Abhaneri Festival 2023 – A Celebration Inside the Step-Well

Abhaneri Festival focuses on expressing cultural elements of the tribe and locals. This is the festival for live cultural entertainment, adventure activities, shopping and much more. Every second of this festival is dedicated to expressing the cultural and traditional value of the land.

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Now, let’s get deeper into Abhaneri festival.

History of Abhaneri Festival

Abhaneri village is thriving despite its minuscule size, since 9th century. It had great value in terms of historic elements and social beauty. This is very clear, thanks to the sculptures and structures of ancient times. The main element of all is the step well, which holds more than 2500 steps, built in perfect symmetry. One need to descend 20 m to reach the bottom of the well. The wells were built in a strategic manner to store as much water as possible during monsoon and to serve as a public arena for womenfolk to enjoy, during summer season. Indication of this festival can be found in many historic monuments, which were built thousands of years ago. Some believe that the festival welcomes monsoon.


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Where Abhaneri Festival is Celebrated?

Abhaneri Festival is celebrated in Dausa district of Rajasthan. The festival is focused in Abhaneri village. The main celebration takes place in Chand Boari step-well, which is very closer to Harshad Mata temple. Abhaneri village is located 90 km away from Jaipur, in the direction towards Agra. It is easier to reach Abhaneri, by reaching Jaipur first and then choosing any local transportation to reach Abhaneri. While you are at Jaipur, do not miss the new leopard safari. You can find many government buses from Bikaner, Jaipur, Alwar, Agra and others. The nearest railway station is located in Bandikui, which is 8 km away from Abhaneri village.

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When Abhaneri Festival will be Celebrated

Abhaneri festival is celebrated for 2-4 days (changes every year), once a year. It is usually celebrated in September or October.

In 2023 – 16th & 17th October (source)

The festival is celebrated from 10 in the morning until 5 in the evening.

Things to Enjoy in Abhaneri Festival

Do not get claustrophobia because of the word ‘step-well’. These step-wells were used by royals and locals to hangout. Therefore, it would be more glamorous than any monuments you can find in the locality. The festival adds more vibrancy and color to the place. Numerous attractions are available to tourists to enjoy.

1. Kalbelia Dance

This is also called as snake-charmer dance. It is performed by the tribes of Rajasthan. This traditional dance is famous for sensuous dance movies and rhythmic beats. The dance dress used by the dancers is very vivid and unique.

Kalbelia Dance, Rajasthan
Kalbelia Dance, Rajasthan

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2. Langa Singing

Manganiyars community singers contribute this traditional song performance. The lyrics of this song conveys stories about famous kings and queens of India and other countries. Before starting the performance, the singers seek blessing of Lord Krishna.

Langa Singing, Rajasthan
Langa Singing, Rajasthan

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3. Kachhi Ghodi Dance

This is the famous folk performance of Rajasthan. It is a dummy horse dance. The male dancers carry a dummy horse around their hip to look like they are riding horses. They carry real swords in their hand to perform rhythmic moves. It is a heroic styled dance, which is performed by Bavaria bandits of Shekhawati region. The music for this dance is primarily of drums. The dancers even perform with fire and other daredevil elements.

Kachi Ghodi Dance, Rajasthan
Kachhi Ghodi Dance, Rajasthan

4. Bhawai Dance

This folk dance style is linked with Bhawai community. The women dancers wear traditional dress and decorate themselves with silver articles. They perform twirling dance as they balance 7 or 9 earthen pots on their head, without any support.

Bhawai Dance, Rajasthan
Bhawai Dance, Rajasthan

5. Raas Leela

This is a dance-cum drama performance presented by tribes and locals. These drama performances are famous for unique and delicate props. Mostly, these dramas are focused on explaining the life of Lord Krishna and Radha. You can also enjoy traditional music along with the drama.

Raas Lila Dance, Rajasthan
Raas Lila Dance, Rajasthan

6. Puppet Show

When was the last time you enjoyed puppets? Well, at this festival, you can enjoy it with a cultural upbeat. You can enjoy intricate puppet shows explaining interesting stories, with unbelievable movies and gestures. Some even buy wooden puppet toys as souvenirs. Do you want to add more village elements to your vacation? Choose from our heritage special tour packages like,

Puppet Show, Rajasthan
Puppet Show, Rajasthan

7. Art and Craft Exhibition

The festival is not just about performance arts. You can enjoy art and craft works of the tribe and locals. This is the best place to shop for unique and authentic handicrafts. Since you are eliminating the middleman and choosing to shop from the artisans, you can save considerably. The place where the exhibition takes place will be decorated with rangolis, flowers and much more.

Art and Craft Exhibition, Abhaneri Festival Rajasthan
Art and Craft Exhibition, Abhaneri Festival Rajasthan

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8. Camel Cart Rides

What is a Rajasthan tour without camels? You can enjoy camel safari in decorated camel carts, which will take you around the village and through the festival area. Some enjoy village safari on foot too.

Camel Cart Rides, Abhaneri Festival Rajasthan
Camel Cart Rides, Abhaneri Festival Rajasthan

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