Interesting Activities in Kochi for Tourists

Kochi is an important tourist destination in Kerala. It has mangroves, coconut fields, backwaters, ancient churches, forts, beaches and many others. Since it is surrounded by Western Ghats, Arabian Sea and lush greenery, this place is an attractive destination throughout the year. Kochi’s backwater is the best attraction that pulls tourists from various parts of the world towards Kerala. But, backwaters are not the only attractions in this place. There is a huge list of things that you can do here.

Fort Kochi, Kerala

To start with, Kochi is also called as Cochin. It is a fort city and capital of the state. It is also called as the Queen of Arabian Sea. It is an important spice centre of the country. Portuguese, Dutch, British and many other countries have ruled this port before independence. Thus, you can find a lot of interesting and unique architectures in this place. Kochi has the highest number of tourist arrivals in Kerala and the sixth top tourist destination in the country. Here are the top ten activities to enjoy in Kochi.

1. House Boating in Cochin Backwaters

This backwater runs for many kilometres in length. There are many monuments and lush greenery along the backwaters. You can hire a house boat or cruise on this backwater. You can also find boat race or other activities in the backwaters. You can find a lot of wild flowers, water birds and other attractions in the backwater. It is the most interesting and attractive backwaters of the state. House boating or boating on this backwater is the first and best activity that every tourist should enjoy.

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2. Palace Walk

There are many palaces in this place. The top palaces are the Bolgatty Palace and Matancherry Palace. The Matancherry or Mattancherry Palace is located in a neighbourhood of many old colonial buildings. This is a Dutch palace built in 16th century and renovated in 17th century. There is a small museum in this palace that has a collection of jewels, clothing, armour and other belongings of the kings. There are some mural paintings on display too. Bolgatty is also a similar palace of Dutch – Indian style.

Mattancherry Palace, Kochi

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3. Watching Kathakali Performance

Kathakali is the traditional dance of this state. Of all traditional dances in India, this is the most elegant and very difficult one. There are many centres where you can enjoy Kathakali. Top centres are Cochin Cultural Centre, Greenix Village and Kerala Kathakali Centre. The dance is very elegant and the make-up of the artists would make you stay astonished till the play is over. Usually the dance performance tells some mythological story in the form of dance moves.

Kathakali Dance Show, Cochin

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If you are an art lover, you can also visit the Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum. Many stage performances are staged every evening and you can enjoy a lot of dance forms here.

Kerala Folklore Museum, Kochi

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4. Ferry Ride to Island

Have you every rode on a ferry? Hire a ferry and ride to Vypeen Island. This is an important activity for those who love water. You might not be able to spot any fish or birds but, you can enjoy a great ride. The island has its own attractions like small islands with mesmerizing beauty around it, resorts, scenic backwaters, lighthouse, Pallipuram fort, Cherai beach, temple of Ayyappan and Veerapuzha Lake.

Ferry Ride at Vypeen Island, Kochi

The Pallipuram Fort is an important destination in this island. It is a 16th century fort that was sold to the state of Travancore in 17th century. It is a hexagonal shaped fort and very popular among locals and tourists. Manjanakad is an important eco-tourism spot where you can enjoy the backwaters where the river meets the Arabian Sea. It is a romantic spot too.

Pallipuram Fort, Kochi

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5. Spot Flying Fox at Mangalavana Bird Sanctuary

Mangalavana Bird Sanctuary has 32 species of birds including redshank, greenshank, white breasted water hen, marsh sandpiper and many others. There is a shallow water body bordered with many species of mangrove trees. Most of the tree species that are found in this sanctuary are endangered. Children love flying fox that are found in abundant in this sanctuary. Other animal species found are painted bat, otter, palm squirrel and others. There is a watch tower in this sanctuary. If you climb to the top, you can see a whole view of the sanctuary. It is a breath-taking view. You can also camp inside the sanctuary after approval from the wildlife department. The best time to visit this sanctuary is from middle of January to early of March.

Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, Kochi

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6. Snorkelling and Picnic at Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam Beach is a very important tourist place in Kochi. It is a very clean and safe beach for enjoying picnic, paragliding, snorkelling, swimming and other water related activities. Snorkelling is a very common activity as the blue green water is very rich with marine life and you can easily spot many colourful fishes. There is a sculpture of a mother and her child in the beach. People visit this beach to enjoy sunset and sunrise. Another important activity in this beach is eating shrimp and prawn fry. You can buy shrimps from the fishermen and give them to the shops where they will fry it for you. You can also directly buy the snacks from the shops. There are vegetarian shops too.

Payyambalam Beach, Kerala

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7. Walk in the Fort of Kochi

Fort Kochi is an important monument. It was built in the beginning of 16th century. It was built as a symbol of alliance between the king of Cochin and the Portugal. There is also a Dutch cemetery. There is a tomb that stands as a reminder of lives of many explorers and warriors. This fort is used for conducting many exhibitions and other exhibits. You can find a lot of interesting items here. It is open throughout the week.

Fort Kochi, Kerala

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8. Bathing and Feeding Elephants

The elephant training camp is located in Kodanadu, a little away from the heart of Kochi. This is a camp where many elephants are trained. This camp allows tourists to watch the elephants, wash them, feed them and you can watch baby elephants playing in mud. You can also ride on elephant around the camp. The elephant trainers are specialists and safety is not a problem. You can help in washing the elephants only if you arrive before 8 in the morning. It is once in a lifetime experience. Children of all age love this activity.

Bathing and Feeding Elephants, Kerala

9. Ayurvedic Massages

Ayurveda is the ancient medicine science of India. It is a very powerful and proven method of treatment. If you visit Kochi during rainy season or in the early winter season, Ayurvedic massages are very common. There are different types of Ayurvedic massages for different problems. People with joint pain or other problems in joints, headache and mental illness visit Kochi for getting these massages. Make sure to choose an authentic center for these massages.

Kochi Ayurveda Treatments

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10. Visiting the Man-made Island

Wellington Island was created by the sand that was dug while deepening the port of Kochi. This man-made island is an attraction by its own. There are a lot of industrial and commercial buildings in this island. Some of the best hotels of the state are located in this island. This is the right place for photo-enthusiasts. The view of Kochi from this island is breath-taking.

Wellington Island, Kochi

This is not the exclusive list of activities. There are other attractions like Hill palace, antique shops of Synagogue, Chinese fishing net, temples of varying history, churches and others. The best time to visit this place is from October to March. This is the time when rain has increased the lush greenery effect of the place and added more vibrant to the land.

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