What to Wear in Mumbai

Mumbai, one of the busiest cities of Maharashtra state and India’s most cosmopolitan city, is always engaged with tourists from different parts of the world. There are a countless number of Sightseeing places and hotels available in this crowded city. It is believed as one of the fashion-forward cities in India where people are very particular about following the latest trend and fashion.

So, if you are planning to visit Mumbai this year, then make sure to focus more on what to wear in Mumbai to stay up-to-date in following the latest trend.

A high level of humidity is what comes in our mind whenever we talk about Mumbai city. The highest temperature in this city is 42.2 o C, while the lowest is 7.4 o C. Yet, the humidity level is mostly on a high level, and this is the reason we get to see the majority of people here prefer wearing light-weighted clothes most of the time.

Though some months of the year are cold with monsoon breeze yet, we can call this city as the hottest because of its humidity levels.

Whether it is jeans, trousers, sarees, or Palazzos, one needs to understand which outfit is best suitable in a particular month and can select the one accordingly.

Mumbai, though, is popular as a fashion hub, but the weather in this city is, most of the time, muggy and hot. So, if you are confused about what to wear in this tinsel town then below is your guide to dressing styles in Mumbai.

In January

It is the coldest month of the year in Mumbai with 16.4o C – 30.1o C, where it is associated with deciduous trees shedding its trees.

Keeping yourself warm with woolen clothes would be perfect to avoid any inconveniences with the coldest days of the month. So, if you are planning your trip to Mumbai in January month, then make sure to pack some extra pairs of warm clothes.


The cool weather of January month continues till mid-February later the day temperature rises to 32 o C. One can prefer packing both warm clothes along with some thick garments that may make us feel comfortable with weather fluctuations of this month. Even if the temperature rises up, you can still feel comfortable with thick layered clothes without any sweaters on.


The minimum temperature at the beginning of this month would be around 20.6 o C, and it might hit 40 o C. It is better to set yourself free with any heavy outfits and go with some simple Lenin cotton light-colored dresses to avoid any discomfort with hot temperature and sweating. Having a hat along is an excellent idea to protect you with hot summer weather.

In April

The high temperature this month stays around 35.1 o C. However, in the evenings and nights, we can feel the presence of cold temperatures.

So, in the morning time, it is perfect to wear simple cotton clothes later in the evening can cover yourself with warm clothes to stay away from the cooling effects of the sea breeze.

In May

Most of the people in Mumbai city are scared about this month as it is the hottest month in the town though cool sea breeze provides relief to some extent, yet wearing light clothes helps you stay away from heat suffocation.

T-shirts and collared shirts made of linen are also a perfect option to fight with the hot summer of this month. The temperature in this month is around 34.5 o C and 29.1 o C.

In June

Though the increased humidity in April continues till the beginning of June later, the onset of the monsoon season starts this month. Make sure to keep some thick material clothes to stay away from the effects of this monsoon season.

The maximum and minimum temperatures this month are measured around 31.9 o C and 26.6o C.

In July

People who are in love with rain can enjoy the real fun of this season in July. This month is characterized by continuous rain, and it is better to have your raincoats handy to stay alert with a sudden storm.

Wearing a foolproof rainy-day outfit along with an umbrella is the next best accessory that helps you cover yourself from rain and on the other hand, allows you to see the oath in from of you. The maximum and minimum temperatures this month are measured around 29.8 o C and 25.5o C.

In August

The weather in this month is quite similar to July. However, in the latter half of the month, the rain tends to lessen. You can embrace the cold rainy day fashion with denim ripped jeans by pairing it up with a trendy sweater. It is a better idea to have long rainy boots when you plan to go out in the rain.

You can also add some impressive look by wearing a coat on your rainy day outfit. The maximum and minimum temperature in this month is measured around 29.3 o C and 24.5 o C.

In September

We can see the decrease in rainfall in this month. However, we can still feel the cold monsoon weather. Wearing synthetic fabrics or any other light-weighted garments that dries quickly is perfect. The minimum temperature in this month stays at 24 o C while the maximum temperature stays at 30.1 o C.

In October

Hot days are back again. This month is warm during the days and cools during the nights. Going for clothes made up of cotton, linen, or jersey is perfect in hot weather conditions.

Most of the people today are giving more preference to linen as it is a top choice for a breathable fabric. You can cover yourself with loose sweaters in the night time.

In November

Same as October, the days of the month are hot cool are the nights. One can continue wearing denim and cotton in the day time and thick layer clothes in the winter. The minimum temperature in this month stays at 20.5 o C while the maximum temperature is around 33.4 o C.

In December

In this month, the day temperature ranges between 26-29 o C while night temperatures is around 12 o C. Unlike other months, the humidity in this month is very low. Going for a trendy wrap style wool coat on any warm outfit is perfect in this month. Extra accessories that one can have in this month are a scarf and warm gloves.

So, whether you stay in Mumbai or just planning to visit this city on your next vacation, then make sure to follow the points mentioned above that are of great help if you are not sure about what to wear.

Compared to other cities, Mumbai is the place where we get to see continuous fluctuation in weather conditions. So, having a better idea of what to wear is something essential to stay away from any inconveniences.

Compared to earlier days today, the importance of following the latest trend has increased rapidly, and by seeing this demand of the people textile industries are coming up with all the latest designer wears for all seasons.

So, whether it is a rainy season or hot summer season, you no need to get compromised with your style instead shop for your best collection of outfits and enjoy every season to the fullest.

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