Teej Festival, Jaipur

Rajasthan is also the home of festivals and events which makes this state, one major tourist destination and the capital Jaipur particularly grabs the interest of people. An enthusiastic traveler can experience this beautiful Teej festival celebrations by being the part of it. This occasion holds even more speciality because of the time of its celebration. It is celebrated in the arrival of Monsoon. Teej festival in Jaipur has its own way of celebration. The local folks celebrate this festival with dancing and singing the folk songs. Somewhere you can watch swings on trees, on which girls and women swing.

Significance of Teej Festival

This festival is dedicated to the Goddess Parvati and most celebrated by women and girls. They pray to the Goddess for the safety of their husbands and happiness in their married life. The Story behind their huge celebration is on this day Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva reunited after a long separation. It is believed that one prey with pure heart gets his desires fulfilled by the Goddess herself.

Rituals And Celebrations of Teej Festival

On this day married girls receive the sweets and gifts from their native home. Most parents send Lahariya which is a multicoloured sari, ghevar special sweet and other things used by girls for dressing and makeup.

Date and Time of Teej Celebration

It is celebrated in the month of Shravan as per Hindu calender’s month. In 2019, Teej Festival will be celebrated on 3rd August - 4th August 2019.

Where is Teej Festival Celebrated?

This festival is celebrated in most parts of northern and western India mainly in Rajasthan and Haryana. But if you are a foreign tourist or any person who doesn’t live in these states then being everywhere sounds quite difficult. But you can enjoy this festival in the Pink city Jaipur.

How is Teej Festival Celebrated?

After having fast women pray all night. They get mehndi on their hands and sing the folk song and devotional songs. Some of the women and girls enjoy swinging on the swings hanging on the trees. Both men and women take part in the procession playing musical instruments and dancing to the traditional beats wearing vivid attires.

Places in Jaipur to Enjoy Teej Festival

The ritual performed in Jaipur starts from Tripolia gate after passing through various markets it meets its destination Chaugan Stadium. Royal families of Jaipur decorate the idol of Parvati. The idol is made up of pure gold and silver. You can see folk dance, painted elephants, horses and decorated camels before the group of devotees.

Delicacies to Enjoy in Teej Festival

Ghevar :This dish holds the tradition for ages. You can never imagine the celebration of Teej festival in Jaipur without Ghevar. It has so many varieties. This is made by pure milk and fresh paneer, dry fruits and cream add some extra taste in it.

Mawa Malpua : This is another special dish of Rajasthan. It is made by the cream which you can get after boiling the milk. Not only the taste, but dish also has a lot of energy.

Besan Satu : This is also the best dish parents often send it to the home of their married daughters as a gift. Recipe of making this dish is quite complex but you don’t have to make it. In Jaipur, almost every sweet shop has this dish.

Conclusion :

If you really want to enjoy the festival then you must come here. This festival has many colours inside it. Including the folks, clothing and sometimes nature itself shows happiness. You can witness the peacock dance in this season.