May Weather in India - All India's Region Climate Changes

With respect to the destination and altitude, summer can be either pleasing or extremely scorching. It is better to stick with the northern part of the country, beach destinations and hill stations for a better summer vacation in India. May weather of all months, has the highest recorded temperature in most of the states of the country.

Awesome & Romantic view of Beaches in May
Awesome & Romantic view of Beaches in May

The central and inland regions will be very hot and humid. Reaching above 40 degree C is very common during daytime. The coastal regions will be very humid but the water activities will keep you cool. The northern high altitude destinations like Ladakh, Auli, Dalhousie and others will be at prime beauty during this month. Many routes to isolated hill stations of Himalayan regions will be open and less dangerous during May.

Rishikesh Ayurveda
Ayurveda And Spa Destinations

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Average High Temperature

95 degree F/ 35 degree C

Average Low Temperature

84.2 degree F/ 29 degree C

Day-time Clothing

Thin cotton clothing; covers like cap, umbrella and others

Night-time Clothing

Cotton clothing

Effect on Tourism

Not a tourism season

Covering Each Zone of India Weather Climate in May

Now we are going to explore about all destinations, weather conditions,festivals, Fairs and more to know in India in May.

North India Weather Climate in May  & Places To Visit

Best tourist destinations: Himachal, Sikkim, Uttarakhand( Places to visit in Uttarakahnd) and others.

Average temperature: Maximum average temperature is experienced in Agra of Uttar Pradesh (107 – 80 degree F/ 42 - 26 degree C) and the minimum average temperature is experienced by Shimla of Himachal Pradesh (73 – 58 degree F/ 23 - 14 degree C).

Uttarakhand Valley View
Uttarakhand Valley View

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Average precipitation: Highest average precipitation takes place in Mukteshwar of Uttarakhand (2.8 inches) and the lowest precipitation occurs in Indore of Madhya Pradesh (Top Tourists Attaraction of Madhya pradesh) (0.4 inches).

It is better to stick with Himalayan destinations during this month. The snow will be melting during this month, allowing many waterfalls to be lush for water activities. Visit scenic spots for honeymoon vacations. This is the right time to enjoy the hill stations and quaint villages of the Himalayas. Visit Kashmir without fail as it is the cherry blossom season. Are you looking for itineraries to enjoy honeymoon styled vacations? Choose our themed packages for Honeymoon in May like -

South India Weather Climate In May & Places To Visit

Best tourist destinations: Munnar, Coorg, Wayanad, Kodaikanal, Araku valley, Ooty (Travel guide to Ooty) and others.

Average temperature: The maximum average temperature is experienced by Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh (103 - 80 degree F / 39 - 27 degree C) and the minimum average temperature is enjoyed by Port Blair of Andaman and Nicobar Island (88-74 degree F/ 31 – 23 degree C).

Munnar Tea Plantation
Munnar Tea Plantation

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Average precipitation: Highest rainfall takes place in Port Blair of Andaman and Nicobar Islands (13.6 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh (0.8 inches).

If you find a destination with plantation, do not miss it. It is better to avoid island destinations like Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep as the rainfall would be heavy leading to ban of many water activities. The coastal regions are all good for water activities. It is better to avoid daytime sightseeing in these regions.

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West India Weather Climate In May & Places To Visit

Best tourist destinations: Goa, Gokarna, Mahabaleshwar and others

Average temperature:  The maximum average temperature is experienced by Nagpur of Maharashtra (108 – 82 degree F / 42-28 degree C). The minimum average temperature is enjoyed by Panaji of Goa (92 - 80 degree F/ 33 -27 degree C)

Goa Beaches
Goa Beaches

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Average precipitation: Highest rainfall takes place in Panaji of Goa (2.2 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Vadodara of Gujarat (0.2 inches). However, many other destinations like Mumbai, Nashik and Rajkot do not receive any rainfall during this month.

May brings a lot of sunshine and humidity. This is the reason why people prefer coastal regions than the inlands. It is off season in western India and thus, it is the best time to get better offers. May is the best time to enjoy waterfalls and other water activities, exploring rain forests and other natural activities.

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East India Weather Condition In May & Places To Visit

Best tourist destinations: Mon, Sikkim, Tawang, Shillong and others.

Average temperature: Maximum temperature is experienced by Raipur of Chhattisgarh (107 - 82 degree F/ 42 – 28 degree C) and the minimum temperature is experienced by Cherrapunji of Meghalaya (72 – 61 degree F/ 22-16 degree C).


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Average precipitation: The highest rainfall takes place in Cherrapunji of Meghalaya (47.8 inches) and the lowest rainfall takes place in Raipur of Chhattisgarh (0.9 inches)

It is always raining here. This makes the place more beautiful for sightseeing and romantic vacations. The slippery ground makes it very dangerous for extreme adventure activities. If you are visiting India in May, it is better to stick with the East India

Tips for Traveling During May

  • This is the best time to spot tigers and other large predators in wildlife sanctuaries. Spotting birds is quite easier by sunrise or sunset.
  • Many orchards and plantations will be at harvest time. Enjoy visiting the farms to explore the beauty, take part in harvesting and even settle for a lunch amidst the farm with local produce. Best of all is pear farm visits of Kausani or plantation visits at any hill station.
  • This is the best time to enjoy many adventure activities in North Eastern part of the country. After May, the precipitation can be greater and can lead to ban in many routes. Are you looking to travel Northeast India? Just an Indian visa isn’t enough. You need to get special permits to cover unique hidden gems of this region. (Source).
  • The coolest place of India in May is Dras of Kargil. If you are looking for chill places, even in May, this is the right place to visit.
Famous Wild Life Places in India
Famous Wild Life Places in India

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Know Here About Some Famous Festivals & Fairs of May

  • International Flower FestivalGangtok - The entire month is celebrated as flower festival in Gangtok. You can spot many species like roses, alpine species, climbers, creepers, ferns, gladioli, orchards and much more. You can also try many delicacies made with local produce.
  • Summer FestivalMount Abu – This festival is celebrated right on the day of Buddha Purnima. This festival is celebrated with folk performances, skating races, local games, band shows, horse race and much more.
  • Buddha PoornimaSarnath – Although celebrated throughout the country, it is best to enjoy this festival in Sarnath with many interesting cultural performances, rituals and much more.
International Flower Festival in Sikkim
International Flower Festival in Sikkim

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  • Summer festival of Ooty The hill station’s botanical garden and forests will be lush with colorful and fragrant wild flowers. You can find an exclusive flower show to enjoy the end of summer with showcase of flowers, vegetable carvings, dog shows, spice shows, rose festival, boat pageantry, boat race, flower rangoli and much more.
  • Ganga DussheraVaranasi, Rishikesh and Haridwar – Although the banks of the river, you can find this religious celebration covering numerous rituals and special activities.
  • Moatsu Festival – Mokokchung district of Nagaland – this festival is celebrated by the tribes with traditional dances, music festivals, forecasting by oracles, rice beer, festival feasts and much more.
  • Chithirai Festival – Madurai – This is a divine marriage festival, which is conducted to celebrate the myth of Lord Vishnu riding on a golden horse to witness the marriage of Goddess Meenakshi her consert Lord Sundareshaperumal. A chariot is decorated and is taken on a procession with spiritual rituals, music and dance to approach the Madurai Meenakshi Amman temple to enjoy the divine marriage.

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