10 Best Luxury Resorts in North India

From the marble masterpiece of Taj Mahal to the backwaters of Kerala, India is a mixture of everything from simplicity to luxury. If you are looking to backpack, India is one of the best places.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a luxury vacation, India is again the best place. Luxury starts from bed. The hotel marks the main luxury element of the vacation.

If you are looking for a luxury vacation, the first step is luxury accommodation. Here are the top ten luxury resorts in North India to choose. These resorts are chosen for their highlighted services and amenities and, for the uniqueness they could bring in your vacation.

1. Amanbagh Resort

Location – Alwar, Rajasthan

Located close to Bhangarh Fort, this place is famous for its Mughal styled architecture in Alwar. The resort has a backdrop of Aravalli Hills and the Persian influenced Mughal environment provides a better royal look to the place. The resort is famous for its large garden, where people are exposed to numerous activities. The restaurant inside the resort is famous for its exclusive menu, which includes ingredients that can be procured locally.

There are four styles of accommodations like garden haveli suite, terrace suite, pool pavilion, courtyard haveli suite and others. The resort also holds an Ayurveda spa, which provide soothing traditional treatments, henna art, facials, scrubs and others. Every morning, you can find yoga psychologists in the resort to provide yoga and meditation programs. This resort is also famous for its Swedish deep tissue massage techniques.

Amanbagh Resort, Jaipur

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2. Oberoi Cecil

Location – Himachal Pradesh

Oberoi is a large chain of luxury accommodation provides in the country. The resort is famous for the backdrop of mighty Himalayan ranges, the colonial styled architecture and British styled grandeur. The resort is more than 100 years old. The resort has signature wooden floor, colonial furniture and much more. The atrium of the resort is open to tourists to enjoy a good view of the mountain and the valley. The resort organizes many events like colonial heritage tour, train rides, wood trekking and much more.

The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla

If you wish to stay inside the resort, you can enjoy many amenities like indoor swimming pool, fitness center, spa and others. If you were looking for a resort for corporate events, this would be a better choice. This resort is chosen by those who want to experience luxury in every element of their stay.

The Oberoi Cecil Interior

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3. Ananda Spa Resort

Location – Rishikesh

Rishikesh is famous for its serene beauty. If you wish to add more beauty to your vacation, choose to stay in a luxury resort like the Ananda Spa Resort. This is one of the top ten royal resorts of the country. Located along the stretches of Himalayan foothills, this is the place for meditation, yoga and rejuvenation. The resort was a royal residence for the local king, in the past. Today, it is one of the main spots for luxury spiritual vacation. You can find different styles of accommodations like Palace View, Valley View, Garden Suites, Premium Valley View, Ananda Suite and much more. The resort provides signature health regime, customized for each guest. You can find numerous activities for the guests like nature walks, river rafting, wildlife safari, mountain trekking and much more. You can also find many private activities to enjoy a pleasure time with your loved ones.

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4. Khyber Himalayan Resort

Location – Gulmarg

Amidst the Himalayan region, Gulmarg is an important tourist destination. The Khyber Himalayan resort is famous for its location. It is located close to Gulmarg Gondola, the highest ski lift in the world. If you are looking for an adventure vacation, this is the right resort to choose. The resort is very famous for its view during winter season. The resort holds four unique restaurants. You can choose to stay in cottage or premier rooms. The resort has a stunning Kashmiri architecture with contemporary architectural features. Apart from theses, the resort is famous for its signature spa, pools, children’s activities, fitness center, skiing, golfing and so on.

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5. Tree House Resort

Location - Jaipur

Among the cliché resort accommodations, the Tree House Resort of Jaipur is different in many aspects. This resort combines modern amenities and plush amenities with raw nature. This resort is located on the Keekar trees. You get to stay in a real tree house. Yes, the entire resort is located on top of the trees. With live branches, you can spot a lot of colorful birds and a few animals from your balcony. If you want to enjoy some leisure time, you can visit the spa or the aviary shop inside the resort. You can find a fine dining restaurant inside the resort, which is famous for its menu filled with dishes made from fresh local product. The bar of this resort is a stunning one. 400-year-old Mughal relic is turned into Peacock Bar.

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6. Lalit Grand Palace

Location - Srinagar

This was once the royal residence of Maharaja Pratap Singh. Built in 1910, this palace is famous for its architectural beauty and gardens spanning for around 28 acres. The garden is lined with Chinar trees for tourists to enjoy strolling through the gardens. Visit during the spring season to enjoy the best garden view in the resort. The resort is famous for its signature spa treatments. If you love to spend more time in beautiful greenery, this is the best place to choose. The travel desk of the resort helps you enjoy exclusive sightseeing and other tourist activities in Srinagar.

The Lalit Grand, Srinagar

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7. Moksha Himalayan Spa Resort

Location – Himachal Pradesh

This is the resort of modern beauty amidst nature. This palace is famous for its modern architectural design. Located near the Sivalink Ranges, this resort holds beautiful backdrops from different angles. Although the resort is located in a solitary location, you would be lined with different modern amenities. The spa of the resort provides all traditional therapeutic treatments. This resort also suits honeymoon vacationers with the romantic view, customized activities and much more.

Moksha Himlaya Spa Resort, Himachal

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8. Oberoi Udaivilas

Location – Udaipur

If you are looking for a royal luxury, this is the best place in Udaipur. This heritage site is located along the banks of Pichola Lake. You can spot many monuments from this resort. The architectural beauty of the resort is the first attraction that would stun you, throughout your visit. Starting from boat ride to floating pavilion, you can find a lot of interesting activities inside the resort.

Every day, yoga classes takes place for all the guests. You can enjoy a stylish dining experience in the restaurant, where you would be provided with instrumental music sessions. If desired, you can request for elephant ride, private astrology session, cooking classes with the head chef, puppet shows for children and so on.

Oberoi Udaivilas Udaipur

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9. Neemrana Fort

Location – Highway between Jaipur and Delhi

This is a heritage site between Jaipur and Delhi, which was once a royal residence. Built in 15th century, this place is for those who want to enjoy a royal vacation. This resort provides excellent accommodation from all kinds of travelers including business, family and honeymoon travelers. Apart from the spellbinding architecture and view, you can enjoy zip lining, cultural events, vintage car ride and other activities. The resort holds a spa, which provides all classic treatments. Inside the hotel room, you can find all kinds of amenities for a comfortable stay. This fort provides a unique vacation in terms of the list of activities you could enjoy inside the resort and with the décor of the place.

Neemrana Fort Palaces

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10. Corbett Leela Vilas

Location – Uttarakhand

This is a resort located amidst mango orchards. Visit the resort during summer season to enjoy the rich smell of ripe mangoes throughout your trip. This is the resort for those who love adventure and comfort. The resort is filled with luxury cottages, swimming pool and a lot of greenery. This resort is located very close to Corbett National Park. You can find many tour services to the national park from the hotel. Apart from these, the place holds all classic amenities and features of a five-star resort. You can also find an array of indoor games for spending some lazy afternoons. There is a restaurant inside the resort, which is famous for multi-cuisine dining.

Corbett Leela Vilas, North India

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These ten are just the introduction to the styles of resorts and luxury accommodations that you can find in North India. There are several other resorts; both modern and heritage for enjoying a classic vacation with your family or friends. If you are planning to choose a resort, learn about the amenities and services provided by the resort, during the season of your visit before choosing it. Pre-booking your rooms and other services is very essential, no matter when you visit these destinations.

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