Amindivi Islands, Lakshadwep

Amindivi Islands build up the northern part of Lakshadweep and consists of several small islands that are popular tourist attractions around the place. These islands are namely – Chetlat, Kadmat, Bitra, Amini and Kiltan.

Amindivi Islands are one of the three major island groups in Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep is an exotic archipelago, sun-kissed amidst the gigantic Arabian Sea boasting soft white sands, and crystal blue water accompanied with some of the best of lip-smacking sea food delights, which almost haven for naturalists, honeymooners, and romantic mavericks!

Things to do in Amindivi Islands

The main attraction of Amindivi Islands is hidden in its very name, the name comes from the word ‘Amini’ which roughly translates to a heavenly place! So, a visit to this spot is highly recommended for travelers coming to Amindivi. Moreover, apart from indulging in the usual sea-side water sports, lounging in the beaches, splurging on a decadent spread of fresh sea foods and relaxing to kiss away all your life’s stresses one can also sail around and explore other neighboring islands around the place.

Kadmat Island offers a bountiful of water sports options like, scuba diving, swimming and more which should definitely be in your itinerary if you love a bit of thrill in nature.

Additionally, every resort in Amindivi Islands have their own choices of in-house entertainment, spas, events, dinner parties and private beach experiences on offer for their guests. So, whoever thought being in a small island can be boring was grossly mistaken!

How to Reach Amindivi Islands

By Air:

This is by far the most convenient and fastest way to reach Amindivi Islands. A flight to the Cochin International airport from anywhere in the country or even some of the major international air terminals can be availed. This is directly connected to the mainland of Lakshadweep islands, once you land on the Lakshadweep mainland; you can board a small boat or ship to Amindivi Islands.

By Sea:

being a group of islands another great way to travel to Amindivi while enjoying scenic views and cool oceanic breeze is to travel on a ship or cruise. There are several cruise voyages that sail from different port locations in India and abroad and are amazing experiences.

Best Time to Visit Amindivi Islands

The best time to visit Amindivi Islands or Lakshadweep as a whole is between the months of October to mid-May. As from August onwards the place gets frequent heavy rainfall. In fact, Amindivi Islands is known for his heavy rainfall as it had recorded the highest amount of rain in 24 hours on 06-05-2004, of 1,168 mm. this is by far the highest recorded in India.

While most resorts and hotels on Lakshadweep are usually open throughout the year, but it may get dangerous for travelers to reach the islands during the monsoon months by ship. Although island resorts like Agatti and Bangaram are easy to reach during the monsoon months as well, due to their flight connectivity through Cochin. But the other slightly more remote islands do not have helicopter connectivity most times and are unadvisable to visit during monsoons.

But early monsoons do add a unique beauty to these islands with lush, fresh greenery, beautiful lagoons, blue seas and cool moist winds.

Nearby Attractions of Amindivi Islands

Amindivi is a group of islands with each island being slightly more unique than the other. So, most nearby attractions include natural beauty at its best with friendly natives, eager to help and the overall vibe of complete relaxation.

The nearby attractions in Amindivi are:

  • Dolphin Dive Centre, Kavaratti
  • Minicoy Dive Centre
  • Kadmat Scuba Diving Centre
  • Kiltan
  • Chetlat
  • Bitra
  • Basic Travel Tips to Visit Amindivi Islands

    • The island has tropical weather so make sure to carry sun-screen, umbrellas and light cotton clothes.
    • Always seek assistance from the local recognized tourist agencies or authorities when you decide to explore the islands on boat.
    • The islands are home to beautiful corals and exotic marine life, it is forbidden to procure these animals by law and harmful for the ecosystem.
    • It is unsafe to be in the seas during heavy rainfall, so before making any trips get weather updates from the local authorities.

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