Best Romantic Hotels in Nagarhole

Having a trip with the loved ones specially a partner can bring peace and new spark to the relationship. It is often seen that a newlywed couples often go on trips small or long, near or far as it helps them explore more about each other and spend time with each other.

One of the best place to visit for honeymooners or young couples with their boyfriend or girlfriends are the wildlife parks as watching some wild animals gives them a chance to embrace each other and explore the nature. It is done a lot by many couples and even one of the best things to do as these memories will always add flavors to their relationships.

So which national park should a couple visit? What can they do in a national park? What places are the best to visit in a national park and what are they famous for? These are the common question for all the couples looking for a lovely trip.

Nagarhole is one of the most famous parks in the state of Karnataka and is particularly famous for the tiger reserve and the river tributaries here.

Some of the places that can be seen here and accommodated by the couples in the Nagarhole are as follows:

1. The Serai Kabini

For all the newlyweds it is important for the couples to find a quite spot to escape their daily hustles of the life. Everyone loves a room which is majestic that makes them feel pampered and in Serai Kabini where the rooms are nice and have some best service, the couples can devote their time to each other and is often one of the best hotels for the newly wed couples to meet. It has some very nice services that include fitness center, game room, pool, internet and free breakfast. It is very close to the national park and hence, a trip to the park can be made through here.

2. Kaav Safari Lodge

This hotel is situated next to the national park which provides the best experience for couples to explore the place, as they wake up next to birds and other forest sounds from the wildlife. The Hotel is situated very close to the Kabini river basin which makes it ideal for couples looking for safari to start. They are able to find some aquatic life here at the beginning of the day and if luck helps them even the tigers can be found in the morning trying to quench some of their thirst. this is one of the best lodge for those couples looking for a romantic stay but are also keen on finding wildlife.

3. Jungle Inn

This hotel helps the couple to get know more about the Nagarhole National Park through the short films and presentations which can be informative, and couples can use them to decide on which places they might explore and things they would love to see.

A safari is very impressive if it has the flavor of the campfire in it which the jungle inn does and is rejuvenating. The tour of the forest and a safari is provided by the hotel which makes the stay in jungle inn fun and exciting.

4. King Sanctuary Resort

One of the best places to stay while touring Nagarhole national park is the king sanctuary resort. This eco-friendly resort is located near the northern end of the national park and provides the services needed by couples when touring the wildlife park. With the mango plantations nearby the couples can enjoy some of the amazing tastes of the local and add sweetness to their life. It also provides evening entertainment among other features which are enjoyed by the couples.

The Best Romantic Things to Do in Nagarhole National Park for Couples

1. Jungle Safari

One of the major things that can be done in the national park is to book and enjoy a jungle safari together. The best thing about the jungle safari is that the couples can lean on each other and witness some of the rare species and the true mother nature working.

2. Trying Wonderful Dishes in Hotels

The hotels provide some of the most delicious dishes and drinks that must be tried while visiting the Nagarhole national park. There are plantations close to the area and hence, those spices and fruits can easily be tried. There is a huge option of food available that ranges from different dishes depending upon morning to evening.

3. Entertainment

Some of the hotels or inns provide the best entertainment through the cultural dances and information about the various places inside the Nagarhole park. There are some dances and among other things like documentaries and music festivals which can be enjoyed. There are even facilities for indoor and outdoor activities like fitness center, swimming and among other scenic beauties.

4. Travel

The roads are some of the most beautiful roads that can be travelled upon. These are made special due to the green cover and some of the exotic trees that surround them. There are some great places near the park which can be visited during the tour to Nagarhole. Some of the villages around the area are welcoming to all the guests.

5. Trekking

One of the best thing the couples can do is go trekking and enjoy the best time together. This is the best time to know about each other but also to find some of the animals that might not be seen in regular life. There are some major trekking routes which can be used to find animals like tigers and some major river basins in the area.

A trip in Nagarhole national park can be romantic experience for the couples as they can experience some of the best wildlife and facilities. This park has been one of the best parks in India for the couples to enjoy their honeymoon and often visited by a lot of people in single year. The best time to visit this place is October to May.

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