Maharajas' Express Food (Menu)

Maharajas' Express Food (Menu)

Food is an important part of Indian culture and beauty. The country emphasis on the food, during every feast, festival and celebration. Starting from the remote villages on the slopes of Himalayan regions to the lush coastal areas, every region is famous for its signature delicacies.

Thus, the Maharajas’ Express Train, as a way to introduce the Indian culture, gives more importance to what they serve during meals.

Cuisines to Try in Maharajas Express Train :

The dining cars of the Maharajas' Express has an exclusive style of arranging all styles of meals like lactose free, Kosher, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Jain, gluten-free, ovo lacto veg, vegan and others.

  • Lactose Free Meal: For lactose intolerant travelers

  • Ovo Lacto Veg Meal: cuisine made with plant based ingredients, dairy products and egg. Meat, fish and poultry are not added to the meal.

  • Jain Meal: It is a complete vegetarian cuisine. The cuisine also rejects ingredients that are grown under the soil like onion, beats, potatoes, carrots, garlics and others.

  • Vegan Meal: This meal strictly contains vegetarian ingredients only. Any animal-based product including dairy products are not included.

  • Kosher Meal: This meal comprises of ingredients, which are allowed as per the Jewish dietary law.

  • Gluten Free Meal: Are you looking to avoid gluten completely, you can enjoy a meal without breads, cookies, grains, cereals, pastas and others.

  • Non Vegetarian Meal: This cuisine includes non-vegetarian dishes, starters, soups and others.

  • Vegetarian Meal: This cuisine includes ingredients that are plant originated and dairy products.


Mewar Cuisine

This is an authentic rural styled Indian cuisine served with fresh vegetables, meat and fruits. The special taste of this cuisine is a credit to the unique cooking style. The dishes are flavored with fresh water fishes, millets, corns and others. The train chooses to provide royal dishes of the cuisine like steamed keema, phirni, Mewari lauki, stuffed bhindi, milk desserts and others.

One of the legendary Mewar dishes served in the train is Paniyachurio, made with crushed maize, clarified butter, jaggery and local flavors. These dishes are traditionally made with coal to add a special aroma to the dish. To retain the aroma for longer, the dishes are served in clay pots.

Today, the complimentary kit holds candies, shoe uppers, tissues, bottle coolers and other. The kit also has grown along with the history of the Maharajas Express. In 2013, the kit had just pith helmets and shoe uppers. The amenities and facilities inside the train have not changed a lot in these eight years. When the train started its first few year, the excursions were done in private buses. Today, they have evolved to luxury cars and coaches.

Over this span of years, the train has managed to keep a few things intact like, the design and the color of its exterior, the royalty décor of the cabins and most importantly, the hospitality with a broad smile.

Other Indian Cuisines

Apart from the Mewar cuisine, the train also serves other Rajasthan cuisine dishes, Mumbai’s tikka dishes, thalis of varies regions like (Punjabi thali, Rajasthan thali and others).

International Cuisines

Starting from the noodles dishes of Chinese land to the pastries of Europe, the train provides a wide range of delicacies, starters and main course from various parts of the globe. This international cuisine is maintained to make everyone feel at home.

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