20 Best Places to Visit in India in October – Gives Unique Experience

Are you someone who is looking for unique places to enjoy? You might visit a lot of places in India and enjoy. But, October is the prime season for tourism. October changes a lot of places into paradises. This article talks about the 20 best places to Visit in India in October that would give you a unique experience. In this list, we have categorized the places according to the North and South region.

Top Places to Visit in North India in October

1. Agra – Experience Taj Mahal in October Morning

Agra is a place of a lot of architectural wonders. Taj Mahal, fort of Jahangir and many other attractions are found in this place. What has October to do with this place? Since you need to spend a lot of time outdoors, October would give you a foggy effect to the attractions. Think about visiting Taj Mahal on a October morning when the place is filled with mild fog and sliver of rain drops on you. There is no enough word to explain such an experience. Shopping is another activity which you can enjoy and you can get a list of famous handicrafts to purchase in Agra.

Taj Mahal, Agra

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2. Corbett – Tiger Spotting

Jim Corbett is a place that you usually might not come across in many articles that you read in the internet. It is found in Nainital and this place is at its prime beauty only in October. This place is known for tiger spotting and other wildlife attractions. Though it is not a great wildlife reserve, you can find a lot of unique and exotic species. October is the time when the water reserves in the jungle are filled with water and animals can be found with their new born cubs to quench their thirst. There are so many reasons to visit Jim Corbett National Park.

Corbett Tiger

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3. Ladakh – Who Loves Trekking

Ladakh is just for trekking. The whole place is filled with hillocks and other trekking areas. This place becomes more aesthetic in October. The lakes would look like glass and the hills would have greens tipped with snow. If you visit Ladakh in October, you ought to ride to Manali from Ladakh to enjoy a unique experience. Are you someone who loves trekking? You ought to visit Ladakh and that too, in October. In Manali, you can enjoy a lot of adventure sports like zorbing, paragliding and others. Read here top trekking destination in ladakh.


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4. Jaisalmer – Camel Safari and Arabian Nights

Jaisalmer is the land of desert. During October, the sand dune will be pleasant to visit. Camel safari on the desert and a luxury desert tent stay overnight will be exotic during this season. Many cultural performances can be enjoyed in the desert.

Jaisalmer Camel Safari

Moonlight dinner in the desert on an October night is the most romantic activity in this city. Apart from these, there are a lot of monuments, forts and others for sightseeing.

Moonlight Dinner on Dunes Jaisalmer
Dinner on Sand Dunes

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5. Varanasi – The Ganga Aarti Special

Varanasi is one of the oldest inhabited city that is still in use in the world. The city is completely filled with numerous temples. The city is famous for its iconic Ganga Aarti ceremony that takes place during each evening.

Varanasi Morning Arti

During October, you can find a lot of Hindu festivals and unique rituals in the city. Boat cruise, visit to Sarnath and other activities are very common in this city. Visit to the Ghats of the river is an important tourist activity. October also provides a pleasant climate for sightseeing and walking along the riverside.


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6. Srinagar – For October Honeymoon

Srinagar is located in Kashmir Valley. The whole of Kashmir becomes a white fairy tale paradise during the winter. Srinagar is famous for houseboat rides, visit to gardens and lakes during October. The adventure activities are also common during this season. During October, the place will not be completely filled with snow but, the climate will be pleasing and waterbodies will be filled with water. This provide better diversity of activities in the city. This is also the right season to enjoy dry fruits here. If you are looking for a honeymoon spot for your October marriage, Srinagar is highly recommended.

Srinagar Dal Lake Boating

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7. Ziro– Serene Landform for Nature Lovers

Ziro is a famous tourist spot in Arunachal Pradesh. After the music festival in September, the place goes back to its serenity. October provides a pleasing climate, which makes the place, a paradise. This month is the best for photographer, de-stress traveler and nature lover. The paddy fields will be almost right to harvest and you can always hear chirping of birds here.

Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

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8. Shimla – Toy Train around Hill Station

Shimla is a paradise all throughout the year. In October, the place becomes like a fairy tale area. All attractions would be at its prime beauty and you can have a wonderful time take a long walking trip. The main attractions in October are the toy train. It is a train that takes you around the hill station for about four hours from Kalka. This journey is something that would make your vacation, one of its kind.

Shimla Toy Train

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9. Bir Billing – Off Beat Adventure Paradise

If you are looking for some adventure time, Bir Billing of Himachal Pradesh is the best spot. Top activities to enjoy in October are paragliding, trekking, camping, hand gliding, nature walk and others. Top spots to visit in October are Bir Tea Factory, Sherabling monastery, Tibetan colony and others. Since the winter has not kicked in, most of the adventure activities will be open and all trails will be open for trekkers. Visiting seminomadic village for photography is the best activity during this month for photo-enthusiast.

Bir Billing Paragliding, Himachal Pradesh

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10. Nainital – Narnia of Lakes

Nainital is known as the district of lakes. What can add more beauty to the lakes than rain? With the end of rainy season, October gives great view of lakes in Nainital. This place is best for honeymooning during October. Boating, sightseeing, cable car ride and photography are top activities in this region. If you love water, you ought to visit this place during October. This hill station gets its name from Naina Lake, which will be at the prime during this month.


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12. Kolkata – Enrich In Dussehra

October is the best month to visit Kolkata. Apart from the spots for sightseeing and water based tourist activities, Kolkata gets more beautiful during October. October is the month of Dussehra. Top spots to visit in October are potter area, Kumortuli, Hoogly River and others. Do not forget to watch the idols being made.

Kumortuli Potters Area, Kolkata
Kumortuli Potters Area, Kolkata

If you are present during the last day of celebration, visit the river to watch the ritual of immersion of the idols into the river. Sundarbans will also be at prime beauty during October. Spotting animals and birds is easier during this season in the national park.

Maa Durga Idol Immersion into Hooghly River

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13. Shillong – Hidden Gem in East

East India is awe-inspiring throughout the year. During October, Shillong gets a new look. With recent rains, the waterfalls will be rich with water, the natural attractions will be live and most importantly, the climate is unbeatable. Top things to do during October in Shillong are catching a panoramic view from Shillong Peak, kayaking, water scooting, boating, trekking and others. Carry your camera or you will be very sorry. The place cannot be more aesthetically pleasing.

Shillong Honeymoon Spot

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13. Rishikesh – Adventure Time

Rishikesh is for river related activities. Starting from adventure sports to relaxed boating; you can find a lot of water related activities in this place. Rafting is the best activity that you ought to enjoy in October. This place is a hub for those who love water related activities. September is the beginning of rainy season. By October, the river would be filled with water making adventure time more exciting.

River Rafting Rishikesh

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14. Mumbai – The Modern Paradise

Apart from iconic festival celebration in the month of October, the place becomes more interesting during this month. With numerous beaches, October has many entertaining beach activities for water lovers. Sightseeing becomes easier and the most importantly, the crowd will be less during this month. There are numerous tourist attractions that are at most 100 km away from Mumbai. Long drive during October provides a grand scenic view throughout the ride.

Marine Drive Mumbai

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Top Places to Visit in South India in October

15. Goa – For Beach and Parties

Goa is famous for beaches. This small territory has more than 30 beaches in its region. The place is also famous for partying. During October, all the water sports will be at prime beauty. This makes beach activities more fun.

Banana boat in Goa

Sightseeing becomes easier with the mild climate. Hot air ballooning is an important activity to enjoy in Goa during this month. By night, you can find a lot of campfires and night parties on the beach. Many hotels provide exclusive nightlife parties for the tourists.

Goa Night Parties

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16. Alleppey – The Venice of East

Allapuzha or Alleppey is an important tourist destination in Kerala. In October, the backwaters will be rich with water and beauty. Houseboat ride or cruise on the backwater is an iconic activity for those who visit during winter or late rainy season.

Alleppey Backwaters, Kerala

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After the rain in September, the medicinal plants in the hills flourish. This makes October, the right month for Ayurvedic massages and other medicinal treatments. The fields and beaches will be at prime beauty throughout the month. The climate will be mild, making sightseeing easier.

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Village, Kerala

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17. Mysore – The Kolkata Special in the South

Just like Kolkata in the west, the Dussehra is celebrated in a grand manner in Mysore. During October, you can witness the celebration along with other tourist spots in Mysore.

Jumboo Savari at Mysore Dasara

Mysore has many tourist destinations around it. During October, long drive will be pleasant. Best silk products can be found during this season. You ought to visit the Brindavan gardens during October. October marks the end of the rainy season and the garden will be flourishing with rich greenery.

Brindavan Garden, Mysore Karnataka

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18. Hampi – Bringing Ruins Back To Life

Hampi is a historic spot in Karnataka, which is famous for ruins of ancient temples, statues and others. The whole place can be scaled within a day. The month of October is the end of rainy season. The rains make the place look livelier as the statues would have been bathed in rains for several days. The rich color of the ruins will be up and this makes the place more photogenic during the month of October. The main activity in Hampi is exploration. The climate of October makes sightseeing and exploration easier.

Hampi rath

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19. Andaman Islands – Hawaii of India

October is right after rainy season. The lagoons will be filled with water, the water sports will be available throughout the month and most importantly, the climate will be pleasant. Known for its pristine beaches and Hollywood styled beach vacation, Andaman is an important destination to visit during October. Since it is the starting of the tourism season, the crowd would be manageable. Top activities to enjoy in this month are sightseeing, lagoon swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, beach picnic, boating and others.

Scuba Diving Andaman

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20. Lakshadweep – The Land Of Reefs

Lakshadweep is a small group of island that is famous for coral reef swimming, snorkeling, diving and other water activities. Fishing and exploration are very common during the month of October. Since fishing is at full-fledged during this month, finding delicacies becomes easier. If you are looking for a calm and de-stressing environment, visit the islands during October. A cruise from Kerala to Lakshadweep during October will be more rewarding than the whole vacation.

Lakshadweep Island

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October is the starting of winter season. The places in India will not be bottle necked with tourists and at the same time, the nature will be at awe-state. One of the best months to visit the land is October. India is a diverse land. October in one state might not have the same effect in another.

Religious dip in Haridwar, colourful desert ride in Jaipur, cool camel rides in Jaisalmer, Durga Pooja celebration in Kolkata, house boat ride in Kerala and, sunset in Kanyakumari are some of the October attractions in the country that would leave you speechless. Not just these places, most of the places in India gets an enchanting beauty during October when the rainy season has completed filling water reserves and the climate is ready for upcoming winter season.

Read a lot about your destination and the current climatic conditions before you book your tickets. What are you waiting for? Contact us for experience these attractions and enjoy a unique styled vacation like never before.

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