List of Famous Fairs and Festivals in Karntaka

Festivals and fairs are important reasons for the energy that you can find in Karnataka. Almost throughout the year, some sort of festival would be celebrated with rich attractions and religious importance. Here are the major fairs and festivals of Karnataka:

1. Dussehra

Dussehra is celebrated in October. The top activities to enjoy during this festival are

  • Watching the royal Throne of Mysore Palace in grand celebration
  • Mysore palace would be filled with soldiers in ceremonial dress, decorated elephants and others
  • Dance and music performances
  • Fairs all over the state

2. Yugadi

This Kannada New Year is celebrated in end of March or beginning of April. People decorate their houses and many folk dance performances can be seen. Numerous ritual processing would be conducted in all temples. You can find classical music concerts at various cities.

3. Sakranti

It is the harvest festival conducted in January. It is a three day festival where you can find a lot of cow and cattle related ceremonies. The best of all is the bonfire in which decorated and trained cattle jump over the fire. Cattle would be decorated with bright accessories. You ought to try the Karnataka style of pongal dish that is made during this day. It is a delicacies made with rice and lentils or rice and jaggery. Other delicacy to enjoy is ellu which is made of sesame seeds, sugar and coconut.

It is a three day festival. The first day is called Bhogi where people make a bonfire and burn all their old items as a sign of new prosperity because of the harvest. The second day is dedicated to the cattle and the third day is dedicated for picnic in which people take up any weekend getaway vacation plans.

4. Vairamudi Festival

This religious festival is celebrated in either March or April. This festival is conducted for one day at Temple of Cheluvanaryana which is located in Melkote. The diamond studded crown of Mysore royal family will be shown to the people during this festival. The idol of the temple is taken for a procession throughout the city and thousands of people participate in this celebration. Every year, minimum of 400,000 locals and tourists witness this festival.

5. Hampi Festival

Hampi festival or VIjaya Utsav is celebrated in first week of November. You should be in Hampi very early in the morning. At the world heritage site, you can find a lot of different performing act functions. It is a three day festival and the first two days are dedicated for dance and music. The last day is the most important one. You can watch elephant march, puppet shows and fireworks. A lot of renowned artists from various parts of the country visit Hampi during this festival.

6. Kambala Festival

This festival is conducted from November to March. Each part of the state celebrates this festival at different dates. The total duration of this festival is two days. The most important attraction is the buffalo race. Baradi Beedu, Uppinagadi, Puttur, Kolatta, Majalu and Kamalakettu are some of the places where this festival is conducted. More than 150 pairs of buffalos would participate in this rate. The first day is dedicated for the parade of farmers and buffalos that are about to participate in the race.

7. Chalukya Dance Festival

It is a dance festival conducted in Pattadakal during January. It is conducted for three days. This dance festival happens in front of the Pattadakkal group of temples. This festival attracts a lot of dances, craftsmen and artisans from various parts of the country.

8. Mahamastakabisheka

This festival is celebrated only once in 12 years. Next celebration is in 2018. The festival is conducted for 10 days. It is an important Jain festival. Top attractions of this festival are:

  • Religious ceremony of bathing the large Bahubali statue with silver flowers, sugarcane juice, saffron, milk and others.
  • Holy dip in river Cauvery.

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