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Top Festivals & Events in Mumbai

Mumbai is the most populous city of the state and, it is the land where dreams come true. Starting from Bollywood to trade, Mumbai is flourishing from all nooks and corners. People from various parts of the country, take up residence in Mumbai for their future and thus, you can find a diverse culture here. This caused Mumbai to be the hub for numerous cultural activities, events and festivals.


  • Banganga Festival

  • This is a music festival, which spans for 48 hours. The festival takes place is January, in the Malabar Hills. This festival is conducted by the government and the Indian Heritage Society, Mumbai. This festival gets its name from the Banganga tank, near which the festival is celebrated.

    Top activities to enjoy during Banganga Festival are:

    • Rituals
    • Photography
    • Tasting Delicacies
    • Music and Dance Performances
    • Shopping
  • Sankranti

  • This is the harvest festival, which takes place in January. The country celebrates it with numerous other names, throughout India, and even in other countries. In Mumbai, it is called as Sankranti. The festival is famous for rituals and delicacies.

    Top activities to enjoy during Sankranti are:

    • Kite Festival In The Beach
    • Bonfire and Camping
    • Beach Volley Ball, Tire Racing and other Local Game Contests
    • Rituals
    • Photography
    • Tasting Delicacies
  • Mumbai International Film Festival

  • This event takes place once in two years. Organized by the government and Films Division, this festival brings all the media people together. The main activity of this festival is the screening of shortlisted short films, animated films and documentaries. The festival takes place in NCPA, Mumbai. It takes place in January or February.


  • Elephanta Festival

  • This festival is organized by the government to promote tourism and culture. This festival is celebrated on the Elephanta Islands, near the main land of Mumbai. This festival takes place for two days (in the evening). You can enjoy dance and music celebration, rituals, talent shows and much more.

    Top activities to enjoy during Elephanta Festival are:

    • Exploring the region, especially during night
    • Dance, Music and Drama Performances
    • Fisherman Dance
    • Rituals
  • Kala Ghoda Festival

  • This is a cultural festival, famous for art forms, dance, music and theater. You can find numerous workshops and seminars relate to the art forms during this festival. You can find numerous exhibits during this festival. You can find many programs throughout this festival of nine days. The festival is celebrated during February.

    Top activities to enjoy during Kala Ghoda Festival are:

    • Enjoying Rituals
    • Taking part in music and dance performances
    • Tasting Delicacies
    • Visiting Art Galleries
    • Shopping
    • Taking Part in Seminars


  • Maha Shivaratri

  • This festival takes place in February or March. This festival is the Great Night Celebration. Devotees spend the night without sleeping, in the temples. Inside the temple, dance, music and other cultural activities take place to entertain the devotees. On this day, pot-laced milk is served to devotees and it is legal to consume it, during this festival.

    Top activities to enjoy during Maha Shivaratri are:

    • Dance And Music Performances
    • Drama
    • Rituals
    • Delicacies Served in the Temple
    • Board games are conducted in certain temples


  • Gudi Padwa Festival

  • This is the Hindu New Year, which is celebrated in April. This festival is celebrated under different name in different states. In Mumbai, this festival is celebrated for prosperity of the upcoming year. It is also celebrated to remember that Good always prevail over Evil.

    Top activities to enjoy during Gudi Padwa Festival are:

    • Traditional Oil Bath
    • Rangoli Competitions
    • Photography
    • Unique Rituals
    • Hoisting Of Gudi Flags
    • Tasting Delicacies

August - September

  • Ganesh Chaturthi - The Major Festival of Mumbai

  • This is the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh. This festival takes place in August/September. The festival is celebrated for 11 days. Locals buy idols of Ganesh and worship the idol for 10 days at home. Many pandals will be erected throughout the city for various rituals. You can enjoy dance and music celebrations too. By the end of the festival, the locals start a procession towards the Arabian Sea, where the idols will be submerged into the water.

    Top activities to enjoy during Ganesh Chaturthi are:

    • Visiting Pandals
    • Enjoying Rituals
    • Taking Part In Music And Dance Performances
    • Tasting Delicacies
    • Taking Part In Processions
  • Coconut Festival (Narali Poornima)

  • This festival falls on the same day of Raksha Bandhan, festival celebrated between brothers and sisters. The Coconut festival marks the end of monsoon season. It is celebrated by fishermen community as they see it as God’s approval for them to get back to the sea. They offer coconuts to God of Rain, to keep them safe.

    Top activities to enjoy during Coconut Festival are:

    • Watching Fishermen Paint And Decorate Their Boats
    • Tasting Coconut Based Delicacies
    • Throwing coconuts into the sea and letting go off small oil lamps on the sea
    • Taking Part In Processions
  • Janmashtami

  • This denotes the birth of Lord Krishna. This festival usually falls at the end of August. Small idols of Lord Krishna are decorated and kids are dressed up as Krishna and Radha. Numerous delicacies are served to the idol, along with a ball of freshly churned butter. You can find many street games during this festival. The best of all is the human pyramid game.

    Top activities to enjoy during Janmashtami are:

    • Enjoying Rituals
    • Taking part in music and dance performances
    • Watch children dressed as mythological characters
    • Take Part Or Watch Desi Games
    • Tasting Delicacies
    • Taking Part In Processions
  • Eid

  • This Islamic festival is famous in regions like Byculla, Mohammed Ali Road and others. Special prayers will be conducted in the mosques, locals greet each other and feasts will be conducted at specific locations.

    Top activities to enjoy during Eid are:

    • Feasts At Certain Locations
    • Special Prayers In Mosques


  • Diwali

  • This is the Hindu festival of lights, which is celebrated throughout the country. People wear new cloths, share delicacies and burst crackers. The best part of the festival is to watch the sky at the night, to relish the colors of the crackers. Diwali is celebrated on a full moon day of October or November.

    Top activities to enjoy during Diwali are:

    • Lighting Oil Lamps
    • Bursting Crackers
    • Exchanging Sweets
    • Unique Rituals
  • Navratri

  • Although not a local festival, the Bengalis who live in Mumbai have made it an important event. You can find numerous pandals and celebrations for the nine whole days. On the last day, numerous dance and music performances, community events and feasts will be arranged throughout the state.

    Top activities to enjoy during Navratri are:

    • Visiting Pandals
    • Enjoying Rituals
    • Taking part in music and dance performances
    • Watching Artisans making Idols
    • Tasting Delicacies
    • Taking Part In Processions


  • Christmas

  • This is a Christianity festival, which is celebrated throughout the country. The western suburbs are famous for Christmas festivals. Churches conduct special prayers, feasts and other celebrations during Christmas Eve and Christmas.

    Top activities to enjoy during Christmas are:

    • Carol Singers
    • Taking part in music and dance performances
    • Feasts In Certain Churches
    • Special Prayers
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