Nagaur Cattle Fair 2024 - Second Largest Cattle Fair of India

A Nagaur cattle Fair is an annual festival, which is celebrated in the historic town of Nagaur, which is located between Bikaner and Jodhpur. This fair is also called as the Ramdeoji cattle fair. Every year more than 75,000 camels, horses and bullocks are traded in this fair. Apart from traders and buyers, a large number of tourists visit to enjoy this sheer cultural beauty.

Nagaur Cattle Fair

Date of Nagaur Cattle Fair

Every year, the fair takes place between January and February for four to ten days.

In 2023 – Nagaur Cattle Fair will begin on 15th February to 18th February.

In 2021 – Nagaur Cattle Fair will begin on 30th January and ends on 2nd February.

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History of Nagaur Fair

Nagaur is an ancient town located on one of the old trading routes of the plains around it. Although the town was of greater importance and wealth, the land did not have any higher ground to build a fort. Thus, massive bastions and walls around it to create Fort of Hooded Cobra. The land has rich wealth in cattle husbandry. The Thar Desert climate does not favor farming. Thus, the villagers make their lively hood by breeding camels. The regions around Jodhpur like Haryana, Punjab and other parts of Rajasthan rely on Jodhpur for the cattle for their farming.

In the past, kings even taxed the income that the locals gain from animal trading. To attract merchants passing the trading route, the locals conducted extravaganza celebrations. It is said that the merchants who travel from far-off places create camps in the fair ground and stay overnight. To pass time, the merchants entertained themselves with songs and music in the evening.

However, the celebration of this event started 56 years ago by King Umed Singh who invited Sufi saint Shri Ramdeoji to Nagaur to demonstrate his powers. The local people and people from around the town gathered at Nagaur to watch his powers and were convinced about his supreme powers. They insisted him to stay in Nagaur and the people visited him once a year to pay their respect.

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How is Nagaur Cattle Fair Celebrated?

This second-largest cattle fair of the country lasts for four to ten days.

Each day, the fair begins with cattle activities and attractions to make the sellers show off their cattle. Each dealer will have his own shed or camp where he stores his animals. The buyers walk through the sheds to choose and bargain. By sunset, most of the buyers would leave the place and the sellers will stay back with their animals. After sunset, the cultural programs and celebration starts. The games and markets will be open during the day time.

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Tourist Attractions in Nagaur Cattle Fair

1. To add fun to the fair, many cultural games will be conducted like bullock race, cockfights, tug-of-war and others. Tourists are welcome to stay and watch the games.

Nagaur Fair Games

2. Throughout the fair, folk music will be performed by local artists.

Nagaur Fair Performances

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3. The main attraction of the fair is the Mirchi Bazaar. This is the largest red chili market of Asia.

4. Animal decorations and beauty contests will be conducted.

Camel Beauty at Nagaur Cattle Fair

5. Handicraft exhibition and sales will be conducted in the stores around the fair ground. Top items to buy are camel leather accessories, wooden items, iron-craft and others.

6. Turban tying contests, mustache contest, gymnastic stunts, juggler, puppet show, storytelling and dance programs will be conducted.

Mustache Competition

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Things to do in Nagaur Cattle Fair

  • Stay back in the evening after the fair is completed. The locals gather together to enjoy folk dance and music. Other entertainment activities will be conducted during and after the fair too.
  • Take part in games and entertainment activities
  • Shop around for camel leather based accessories
  • Watch animals getting ready for the buyers.
  • Taste the local cuisine in the shops. Delicacies made with camel milk are the specialty food items here.
  • By the end of the night, many local performers burst fireworks to light up the sky. Stay back for the spectacular event.

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How to Reach Nagaur?

The nearest railway station to Nagaur is located in Merta, which is 80km away from the town. The nearest airport to Nagaur is located in Jodhpur, which is 140 km away. Once you reach Jodhpur airport, you can find cabs and buses from Jodhpur to Nagaur. If you are flying from international destinations, you can enter India via Delhi, Jaipur or Mumbai airports and find connecting flights to Jodhpur.

If you are choosing road transportation, you can find buses and private cabs from many parts of Rajasthan and surrounding regions to Jodhpur. You can find direct buses to Nagaur from Pushkar, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Bikaner and others.

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Entry Fee and Timing of Nagaur Fair

There is no entry fee for the fair. The fair starts early in the morning and ends by midnight.

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