Adventure Activities in Nagarhole

Nagarhole is one of the most green areas of Mysore district in the state of Karnataka with rich bio-diversity and abundant flora and fauna. In very close proximity to the Bandipur National Park, this region also popularly clubbed as Kabini has myriad wildlife such as the huge Asiatic Elephant, spotted deer, Civet Cat, panther, mongoose, and even many more varieties.

It is also an excellent place for photographers and nature lovers who can spot the birds that are nearly 250 types. There is a famous national park known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park at Kabini or Nagarhole National Park. It is also surrounded by various famous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in India.

While it is bordered by the River Kabini northward it is bordered by the Bandipur National Park towards the south. Moreover, there is a great reservoir and dam which is popular in the Kabini River. These forests have several activities to do here to get the thrill in you and it is a great place for adventure enthusiasts.

There are itineraries such as 1 Night stay in a camp in the jungle, exploring on horseback, river rafting, shooting, zorbing and even zip lining. You can also find rare species of reptiles especially various snakes and ornamental trees like teak, silver oak, and sandalwood in these forests.

1. Trekking in Nagarhole

This is one of the best activities for all age groups and types of people that does not involves great will power and strength. It is also a great way to unwind and learn a lot about nature in the most natural way.

A walk along the Nagarhole National Park though the verdure forests, gives a feel of lush nature. You can hear the birds chirping in their habitat away from the traffic noises and busy life. You may spot some really great species in the distance while doing bird watching of various species.

2. Bella Elephant Camping

There is a place where elephants are trained. There is space for doing other activities so you can also watch the elephants while their mahouts are taking them for rounds. These huge creatures would like to see the people and there are very few people taking an elephant ride on their back.

It is mostly only the trainers who are sitting on their back. Moreover, there are various activities to do here such as a bonfire, staying at a boutique resort and admiring River Kabini.

3. Land / Jeep Safari

Needless to say, this is a jeep where roughly six people can be seated to view the interiors of the jungle along with the wild beasts. Some of them include the common leopard and panther. Other interesting species is the Koala bear, mongoose, etc. You can also carry your cams and this is a great place for photographers here. The land safari also includes many other activities such as crossing rope bridge, target practice, etc. all of which you or your group will surely make you happy.

4. Boat Ride at Kabini

What is more exciting than gliding on the still waters of the beautiful River Kabini and greeted by elephants on the river banks. This is a great way to admire nature and the sunrise / sunset and you get to watch all the other animals in the distance.

The experience of boating on these waters while you can feel the cool breeze gives such a great feeling to remember forever. So, if you visit River Kabini or the Nagarhole National Park, do not forget to check out the boat ride options first.

5. Neighboring Wildlife

This famous national park also borders with other top attractions in South India. It borders the Wayanad tiger reserve, Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary also towards the north western side. This lush green area is full of various types of regions including rocky, hilly terrain and streams and waters of various lakes. It is such a nature filled place that it is worth the time and effort you take to reach here. There is a great variety of flora and fauna that you will find here.

There are options for trekking especially as the Brahmagiri peak is over 1608 meters in height. Walk through or admire the coffee plantations and spot wildlife in your tour of the surrounding areas of Nagarhole.

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