August Weather In India

The monsoon of India is simply wow. I mean when you will be here don’t be amazed to see so much of greenery everywhere but yes, the rainfall in India as compared to other countries quite on the high scale which is why there are so many places where you may not get an opportunity to explore which you would have if given the right chance.

Talking of Monsoon is one such season that comes with so many great advantages for the tourists who love to explore the top-notch places in August in India. It does not just give a traveler the most charming weather experience this month but also the person can save more money, get best packages and even have more privacy which can make the travel experience even more memorable.

When the rain is pouring down while nature is making its route for dancing on the tune, then you can clearly understand that you are in India that too in the peak month of rainfall which is August. But in this vast country, just the way the cultures are diversified so are the temperatures and weather conditions in every region that you might want to know.

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Get Detailed Information About August Weather in India

The average highest temperature in August in India can go up to 29.6°C while the lowest can go maximum upto 24.7°C.

August has got the temperature where it is warm the most with some steady environment while rainfall can be quite a lot. The sunshine can be mostly up to 4 hours otherwise it shall be cloudy the most.

There will also be the rainfall in huge quantity and the temperature of the ocean may drop down but still it shall be warm which usually is on an average  28°C (82.4°F). In some areas, there are people experiencing floods which of course is advised to be avoided if you are planning to travel in this season.

Covering each Zone of India Temperature in August

For much better information, here are some of the finest details that you may want to know such as:

1. Temperature in North India in August

Considering areas like Agra, Delhi, Varanasi, and Rajasthan you can expect more of the rain that shall be revived by August. In this time, there shall be the high intensity of the rainfall which you may not find in south India. If you consider Thar Desert of Rajasthan then there is a high possibility that at this time there may not be any rain at all.

Rajasthan Weather in August

Talking about the North side, maybe you can plan for the trip Leh and Ladakh where the weather is quite clear throughout.

Ladakh In August

North India Travel Guide

2. Mountains Area Temperature In August

Central India is the best than all other regions and the monsoon performance in August is quite a lot. It is said that India receives a surplus rainfall in the central region which goes to around 15.06% of the month.

It is surely the biggest contributor to the Central side while other areas counting southern or northern don’t have much of this percentage. It is believed Maharashtra’s Konkan side while Pune and Nasik of a central side can have more rainfall and in August it shall be quite a lot too.

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3. South India Temperature in August

Areas like Goa and Kerala will experience more rainfall just like the central region during monsoon, especially in August. There will be quite a stable rather a loss in terms of tourism for Kerala and Goa since tourists don’t prefer visiting the place at this time.

However, there are some of the country sides that come alive in these moths. Maybe you can have some of the mesmerizing views of Munnar, Thekkady Wayanad that are all covered with the lush green nature.

To save money, you can plan for a trip to Kerala or Goa since the prices quite cheap but there is an equally high risk of strong currents coming with the south-west monsoon.

South India Travel Guide

4. West India Temperature in August

The western climate can be unpredictable in August. If the impact of rainfall is high al over India then you can expect some monsoon time on the western region otherwise there are frequent drilling noticed with some serious ones in August.

Goa Weather in August

You can explore the wildlife areas of the western side but since the climate is unpredictable, it is better to visit from December to January.

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Festivals And Fairs Of August In India

August is the month that is all packed up with some of the honorable days of India’s independence. It is the season of most of the festivals in the country that are celebrated on a large scale.

Be it the soothing raindrops or the sun shining all the time, the celebration in Act don’t stop and the colorful festivals that are listed below are celebrated on a large scale.

Be it the Muslim celebrating the end of Ramadan or it is the Lord Krishna’s birth which is celebrated every year by Hindus, August is one festive month that surely is meant for the fun and enjoyment.

1. Eid-ul-Fitr

This festival is all about the celebration that Muslims do when their sacred Ramdan which is fasting comes to an end and then they celebrate with a sense of responsibility with devotion to Allah.


2. Independence Day

India got its freedom from the British Empire on 15th August 1947. It s this day which is celebrated for the freedom hen then prime minister of India hosts the national flag and the day is celebrated in every corner of India.

Independence Day Celebration Delhi

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3. Janmashtami

This is the commemoration with good enthusiasm and the devotion for the birthday of Lord Krishna which is a celebration by the whole country. You can have a visit to the temples of Shri Krishna that are well decorated.

Prem Mandir Janmashtami

4. Nehru Trophy Boat Race

This is said to be the hued water sports in Kerala which is conducted at Punnamada Lake on the second Saturday of August. This race is more like a festival creating a sporting spirit in everyone’s mind.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race, Kerala

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Other than this Teej in Rajasthan and Chandigarh, Raksha Bandhan in North India, Onam in Kerala are also celebrated on a grand scale in August month.

Things to do in India in August

Known to be the season of rainfall, if you are keen to explore this place and look around for some great activities to be done in August then probably, you can look for the places that are mentioned below.

These could be your great vacation spots where you may experience frequent mild showers but surely will have the gala time.

Known to be the season of rainfall in India, if you are keen to explore this place and look around for some great activities to be done in August then probably, you can look for the places that are mentioned below. These could be your great vacation spots where you may experience frequent mild showers but surely will have the gala time.

  • August is the time when rainfall has started its work in most of the places in India. You can find the land to be freshened with frequent mild showers but, the showers would not hinder your vacation as they are usually mild and short.
  • Located in Meghalaya, Cherrapunjee is said to e the second wettest place on earth. You must visit here to enjoy the tea and exploring the orange flowery honey.
  • Udaipur and Mount Abu in August is worth to explore. You can have a boat ride at the famous Nakki Lake and safari on Wildlife sanctuary which are catchy spots with pleasant weather and scenic natural beauty
  • Ladakh is on the top list amongst the people who love going on the backpacking trip in India. This destination is more like a bike journey to enjoy on those roads of hills where if you are lucky you can see some snow mountains too
  • Bikaner is another populace place where you must get a shopping experience
  • Lahaul is a valley is known to be popular for some of the best adventure activities like wildlife trekking, yak safari and even skiing for a freshen vacation with August showers.

Tips for Traveling During August

  • August surely is a month of huge rainfall and if you don’t want to miss out the chance then make sure you indulge yourself in the best of the places where you can explore more tourist spots rather than choose heavy rainfall areas to simply watch the view from the window of your hotel.
  • Do the booking for the places which can be best in terms of the package since there is a possibility of rainfall. Places like Goa in early rainfall at best price are worth to explore. And if you want to have a romantic getaway with your partner then surely such places need to be booked in advance
  • Always have the pain of jackets for protecting yourself against rain. You must have an umbrella in your bag whenever you go out.
  • Since India will have the off-season you can bargain at a great deal with the hotels and also amid the most luxurious accommodation for the best stay.
  • You are going for a trip to India in August so the chance of you to get wet frequently is high. That is why always have a pair of clothes and shoes with you so that you don’t catch a cold and cough.

Frequently Asked Questions about August Weather in India

Q.What season is it in India in August?

A. It shall be heavy rainfall in some regions of India while in some regions you may just experience few of the drives occurring.

Q.What is the best time of year to visit India?

A. The best time to visit India is from October to February which the chill season when most of the areas can be explored. But if you want to explore the North side then probably August to October is the right time to do so.

Q. What is the coldest month in Mumbai?

A. In Mumbai, the coldest month will be in December. But once the city has got a lot of humidity, the average low-temperature itself is 24.7°C.

Q. What is the coldest month in Mumbai?

A. In Mumbai, the coldest month will be in December. Buts once the city has got a lot of humidity, the average low-temperature itself is 24.7°C

Q. What is the temperature in August in Mumbai?

A. The high temperature in August goes to 29.6°C (85.3°F), while the low-temperature goes to 24.7°C (76.5°F).

Q. How many days does it rain in August in Mumbai?

A. The monsoon in India is basically of four to five months depending on the rate of rainfall in different regions that is received in that particular year. In cities like Mumbai, it rains in August the most for at least 2 weeks continuously.