Nightlife in Lakshadweep

Being in a heavenly place like Lakshadweep, you may also wish to have a colorful nightlife. Unfortunately Lakshadweep doesn’t have too many places to spend joyful night. But still it has a few sources that will add charm to your nightlife.

Though it doesn’t have the availability of pubs and alcohol in abundance you don't have to be totally disappointed as the island of Bangaram is the only island of Lakshadweep, where alcohol is not prohibited. Now if you are thinking of how to spend your night in Lakshadweep then don’t worry! Here is a list of things you can try being on the islands of Lakshadweep.

If you choose to be in a hotel that has sufficient guests staying in it then the hotel will definitely arrange for a barbeque. Folk dance performances will also be organized that will make your night exciting.

Instead of staying in the hotel, you can opt to spend your night at the beach, relaxing or listening to melodious tunes or just sleep peacefully. You can get the magnificent view of the glowing worms or Bioluminescent Plankton, if you are on a visit to Agatti Island. These are known as the brightest aquatic creatures. These creatures are a mix of algae and fungi with its chemical skin produces an attractive radiant glow.

These unusual activities will keep you busy throughout the nights without making you feel the absence of any pub or lounge. It will really give you an ultimate experience in the less populated islands of Lakshadweep.

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