Skiing in Himachal Pradesh

The snow covered state in the northern part of India is known as Devbhumi or the ‘Land of the Gods’. For Indian as well as foreign tourists, Himachal Pradesh has always been on the list as it is one of the best tourist spots of India. Comprised mostly of mountains, Himachal Pradesh is also an open-defecation free state making it quite clean and adding to its beauty.

Tourist Spots

With Chenab, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej and the Yamuna rivers, Himachal Pradesh is regularly fed with snow and rainfall. Being on an elevation, Himachal Pradesh faces a lot of variation in its climate throughout the year. Different areas experience completely different weather but majorly they are cold and snow covered. Places like Manali, Dharamshala, Shimla, Dalhousie and many more are some of the major attractions of Himachal Pradesh and have a lot to offer.


To indulge into truly unique experiences, Himachal Pradesh offers some amazing activities and adventures to its visitors. Some of these activities include, heli-skiing at Hanuman Tibba, to watch Tibetan opera in Dharamsala, visit oldest brewery of Asia in Kasauli, cycle downhill to Naggar, trekking, Bir Billing, rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking etc.

Out of these, skiing is one such euphoric experience that cannot be compared to any other adventures in Himachal Pradesh. It is a memory to be cherished for life and does not leave the visitors ever.

Skiing Destinations

Skiing is considered as one of the best ways of exploring Himachal Pradesh as it brings one in contact with the true being of the state. From beginners to professionals, the slopes of Himachal are for everyone who wants to indulge into an experience that will live with them forever.

Some of the best skiing destinations in Himachal Pradesh include Manali, Narkanda, Kufri, Rohtang Valley and Hanuman Tibba. This state of euphoria has no end in Himachal Pradesh as it not only gives you an adrenaline rush but also makes you meet yourself, the real you.

Most of the time people are not aware of their desires and capabilities. Such activities help one explore their mind and to see what extents they can go to. They help one build themselves in ways they would have never thought of.

Training and Courses

Skiing on the slopes of Rohtang Valley gives the tourists an amazing view of the Himalayas making it one the busiest skiing as well as tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh.

The breathtakingly beautiful slopes of the state gives the most mesmerizing view from the top and the most exciting feeling while going downhill. The development corporation if Himachal Pradesh also organizes ski courses and other adventure courses for tourists who wish to ski but are not trained. A lot of the locals of Himachal Pradesh are involved in the training activities as well as helping out the people during their ski.

Skiing Packages

These places in Himachal Pradesh are tourist hotspots and are busy throughout the year but skiing in the state is only open during the winters when the slopes are properly snow-capped. Since the state receives a lot of snowfall, it makes the slopes really good for skiing and engages the tourists beautifully.

Some of these areas have dense forests on the slope, apple orchards etc. that make the skiing journey of the tourists captivating. The cost of skiing begins from Rs. 300 per person per hour and goes up till Rs.7000 per person. There are various courses and packages offered by the adventure sports companies operating in Himachal Pradesh for people with different budget and skiing skills.

The Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley of Manali helps the amateurs learn skiing perfectly under the guidance of professional trainers. There are small villages set up near the major tourist hotspots than people explore on the way while skiing. They trek and camp here and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of it.

Things to know before skiing

Before skiing or performing any adventure sports, it is always advised to be aware of a few tips that might be helpful. Some of these include exercising a bit right before going to ski, wearing the right kind of shoes, choosing the correct package for yourself i.e amateur or professional, protecting your skiing from the sun rays, wearing helmets and practicing a little with the ski boots before one takes the leap of faith.

Himachal Pradesh has always been a tourist favourite and continues to be the same with all the amazing things to do. One of it is skiing which surpasses all the amazing adventure sports one can perform here. It is one such sport that should be learnt or atleast experienced by everyone once in their lifetime. The entire trip as well the skiing is a wonderful memory and experience that gets engraved in the memory of the tourists forever.

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