Places to Visit Near Nagarhole

Nagarhole is one of the place in the country where you can enjoy nature, relax yourself, and is one of the best places to spot wildlie. The serpentine waters and streams around this area are suited to the name - ‘Nagar’ meaning snake and ‘hole’ meaning waters.

One of the best national parks in India – Nagarhole wildlife park is now called the Rajiv Gandhi National Park. Initially unveiled in the year 1955 and expanded in the year this is one of the major attractions of Nagarhole. Moreover, there are various other nearby places to visit around Nagarhole if you visit here. Around the area, you can visit temples, witness waterfalls, River Kabini, trek, spot rare birds and animal species, take a picnic, or even go for a nature walk, or jungle jeep safari here.

The area of Nagarhole is central to several top tourist destinations in South India. Here is a list of things you can do and places you can visit or see around when you trip to this great destination in South India.

1. Witness the beauty of Abbey Falls

This beautiful white waterfalls situated at Kodagu in the midst of the scenic western ghats, it is only less than 4 kilometers from Nagarhole. Partly, it can be said that these waters are the early reaches of Kaveri river. While monsoons can get dangerous at times near waterways and rivers, the beauty of the Abbi falls gets attractive with greater force of water.

It is situated in the midst of aromatic coffee plantations and spice fields with an attractive hanging bridge situated right opposite of the waterfalls earlier known as Jessi Falls. It is a privately owned property and the piper vines are visible all across the vast region.

2. Heritage City of Mysore

This is the next biggest city in the entire state of Karnataka and is within the vicinity of various major cities and metros of South India. It is roughly 2 hours journey from Nagarhole by car. It is a fascinating place that still preserves heritage structures, ancient temples and kings palaces. It is also a pleasant place as it is elevated at 763 meters set in the backdrop of hills and mountain ranges. Moreover, the other name for this glorious city rich in culture, is – City of Palaces.

There are other top attractions in Mysore such as Government Museums, the Mysore Palace, Zoo, and Chamundi Hill Temple and a nature friendly place called Brindavan Gardens. It is a must – visit when you travel to Nagarhole or surrounding cities of even other states.

3. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife enthusiast and you are looking to cool off this summer then there is no better place than this for you. Surrounded by hill station and in close proximity to Nagarhole as this is a distance of just 12 km the Elephant reserve and wildlife sanctuary in Tholpetty is a heritage with rich bio-diversity. While it is best to visit from November to March, there are also various activities available here such as safari and trekking with a guide with prior permission and specific timings.

There is also rest houses and lodges in the sanctuary with accommodation options available. The evergreen terrain and deciduous teak forests, various birds, western ghats, etc. is so abundant in nature and is on the way to getting accredited as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Lakshmana Tritha / Iruppu Waterfalls

In roughly 20 km distance from the Nagarhole National Park, there are amazing waterfalls known as Iruppu waterfalls that is a popular tourist attraction in Karnataka. It makes for a great picnic spot although it takes log to reach the place. The sounds of the waters gushing down and the green scenery around makes this nature bountiful region one of the best places in Nagarhole to visit in Karnataka.

It is nestled in between the beautiful Coorg region and Brahmagiri Hills bordering Wayanad. Popularly known as Lakshmana Tritha Falls, this waters situated in the dense forests of Western Ghats fall from a height of 170 feet through various stages. It is in the close proximity of Rameshwara Temple which is another popular sightseeing destination in Karnataka. It is on the way to the waterfalls or River Lakshmana Tritha.

5. Border town of Kodagu – Kutta

This is one of the best towns to visit while in Nagarhole. Within its vicinity this accessible town has verdure greenery on either side as it is a connecting point to various major cities and top tourist destinations in South India. So, it borders the Tholpetty for the Wayanad wildlife sanctuary, it serves as a gateway to Rajiv Gandhi National Park especially for visitors from Kerala.

This is the way to the famous Irrupu falls mentioned earlier. You can get a brief view of the jungles as you drive through them, the lovely waters of River Kabini, in addition to the above.

We have given you a list of all things you can do in Nagarhole while they are all in close proximity to each other. It gives you a better idea to plan your trip in a way to cover all of these top tourist destinations in and around Karnataka. Check out the tour packages in South India to find one that covers such destinations.

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