20 Best Places to Visit in Monsoon Near Mumbai

Monsoons are magical especially when you are staying around Mumbai. Days become sleepy and nature is carpeted with changing hues of green. If you are plotting an escape from the harsh Mumbai rains, here is a roundup of the 20 best places that will give you a surreal vacation away from the city's chaos.

However, make sure to grab your rain jacket and wear waterproof shoes when you are planning a visit. These places are located right outside the city and serve as relaxed weekend getaways.

Best Places to Visit near Mumbai during Monsoon

1. Mahabaleshwar

Tucked in the Sahyadri Range, Mahabaleshwar is a tranquil hill station with rolling hills, green meadows and breathtaking valleys. Originally, it was the summer capital of the British Empire and the colonial influences are visible even today. Mahabaleshwar is one of the most ideal destinations to visit during the monsoon that has something to offer everyone. The pleasant climate and the bountiful nature accompanied by scenic vistas will never disappoint you. Mahabaleshwar has some of the most amazing viewpoints that offer spectacular views of the Sahyadri Peak and the Krishna Valley.

Monsoon Temperature: 20 degrees Centigrade – 25 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 260 kilometres

Mahabaleshwar in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Mapro Gardens
  • Elphinstone Point
  • Lodwick Point
  • Chinaman's Falls
  • Lingmala Waterfall
  • Venna Lake
  • Kas Pathar
  • Krishnabai Temple

Things to do:

  • Enjoy boating in the Venna Lake
  • Explore the strawberry farms
  • Soak up the epic views from different viewpoints
  • Sample the local food of the region
  • Visit Kas Pathar, home to over 850 flowering plant species
  • Admire the architecture in some of the ancient temples

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2. Panchgani

Perched at a height of 1293 metres, Panchgani is a popular hilly destination in Maharashtra. It was named after the five hills that hugged this region. During the monsoon months of July and August, the beauty of Panchgani gets doubled. It receives comparatively lesser rainfall than Mahabaleshwar and offers a great escape from the city's heavy rains. Panchgani is the home to the second largest mountain plateau in Asia known as Table Land. Apart from that, there are numerous sunrise and sunset points that soothes the soul.

Monsoon Temperature: 20 degrees Centigrade – 38 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 244 kilometres

Panchgani in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Table Land
  • Sydney Point
  • Wai
  • Parsi Point
  • Dhom Dham
  • Bhilar Falls

Things to do:

  • Enjoy trekking in and around Panchgani
  • Go for paragliding near Sydney Point
  • Get a panoramic view of Dhom Dham from Sydney Point
  • Watch the sunrise from the Wilson Point
  • Take a stroll in the main market area

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3. Kolad

The laidback hamlet of Kolad surrounded by serene lakes and waterfalls is a paradise for adventure lovers. The Kundalika River flowing through this region is in full brim during monsoon and offers the thrill of white river rafting. Besides river rafting, there are ample opportunities for other adventure sports namely kayaking, paragliding, mountain biking and more. Kolad also boasts several trekking trails with varying difficulty levels that lure trekkers across the state of Maharashtra. Monsoon adds an irresistible charm to this place and is worth a visit for every daredevil.

Monsoon Temperature: 28 degrees Centigrade – 40 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 113 kilometres

Kolad in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Bhira Dam
  • Ghosala Fort
  • Gaimukh
  • Dholwal Dam
  • Sutarwadi Lake

Things to do:

  • Engage in white water rafting
  • Indulge in other adventure activities
  • Go for trekking
  • Enjoy the typical Maharashtrian cuisine

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4. Bhandardara

Nestled in the heart of Western Ghats, Bhandardara is an unspoiled beauty that looks alluring during monsoon. The weather is cool and the downpours add to the spellbinding charm of this region. The gushing waterfalls, green valleys and pristine lakes look vibrant and exploring these places treat the eyes. One of the most unique experiences that you can have here is rice farming. Look around for paddy fields where farmers are busy with their agricultural work. The area is also blessed with plenty of trekking trails that let you discover the hidden gems of the Western Ghats.

Monsoon Temperature: 20 degrees Centigrade – 30 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 165 kilometres

Bhandardara in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Wilson Dam
  • Arthur Lake
  • Randha Falls
  • Amruteshwar Temple
  • Sandhan Valley
  • Reverse Waterfall

Things to do:

  • Enjoy bike rides around the mesmerizing Bhandardara
  • Go for monsoon treks and hikes
  • Try your hands in rice farming
  • Enjoy a boat ride in the scenic backwaters
  • Explore Wilson Dam, one of the oldest in India

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5. Matheran

Snuggled in the lap of Sahyadris, the hill station of Matheran is a popular weekend getaway during the monsoons. With the first shower of rain, this tranquil region comes alive and looks straight out of the postcard. Matheran receives heavy rainfall and the surrounding hills and waterfalls restore its natural beauty during this time. If you are a nature lover, exploring the dense forest in its verdant glory is the best thing that you can indulge in. Matheran is an eco-zone where automobiles are banned and bewitch visitors with its serenity and calmness.

Monsoon Temperature: 25 degrees Centigrade – 30 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 43 kilometres

Matheran in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Louisa Point
  • Echo Point
  • Charlotte Lake
  • One Tree Hill
  • Porcupine Point
  • Alexander Point
  • Morbe Dam
  • Panorama Point

Things to do:

  • Enjoy a joy ride in the Neral-Matheran toy train
  • Trek around the forests and immerse in stunning views
  • Soak up the natural surrounding around Charlotte Lake
  • Watch the changing hues of the sky at Porcupine Point
  • Admire the majestic sunset view at Morbe Dam

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6. Malshej Ghat

Located in the Pune District, Malshej Ghat is a sleepy hamlet that boasts diverse flora and fauna accompanied by the hilly backdrop. The scenic locales and tranquil surrounding make this places an ideal retreat during the weekends. Malshej Ghat is the home to numerous waterfalls, plenty of trekking trails and lofty forts that delight heritage buffs and nature lovers. Monsoon strikes in July and the majestic sight of the waterfalls along the rugged terrain look mesmerizing. The climate is pleasant and breezy with enthralling views along the way. Hence, Malshej Ghat is a must-visit during this time of the year.

Monsoon Temperature: 10 degrees Centigrade – 20 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 127 kilometres

Malshej Ghat in Monsoon
Malshej Ghat

Places to visit:

  • Malshej Falls
  • Harishchandragad Fort
  • Pimpalgaon Joga Dam
  • Konkan Kada
  • Ajoba Hill Fort

Things to do:

  • Enjoy bird watching at Pimpalgaon Joga Dam
  • Engage in rock climbing at the hill fort of Ajoba
  • Trek to Harishchandragad Fort
  • Absorb the beauty of the waterfall cascades

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7. Lonavala

Located in nature's lap, Lonavala is a pristine hill town and an ideal monsoon getaway. The hill station has earned praises for its unspoiled natural beauty packed with hills, lakes and waterfalls. The rainy season makes for an epic holiday experience when the lakes are filled and the waterfalls are in full swing. This is the time when the surrounding is carpeted with verdant hues and the photographers use their skills. Lonavala receives frequent showers and even the drive along the way covered with mists looks extremely gorgeous.

Monsoon Temperature: 20 degrees Centigrade – 25 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 84 kilometres

Rajamachi Fort in Monsoon, Lonavala

Places to visit:

  • Bhushi Dam
  • Pawna Dam
  • Tungarli Lake
  • Tiger's Leap
  • Lion's Point

Things to do:

  • Spend some time near the popular Bhushi Dam
  • Watch the striking valley views from the Tiger's Leap
  • Get lost in the green forests
  • Admire the beauty of the Pawna Lake
  • Go for thrilling treks

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8. Khandala

If you are looking for a monsoon break from Mumbai, Khandala is the place that you should head to. Located amidst the Sahyadri Mountain Range, it is a heaven for nature enthusiasts and photography aficionados. The place has gained prominence after the famed Bollywood song ‘Ati Kya Khandala'. Khandala receives torrential rainfall and its charm blooms in every nook and corner. Apart from soaking up the splendid nature, there are opportunities for adventure activities including rock climbing. The Karla Hills and the Duke's Nose Peak are the prime spots to engage in the adrenaline rushing activity.

Monsoon Temperature: 18 degrees Centigrade – 25 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 80 kilometres

Khandala in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Rajmachi Fort
  • Bhaja Caves
  • Kune Waterfalls
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Shooting Point
  • Karla Hills
  • Duke's Nose

Things to do:

  • Shop for chikki in the local shops
  • Embark on a trip to the nearby Rajmachi Fort
  • Treat your eyes to the picturesque landscape at the Shooting Point
  • Spend moments of tranquillity near the roaring waterfalls
  • Engage in rock-climbing

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9. Durshet

Durshet is a hidden gem on the crowns of the Sahyadri Range. This little village rests on the banks of River Amba and allure tourists all year round. Durshet has a historical significance dating back to the times of Shivaji Maharaj in the 17th century. It is one of the most underrated weekend getaways near Mumbai that transforms into emerald colour in the monsoon months. The clean surrounding and the untamed charm of Durshet attract adventurers looking for thrilling activities namely rock climbing, river crossing and rappelling.

Monsoon Temperature: 25 degrees Centigrade – 31 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 76 kilometres

Durshet in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Shri Balleshwar Temple
  • Shri Varad Vinayak Temple
  • Uddhar Hot Water Spring

Things to do:

  • Trek to the waterfalls
  • Stroll along with the fruit orchards
  • Engage in bird watching
  • Take part in exciting adventure sports

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10. Karnala

Located in Maharashtra's Raigad District, Karnala Bird Sanctuary hosts a hill fort and a picnic spot that is very popular among the tourists. The sanctuary is the home to over 150 bird species and several animal species. Karnala is thronged by nature enthusiasts and trekkers throughout the year but its beauty enhances during the rainy months from July to September. There are three demarcated nature trails that are highly recommended for the wanderers. Here you can indulge in bird watching, witness the abundant flora and feel at peace away from the city's hustle. The adventure junkies can climb the mountain and enjoy the two-hour trek to the fort. Wear sturdy footwear if you are planning the trek during monsoons.

Monsoon Temperature: 20 degrees Centigrade – 28 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 47 kilometres

Karnala in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Karnala Fort
  • Shiva Temple

Things to do:

  • Go for bird watching
  • Enjoy trekking uphill to the Karnala Fort
  • Immerse in the calm, scenic environ

11. Alibaug

The coastal town of Alibaug is a sublime beauty that lies in the Konkan area of Maharashtra. Due to a large number of tourists visiting this town, it is often known as ‘mini-goa'. There are numerous beaches in this region but if you are visiting during the monsoon months, going to the beaches is not a good idea. There are several easy treks in this area that are worth trying when it is raining. Alibaug becomes alive during this time of the year, the brimming water accompanied by the emerald green landscape looks straight out of the postcard.

Monsoon Temperature: 24 degrees Centigrade – 30 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 95 kilometres


Places to visit:

  • Alibaug Fort
  • Revdanda Fort
  • Korlai Fort and Lighthouse
  • Harihareshwar Temple

Things to do:

  • Enjoy monsoon treks
  • Go for a village tour
  • Experience thrilling water activities

12. Tapola

Often regarded as the ‘mini Kashmir of Maharashtra', Tapola is a cosy hamlet known for its scenic vistas. It is enclosed with tranquil lakes and lush strawberry fields in a peaceful setting. During the monsoon months, the hills around Tapola cover itself with different shades of green accompanied by the seasonal waterfalls that come back to life. This destination has something to offer everyone. Nature lovers can immerse in the magic of the environ, adventure enthusiasts can take part in water sports and go for trekking while the tourists can relax. Tapola is also the base village for starting the famed Vasota Fort trek.

Monsoon Temperature: 20 degrees Centigrade – 25 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 290 kilometres

Tapola in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Shivsagar Lake
  • Vasota Fort
  • Gerbera Farm

Things to do:

  • Engage in water activities
  • Take part in jungle treks

13. Igatpuri

The sleepy town of Igatpuri is tucked in the rolling hills of the Western Ghats. It is a green hideaway serving as one of the most loved weekend destinations in Maharashtra. Igatpuri is known for its historical and cultural significance. It takes pride in housing one of the biggest Vipassana centres in India. Covered in clouds, Igatpuri is also one of the most beautiful destinations to visit during monsoons. This area is an amalgamation of timeless forts, thick forests and splashing waterfalls, whose charm increases many folds when it rains. Indeed the intense monsoon makes Igatpuri perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Monsoon Temperature: 20 degrees Centigrade – 32 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 120 kilometres

Igatpuri in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Vipassana International Academy
  • Vaitarna Dam
  • Bhatsa River Valley
  • Camel Valley
  • Tringalwadi Fort
  • Amruteshwar Temple

Things to do:

  • Enjoy white water rafting in Vaitarna River
  • Take the trekking expedition to the Tringalwadi Fort
  • Meditate in the Vipassana International Academy

14. Kamshet

Located in Pune District, the pretty hill station of Kamshet is packed with numerous tourist spots that are awe-inspiring. This hilly retreat is very famous for paragliding with several flying schools scattered across the town. Monsoon strikes Kamshet in June and continues till October. This area receives heavy downpours and its scenic beauty gets enhanced during this time. The undulating hills, brimming lakes and the varying shades of green offer a surreal experience to the tourists and travellers alike. It is advisable to not engage in paragliding during monsoon.

Monsoon Temperature: 20 degrees Centigrade – 32 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 102 kilometres

Kamshet in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Shinde Wadi Hills
  • Kondeshwar Temple
  • Pawna Lake
  • Bhairi Caves
  • Bedse Caves

Things to do:

  • Go for a trekking expedition to the Tikona Fort
  • Exploring the intriguing caves
  • Walk around Pawna Lake

15. Amboli

Located at an elevation of 690 metres, Amboli is a peaceful hill station snuggled in the Sahyadri Hills. It is reputed as one of the biodiversity spots with rich, unusual flora and fauna. Amboli is less explored and monsoon adds to the beauty of this region. This sleepy village gives you the pleasure to stare aimlessly at the verdant greenery with the hilly background. The thrill of bathing under the waterfall cascades in an idyllic setting can be felt here. In the nearby forest, there are ample opportunities for spotting wild animals. Keep an eye when you are going for the jungle safari.

Monsoon Temperature: 22 degrees Centigrade – 28 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 490 kilometres

Amboli in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Amboli Falls
  • Madhavgad Fort
  • Shirgaonkar Point
  • Hiranya Keshi Temple

Things to do:

  • Pray to the god at Hiranya Keshi Temple
  • Take a drive to the scenic viewpoints
  • Admire the charm of the voluminous Amboli Falls

16. Lavasa

Spanning across 2500 acres, Lavasa is India's first planned hill city. It resembles the Italian town of Portofino and is surrounded by hills on all sides. Lavasa is an excellent blend of nature and modernity. It is the newest hill station in the country that is turning into a prominent tourist attraction. This leisure destination flaunts hotels, resorts, educational institutes and residential properties that overlook a serene lake. With the misty clouds hovering over the sky, Lavasa looks amazingly beautiful during the monsoon. It offers immense opportunities for bird watching, trekking and sightseeing.

Monsoon Temperature: 22 degrees Centigrade – 29 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 188 kilometres

Lavasa in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Varasgaon Dam
  • Lakeshore Water sports
  • Temghar Dam
  • Bamboosa
  • Lakeshore Promenade

Things to do:

  • Witness the rich culture of the region at Bamboosa
  • Stroll along the promenade
  • Experience fun water activities
  • Go for sightseeing around Lavasa

17. Kondeshwar

Located near Badlapur, Kondeshwar is a prominent picnic spot completely drenched in green. It offers the best backdrop imaginable and has enough beauty to keep travellers happy for days. This region is most famous for the sacred Shiva temple that draws devotees all year round. Monsoon doubles the charm of Kondeshwar and revives the senses. It receives moderate rainfall during the monsoon months. The place wins for its verdant hues, pristine water bodies and towering trees.

Monsoon Temperature: 21 degrees Centigrade – 27 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 60 kilometres

Kondeshwar in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Kondeshwar Temple
  • Waterfall

Things to do:

  • Seek blessing at Kondeshwar Temple
  • Explore the gushing waterfall

18. Bhimashankar

Lying in Bhorgiri village, the temple town of Bhimashankar stands at an altitude of 990 metres above sea level. The surrounding is draped in thick green rainforests with perfectly framed views of the hills. With considerable downpours, Bhimashankar looks picture perfect when the grey clouds cast a spell. This spot is set back in time and is the perfect place to do nothing. Bhimashankar is the home to one of the twelve Jyotirlingas and attracts pilgrims across the country.

Monsoon Temperature: 24 degrees Centigrade – 29 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 217 kilometres

Bhimashankar in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bhimashankar Temple
  • Hanuman Lake

Things to do:

  • Visit the revered Bhimashankar Temple
  • Admire the tranquillity of the Hanuman Lake
  • Go for the nearby jungle treks

19. Jejuri

Jejuri is an ancient pilgrim centre located in the Pune District of Maharashtra. It is popularly known as Golden Jejuri for housing the sacred Khandoba Temple. The temple stands erected on a hillock and looks immensely beautiful. Monsoon is one of the best seasons to visit this place when nature is in its full glory. Trekkers can also take the path less travelled and embark on a trekking expedition around Jejuri. The treks are mostly favourable during the monsoon when the surrounding looks calm and fresh.

Monsoon Temperature: 21 degrees Centigrade – 28 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 200 kilometres

Jejuri in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Shree Khandoba Temple
  • Bajirao Peshwa Lake
  • Baleshwar Mandir
  • Jadavgarh Fort

Things to do:

  • Marvel at the architecture of Khandoba Temple
  • Go for treks around Jejuri
  • Embrace solitude at Bajirao Peshwa Lake

20. Jawahar

Jawahar is a tranquil hill town tucked in Maharashtra's Thane District. This spectacular destination is packed with natural beauty as well as manmade wonders. The thick forests flaunt exotic flora and fauna that allure nature lovers from different parts of Maharashtra. Monsoon knocks the door in July and the area receives incessant showers. The seasonal waterfalls are in full swing during this time loaded with the mountain backdrop. It is a perfect holiday destination for couples, nature lovers and families.

Monsoon Temperature: 26 degrees Centigrade – 30 degrees Centigrade

Distance from Mumbai: 160 kilometres

Jawahar in Monsoon

Places to visit:

  • Dabdaba Falls
  • Jai Vilas Palace
  • Shirpamal
  • Sunset Point
  • Hanuman Point
  • Bhopatgad Fort

Things to do:

  • Shop for Warli paintings
  • Observe the stunning landscape from the viewpoints
  • Learn the rich history at the ancient landmarks

Have you ever visited these awe-inspiring destinations in the monsoon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.