to learn everything that you need to know about visiting the monument starting from its location to the cost of entry into the monument. There is nothing worse than travelling to an attraction and finding it to be closed for the day. We provide you every minute detail that you need to know about the attraction.

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List of Tourist Attractions in Delhi

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