How to Reach Himachal Pradesh

While planning a trip it is important to keep the track of small things from where to visit and activities that are done to how to spend money and most importantly the mode of travel. Hence, these important points must be considered while planning a trip.

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most visited location due to the various hill stations it has. The state lies on the lower Himalayas and hence have some most pleasant locations with the most favorable climate.

While travelling to Himachal Pradesh it is important to know about how to travel? When is the better time to travel and which mode of transportation is better suited in a particular weather?

Himachal Pradesh can be reached by three means of travel that is either by a road, by railways or by air. Through air and railways, it is easier to travel though taxis need to be done to travel or explore Himachal Pradesh. By road usually car or sometimes even bike rides are taken and if the car stays with the traveler it becomes very easy to explore other in Himachal Pradesh.

Travelling Through Road

One of the most common ways to reach Himachal Pradesh is through the roads and it is enjoyed by a lot of people specially those who live just close to Himachal Pradesh or in Delhi region. The distance can be easily covered in 7-8 hours through road via Delhi. The roads are well maintained and are safe to travel though the drive still needs to be done cautiously.

There are a lot of people who often indulge in road trips which can be more entertaining and in fact can result in more fun than the actual trip sometimes. A small car is more preferred on a road trip to Himachal Pradesh. There are a lot of restaurants, food outlets and Dhabas which provide with some of the best food and a huge variety to choose from.

Through the road trips the travelers can experience some of the most exquisite mountains and green tracks. Even while going out with friends and family lot of nice moments like playing car games can be spent that include games like singing games, acting and talking to get to know more about each other.

Through the uses of road all the travelers can indulge in various activities like going hiking or visiting another city close to them. This can even ensure if there is a need to change the duration of trip specially prepone it, the option remains feasible.

There is the option of choosing the bus as well though it takes lot more time and is often less preferred as being a huge vehicle it can get struck in thin roads. However, the journey on bus can be very relaxing and is often taken by those who intend to visit temple.

Travelling Through Train

A train can be more comfortable, fast and affordable as compared to a road trip to Himachal Pradesh. There are very few trains that run directly through Himachal Pradesh as the rough terrains make it very difficult for constructions of railways.

There are only two functional railway station that are in the city of Una and Solan. These trains usually run from Pathankot in Punjab and hence for all the train travelers there needs to be a train change when coming from any other state. It is very comfortable and weatherproof which makes it go to ride any time of the year.

The train rides are preferred for the nighttime as they are safe, and all the travelers can sleep overnight. The train provide a very nice sleeping facility hence it makes sure that the everyone arrivers travel and adventure ready. A taxi can be taken to travel to a particular destination.

Through Air

Travelling through air has become more preferred route and hence the even most of the sports personalities that often tend to visit here use domestic flights. There are some very huge grounds in Dharmshala and hence the airplanes are mode preferred way to travel. One of the best things about travelling through air is that it takes very less time and hence for those who are planning for a very specific trip either for business or keen on visiting a particular place rather than exploring new place often tend to choose thins option. There are three airports that are in Dharamshala, Shimla and Kullu-Manali.

Some of the important cities have most of the tourist coming from which raises some of the following questions

  • How to reach Himachal Pradesh from Delhi: Most of the people that want to spend a vacation in Himachal Pradesh often prefer a road trip through a road which takes 7-8 hours or through an airplane which takes 1-2 hours only. The train takes more time and bus is more preferred as it takes nearly 12 hours and costs around 1200-1500.
  • How to reach Himachal Pradesh from Bangalore: The easiest and preferred way to reach Himachal Pradesh from Bangalore is through airplane which starts at 10000 and takes 6 hours and more. Whereas train costs 4000 thousand and takes 46 hours. While through car it takes 30 thousand rupees and 35 hours of driving.
  • How to reach Himachal Pradesh from Guwahati: A flight from Guwahati costs 12000 to 40000 and takes 12 hours whereas the most preferred way that is to take a train that cost 3500 and takes less than 40 hours. The road trip can be very nice, mesmerizing and exhaustive as it takes 31 hours of drive time and 25000 rupees in term of fuel and toll taxes.
  • How to reach Himachal Pradesh from Chennai: It costs 12 thousand to 20 thousand from flight to travel and 7-10 hours depending upon the flights and its stop. A bus costs 4 thousand and takes 46 hours while a train costs 2 thousand to 5 thousand and takes 2 to 3 days. A car ride takes 37 hours of non-stop driving and costs 30 thousand.
  • How to reach Himachal Pradesh from Pune: A car ride from Pune costs 20 thousand rupees and 30 hours of continuous driving whereas a train or bus costs from 1500-5000 and takes 30 to 40 hours. A flight from Pune costs 9 to 20 thousand and takes only 6 hours.

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful place in the world and with its green and snow-covered mountains it makes it one of the best places to visit in India. Depending upon the duration of trip, budget and comfort the mode of convenience can be decided. It is important for the travelers to make sure that they travel while taking in consideration about the weather and other factors like duration of trip.

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