18 Things That Will Make You Love Train-18, India

You would be very familiar with Shatabdi Express. The high-speed train of the land has been on tracks for 30 years. Shatabdi means centenary. This train was first introduced to celebrate birth centenary of Jawaharlal Nehru. Thirty years look like a long run and it is time to think about the next version. T-18 or Train-18 is the new and modified Shatabdi Express. T-18 is the first engine-less self-propelling train of the country, made in ICF of Chennai for a whopping cost of 100 crores. It is all set to make its maiden trip as an inter-city mode of transportation. What should you know about T-18? Well, here are 18 things that you should know, which would make you fall in love with this new Shatabdi Express.

18 Things You Must Know About India's First Engine - Less Train 18

1. Automatic Doors

The train makes you avoid footboard travel as it is becoming more and more dangerous to travelers. Thus, to avoid mishaps, Train-18 has an automatic door. The automatic door opens only after the train has halted at a station and the train moves only after all the automatic doors are closed. Thus, safety is maintained. Read Also: What Are The Some Interesting Facts About The Maharajas’ Express Train?

2. Innovated Sliding Footsteps

To help senior citizens, the train has a sliding footstep, which would open up, when the train reaches the station.

3. High Passenger Capacity

Given the climatic conditions of India, air-conditioning has become a necessity. The train has 16 coaches, which can accommodate more than 1100 people and all the coaches are air-conditioned. The executive chair cars holds 56 chairs and the non-executive chair cars can holds 78 passengers. Also Read: Top 4 Reasons To Choose Indian Panorama Journey of Maharajas’ Express

4. Green Train

The train is set with regenerative break system, which helps it to save power. Do not worry about the speed. It stands up to its name and runs at a maximum speed of 160 kmph, which is 15% faster than the original Shatabdi Express.

5. Camera Monitored

Each compartment has CCTV cameras, which monitor all the movements of the passengers. Thus, you can be sure about every event being captured for safety purpose.

6. Better Toilets

Do not worry about train toilets anymore. The train has 18 toilets, fitted with bio-vacuum toilets and touch-free fittings. Explore: Is it Possible for an Indian to Travel on Maharajas Express?

7. More Space for Luggage

Although you would not be given unlimited luggage space, the space allocated for luggage has been increased a lot and comparatively more than any of the regular trains.

8. Move within Train

Each compartment is accessible from any part of the train, with automatic doors. Passengers are allowed to move from one compartment to another, with ease. Must Read: Comparison Between Palace on Wheels And Maharajas Express Train

9. Be Connected Online

Any new initiative is always better with Wi-Fi. If you are boarding Train-18, you need not worry about spending time. You will receive free Wi-Fi throughout your travel. You can also enjoy other entertainment facilities and passenger information system.

10. Wheelchair Friendly

India is becoming more and more flexible for people with special needs. For travelers with disabilities, the train holds a disability coach with PWD-friendly toilets. In addition, the space between the two set of chairs make it easier to move around in wheelchairs. You will find space for storing wheelchairs too. Read More: 10 World Heritage Sites to Visit with Maharajas Express

11. Climate Control

Air-conditioned coaches is a necessity today, as mentioned before. However, Train-18 has taken a step beyond this. It has intelligent air-conditioning system, which adjusts the temperature based on the climate, passenger density and so on.

12. Miscellaneous Services

Trains of India are getting more and more flexible for people with digital needs. You can find charging points under each seat for your electronic devices. Read On: Booking of Maharajas Express For 2019 - 2020

13. Lightings

The train has individual touch-lights for reading and diffused LED lighting inside the train for a plush look. Are you considering a train journey as a part of your Indian experience? Read Here: What to Know About Travelling by Train in India?

14. 360 Degree Seat

Are you planning to travel in the executive coach? You will be seated in 360-degree seats, which would allow you to spin around or sit in the direction of the train journey.

15. Panoramic Window

Are you in mood for a scenic travel as you gaze out? Well, forget about the prison styled windows of trains. Train-18 has panoramic windows like the luxury trains. Read Also: Top 10 Cycling Hotspots In And Around Delhi

16. Pantry Section

Each coach of the train holds a small pantry section, which has equipment for heating and chilling food items. Food items are not sold inside the coaches.

17. No Stealing of Legroom

If you were six feet tall and traveling in a train, you would understand what this is all about. When the passenger in front of you plans to recline his seat, suddenly a part of your legroom is gone. You would end up being in a crooked position for the rest of your journey. With the newly modified reclining feature, the horizontal seat gets moved front during reclining, thereby your legroom is never compromised.

18. Display System

Are you new to the route? Train-18 has got it covered. The display system inside the train mentions the current station name, upcoming station name, time of arrival and the speed of the train. The display systems are fitted at each end of any coach. Couldn’t wait for the train, could you? Well, the train is still in testing mode. By November 7th of 2018, the train will reach Delhi from Chennai. The route of this train is still debatable. Some consider that it would replace the Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi route and a few consider it as the new train for Howrah New Delhi route. Couldn’t wait until November? Do you want to enjoy a luxurious train journey? Try out the signature luxury train trips over the weekend. Check Here price details. Top Suggested Itineraries are: Suggested Articles: