Best Time to Visit Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep remains at its best from October to Mid-May, therefore it is considered as the best time to visit. It is the time when the weather remains pleasant offering scenic view and lots of scope to recline peacefully on the sandy beaches, amidst natural ambiance of sun, sea and coconut palms in abundance, feeling the cool breeze blowing from the crystal blue sea.

Though it remains open for tourists throughout the year, the island destination of Lakshadweep becomes inaccessible due to monsoon. Lakshadweep receives monsoon rain from Mid-May to September that prevents the ship from crossing the sea.

Monsoon doesn’t affect the Islands of Agatti and Bangaram, as these islands can be accessed through flights from Kochi. During the rainy season, the only mode of transport from Agatti to Bangaram is helicopter. But no flight or helicopter has access to islands like Minicoy, Kadmat and Kavaratti.

Besides, the monsoonal rain creates a greener ambiance with lush vegetation and also enhances the beauty of the lagoons and seas. Several flights are operated around the year for traversing of tourists, whereas ships carry only local passengers. During monsoon, ships are not allowed to carry tourists.

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