How To Book Tickets In Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train

Everyone dreams of making a journey in the classic luxury trains of India. Are you planning one with Deccan Odyssey? Apart from the official site of the train, there are a number of agents who help you with the booking progress. How to proceed with the booking? Here is everything you will ever need to know about How to Book Deccan Odyssey Train Tickets.

Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train

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Peak Season

There are various factors that determine the cost of the ticket. The main factor is the season or the month of your travel. Deccan Odyssey runs from September to April, every year. The months of September and April are considered to be lean season and the months of December and January are considered peak seasons. The demand for the tickets and the cost of the tickets might be higher during peak season and lower during lean season. The cost of the ticket varies from time to time. Visit the information page to learn about the current tariff charges of each itinerary.

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Deccan Odyssey Train

Types Of Accommodations

There are two types of accommodations with varying luxury levels. The most luxurious cabin of the entire train is the presidential suite, which can accommodate four people. The second most luxurious one is the deluxe cabin, which can accommodate two people. The deluxe cabin can be rented with a queen bed or two single beds. The cost of your ticket would vary with the type of accommodation of your choose.

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Step By Step Process For Booking Tickets

Step 1: Visit Booking Page

Visit the Travelogy India site and reach the Deccan Odyssey Page. To go directly to the booking page, click Here. The landing page will look as below.

Visit Booking Page

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Step 2: Select Journey

The first section of the booking page is the journey and date. There are six unique itineraries provided by the train. The names of the itineraries will be displayed and you should choose the one of your choice. If you move your mouse over the name, the route of the itinerary will be shown. The time span of each itinerary is shown on the left corner of each itinerary’s name.

Select Journey

Things to know before booking Deccan Odyssey:

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Step 3: Choose the Journey Date

The next step is to choose the travel date. You will be given the list of dates of the itinerary for at least one whole year from today. The dates displayed are the departure dates of the train. Then, click on the blue ‘Next’ button.