Most Famous Caves Near Mumbai

Since historic time, Caves have been mentioned as our historical parts. Many civilizations have been linked with caves. When looking around, there are many caves that are mentioned, and these are monumental structures, either natural or man-made. When studied closely, you may discover that these caves hold their rich heritage, historic and cultural values.

Most of the caves have been a part of our ancient historical incidents. When going around Mumbai you may find such caves that had been a part of historical movements. They can also be considered as best art-pieces that are of architectural importance.

Caves that are not natural, but man-made structures, are crafted out of a huge stone piece and these were also used as shelter or an important place of worship by ancient civilizations.

Here in this article, we have mentioned 10 Most Famous Caves Near Mumbai that hold its artistic values, sculptures and hand-made paintings. These destinations can easily be reached within few hours drive from Mumbai City.

1. Mahakali Caves

Mahakali caves are stunning monuments that have been carved out of single rock. The monuments can be dated back to between 1st to 6th centuries BC. These are overall group of nine distinct caves and are best described as Chaitya.

The caves are beautifully decorated by Buddhist Mythological sculptures. The surrounding place is wide spread amongst scenic environment. There are many visitors and tourists who visit these caves every year. It is located in Andheri East place of Mumbai.

2. Elephanta Caves

Elephanta caves are located at a distance of around 10 km away from the Mumbai city. These are beautiful rock monuments that are eye catching and are around 1200 years old.

The caves display famous monuments that belong to the Buddhist and Hindu religion. The caves are a collection of seven distinct caves and hold its importance because all seven caves are carved out of single rock piece.

Each of the sculpture has been representing the famous icon of Lord Shiva some of which is minimum 6 meters high and has over three faces. These caves can be reached within an hour from the boat from Gate-way of India.

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3. Kanheri caves

If you are aware of Sanjay Gandhi national park then you are also aware of kanheri caves. The famous caves are a group of over 109 caves that reflect the Hindu religion and Buddhist religion. These are also considered as one of the most ancient caves that were built during 1st century BC.

The caves have been named after Krishnagiri which is a Sanskrit derived word and stands for Black Mountain. The cave has been carved out of Basalt rock and holding carvings and paintings of ancient time. The place is a part of Sanjay Gandhi National park.

4. Karla Caves

These caves dates back to 2nd and 5th century and were also known as Karla Cells. The caves hold a famous prayer hall that is believed to be around 45 meters in length and over 14 meters in height. The place is around 45 km away from the Mumbai City.

5. Bhaja caves

Bhaja caves are a group of over 22 different caves that are located in beautiful hills of Lonavala. The caves are also believed to date back to around 2nd century BC. You may find a number of statues and stupas that are carved out of wooden blocks.

When going through these stupas you may find many displaying musical instrument like Tabla and were carved over 2000 years back. Some stupas also showcase women dancers of the time performing in traditional dance pose. The caves are only 95 km away from the Mumbai City.

6. Bedse Caves

Bedse caves are located at a distance of around 9 km away from Bhaja caves and have been carved out of three different Buddhist rocks.

The top of the caves offers with a view that is un-hindered and clear. Vihara and Chaitya are two of the main caves from this group of caves and is also best place to visit for tourists. The caves are at a distance of 110 km from Mumbai.

7. Pataleshwar Caves

These are famous caves that are located in Pune city. The caves are also famous for its temple area that was built during the early 8th century.

The temple was built with a sculpture of Lord Shiva and is very much identical to the ones that are found in the Elephanta caves. These caves are around 140 km away from the Mumbai city.

8. Ajanta Caves

These are a group of caves that was almost not discovered for over 1000 years. The sculptures present in the caves are also believed to be one of the oldest architectural and art monuments of the country.

These are a group of Buddhist caves and a group of 30 different caves, 25 monasteries and 5 temples. It has also been declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO and are around 430 km away from Mumbai.

9. Ellora Caves

These are very much like Ajanta caves and carved out of solid rock. The caves are a group of over 32 caves including famous monasteries. The caves are famous for its drainage system which is also a secret passageway.

The design of the caves is complex and has connecting bridges, and the entire structure has been made from a single rock. These caves are around 100 km away from Ahanta caves and over 330 km away from the Mumbai City.

10. Aurangabad Caves

These are famous caves located in the Vindhyachal and Satara hills. The caves are a collection of over 12 caves that are carved out of rocks.

These rocks represent the Buddhist shrines and reflect Vajrayana goddess along with Mahayana and Hiinayana Stupas. The caves are located around 340 kms away from Mumbai City.

All the above mentioned caves are considered as best places to visit from Mumbai City. The caves are known to be famous for best craftsmanship of ancient civilizations.

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