Best Time to Visit Nagarhole

Nagarhole in summer (March to May)

Nagarhole experiences a typical tropical climate throughout the year. Thus, the place will be humid and warm throughout the year. Even in peak summer, the average temperature does not cross beyond 35 degree C. Nagarhole has numerous seasonal streams, which are the main source of water for the animals. During the peak summer, these seasonal streams would dry off. Thus, the animals have to come to the Kabini River for water. This increases the chances of spotting herds of herbivorous and a few predators.

Moreover, the grasses in the park would dry off during peak summer. Thus, the visibility of the park increases, which increases the chances of spotting animals, especially predators like tigers and other jungle cats, which like to hide.

Clothing Tip

If you are planning a summer visit, make sure to wear cotton clothing, which completely covers your body (especially arms and legs). Wear sunscreen and mosquito repellent cream. A hat and sunglasses would also come handy.

Nagarhole in monsoon (June to September)

During monsoon, the place gets heavy rainfall. The park receives more than 1,500mm on an average, per year during the monsoon season. The waterfalls and streams will be gushing with water. The place becomes muddy and sticky. Thus, jeeps cannot travel through the park. Moreover, the monsoon is the mating time for most of species in the park.

Jeep safaris are banned during this season. Trekking trails are open for adventure enthusiasts, but it is highly recommended to avoid this season. Chances of spotting animals or birds during this season are also very low.

Clothing Tip

If planning a monsoon visit, wear thick rain gear and easily dry-able clothes. Wear shoes with waterproof and high friction soles. Thick waterproof socks would be helpful. Always wear sunscreen and insect repellent cream.

Nagarhole in winter (November to February)

Officially, the winter does not start until November. October can receive mild showers and have a warm climate. During winter, the park's climate will fall as low as 10 degrees C at night. This temperature is the best for birdwatching, sightseeing, and others. You can spot a lot of animals with their cubs during this season. This is the right time to spot large mammals like elephants, wild bear, sloth bear, and others.

Clothing Tip

For winter visitors, the most common clothing tip is to wear layers. The climate can be humid or cold and it is unpredictable. Always have a jacket, which you can remove, if needed. Wear sunscreen and repellent cream. Wear comfortable and breathable shoes.

Best Time to Visit Nagarhole National Park

If you are looking for safari and trekking, October to May is the best time to visit. If you love to enjoy birdwatching, December to February is the best time. If you are up for adventure trekking, monsoon is the right time. Within a day, the best time to visit the park is right after sunrise or right before sunset.

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