Tailor-Made India Tour – What to Expect?

India is categorized as a country, geographically. However, when it comes to diversity, it provides an experience of a continent. Varied with rich culture, ethnic natural beauty and interesting local monuments, it is best to create a tailor-made Indian tour for your holiday to this tropical paradise.

The north is bordered by the mighty Himalayas and the south is funneled towards the Indian Ocean. The west is guarded by historic sites and the east is dominated with nature and cultural hidden spots. This collage of landscape is suitably embraced with tailor-made Indian tours from numerous travel operators.

Are you choosing the right tailor-made itinerary? If you are hearing the term ‘tailor-made’ for the very first time, what can you expect in such tours? Experts of travel in Travelogy India have put out their definition and requirement of what a basic tailor-made Indian tour would look like and feel like.

Tailor-Made India Tour

Tailor-Made vs Pre-Defined Tours

When it comes to predefined tours, there is nothing that you could do to alter the destinations or the order of the attractions. Top examples of predefined tours are the luxury train itineraries. Although you can choose among the top luxury trains and their itinerary list, in any given itinerary, you do not get to cherry-pick your destinations. If you have no idea about India and want a classic tour experience, it is best to choose cliche predefined tours like luxury train tour.

When it comes to tailor-made tours, every element of your trip can be customized. You can choose elements in your tour, even down to the type of the car you wish to travel during your city-tour. It is all about your requirement.

Famous Luxury Trains
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What are the Advantages of Choosing a tailor-made Tours?

a) Tailor-made does not mean that you need to research and choose the destinations. Our experts have list of tour packages designed for you. You can alter the destinations (if required), choose the type of accommodations, styles of activities (senior-citizen friendly, toddler-friendly and others), number of days and so on.

b) India is a collage of culture. Each state is different in terms of language, cuisine, culture and nature. Do you want a local help? With the tailor-made tours, you can choose the right guide, who is fluent in your language and is versed with the local life.

c) Choosing tailor-made trips can help you find unusual requests like gluten-free restaurants, kid-friendly or pet-friendly hotels and so on.

d) Professional advice can help you cover numerous destinations, without spending a lot of time traveling or wasting in hotel rooms wanting for your reservation time.

e) With tailor-made requests, you can skim through the iconic attractions and choose hidden gems and interesting off-road activities.

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What is a Tailor-made Vacation?

When it comes to tailor-made vacation, you are the decider of everything. You get to choose the region of interest (South India tours, North India tours and so on), choose genre of your style (hill stations of north India tour, temple towns of south India tour and so on), choose time duration like (8 days Rajasthan tour, 11 days central India tour or short day tours). Yes, it is possible to craft one-day short trips with Travelogy India. For more details of Day Tours, you can Click Here.

Some of the very few Indian tour operators help you cover surrounding countries like Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and others. It is understandable that customizing an international tour covering several countries can be tedious concerning, visa, permits, accommodations and other services. However, trip planners like Travelogy India have a large network of service providers to offer all kinds of packages, with regards to Asian tours.

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Level of Customization

It is not just about choosing the package from the list provided. You can alter the destinations, determine the attractions added into each destination, choose the starting destination, select the type of accommodation and so on. You can make as many changes as possible. When it comes to small changes, you can make it even on day-to-day basis. When it comes to services, which require registration or booking, it is recommended to mention all your requirements during booking.

Tenure Flexibility

Suddenly, your vacation time has extended to a couple more days. A tailor-made tour can accommodate your sudden change in time factor, arrange additional attractions and keep you entertained without any hassle. Do you want a vacation, which starts by 5:00 PM Friday from Delhi and ends at 21:00 PM Sunday at Mumbai International airport? You can craft your itinerary to suit the time or, leave to our professionals to guide you from Delhi to Mumbai, covering all iconic attractions on the way, or attractions that suite your theme.

Your Pace, your Peace

It is impossible to explain to a toddler that spending time in a garden for several hours is not important than scaling important monuments in India. You ought to let them have their pace. After all, it is their vacation, too.

Your private guide and your customized itinerary can match to your pace-requirement. So, you don’t want to start your vacation, early in the morning. You can create an itinerary, which starts late morning and goes on and on with evening parties. We will also provide expertise recommendation about how long each activity would normally take. This will help you create your own schedule.


Stay in a spice plantation in Kerala might not be a part of a package you find in the website. However, a customized trip option can help you choose the perfect accommodation. Are you looking for a romantic beach resort, at every destination? Do you want to try a tree-house accommodation for a day, alone? Everything is possible in a tailor-made trip.

Travel Options

Do you want a cab with Wi-Fi hot spot? Are you looking for a large vehicle or a smaller one? Do you want to choose helicopter ride to islands? You can mention the required travel option and we will help you choose the right one based on the group size, time of visit and other factors, which might alter the transportation option.

Mealtime Requirement

Are you looking for an option, where you get to enjoy lactose-free meal throughout your trip? Are your diabetic and,do you want to continue your health diet throughout the trip? Everything is possible with customized trip. We have a large network, which includes top restaurants at niche tourism destinations. We can even help you enjoy authentic Chinese food in the middle of a metro city, with ease.

Tailoring Vacations with Travelogy India

When it comes to tailoring, the top choice, which people make, is by choosing a geographical location and starting their vacation.

Top Destinations-based Packages Open for Customization with us are:

a) 10 - Days Rajasthan Tour – Starts and ends in Delhi, covering Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

To book this itinerary: Click here

b) 5 - Days Ladakh Monastery Tour – Starts and ends in Delhi, covering Leh, Khardongla Pass and surrounding areas.

To book this itinerary: Click here

Are you in honeymoon mode, trying to impress your new bride?

Here are the top chosen romance packages of Travelogy India.

a) 5 - Days - Golden Triangle Honeymoon Tour – Starts and ends in Delhi, covering Agra and Jaipur.

To book this itinerary: Click here

b) 15 - Days Royal Rajasthan Honeymoon Tour – Starts in Delhi and ends in Mumbai, covering Agra, Jaipur, Mandawa, Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Udaipur.

To book this Itinerary: Click Here

Are you planning some getaway time with your friends? We understand that sightseeing is not enough for young blood like you.

Here are our top adventure trip packages.

a) Taste of Leh Ladakh Starts in Delhi and ends in Leh, covering Leh, Alchi, Pangong Lake, Khardung La and others.

b) 15 - Days - North India wildlife cultural Tour – Starts in Delhi and ends in Nagpur, covering Jaipur, Ranthambore, Agra, Bandhavgarh and Kanha.

To book this Itinerary: Click Here

The list of options and themes goes on and on, with Travelogy India. For more unique vacation ideas, visit https://www.travelogyindia.com/create-my-trip.html

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