Golden Chariot Luxury Train Services Will Start from March 2020

The Golden Chariot, one of the luxury trains of the country will re-start its operations from March of 2020, according to officials of Indian Railways. This official announcement was released after KSTDC and IRCTC signed up an agreement to work together in operating the Golden Chariot train. This memorandum signing took place under the audience of C T Ravi, Tourism minister of Karnataka, Vinod Kumar Yadav, the Chairman of Railway Board and Suresh Angadi, the State railway minister of Karnataka.

There were talks about re-introducing Golden Chariot back to the tracks, for the past few months. Many meetings took place between the state government and IRCTC over the past few months regarding the revenue model and other planning. According to officials, they promised that the train will be back to service if and when the terms and conditions are negotiated between the parties. On Tuesday, the KSTDC and IRCTC have joined to create an agreeable terms for operation of Golden Chariot train. The details about the agreement were not shared with the public.

After the memorandum signing, Suresh Angadi spoke with the press. He mentioned that the Golden Chariot will boost a considerable amount of tourism in the state of Karnataka and the surrounding southern states of the country. Angadi also mentioned that KSTDC and IRCTC have come up with competitive dates for itineraries to make the travel affordable to many. To end his address, he mentioned that the Golden Chariot train would fulfill the Prime Minister’s vision to connect fifteen different tourism sites of India together.

Golden Chariot was first introduced to the public in 2008. This luxury train holds 44 guest rooms, restaurants, spa, bar, business center, and other facilities. The train starts its operation from March of 2020 covering destinations of Southern India like Karnataka, Pondicherry, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Goa, and other regions. There are also proposals to include new destinations to the itineraries like Bijapur,Chikmagalur, and others.

This is not a new venture for IRCTC as it has been operating Maharajas’ Express and other luxury trains under its wing. Other details about new facilities, itineraries, rates, and dates are not yet released to the public. The exact date of the first journey of the train is not yet announced officially.

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