Top 6 Indian Forts Which are Worth Visiting

India is blessed with a number of fascinating forts, which lure the tourist from worldwide to visit this country again and again. The beautiful architecture of the forts enthralls the visitors.

1. Chittorgarh Fort

Located in the state of Rajasthan, Chittorgarh Fort is one of the largest forts in India. This grand fort is a World Heritage Site. It lies over a hill 180 m in height, covering an area of 691.9 acres. The fort stands in the valley above the plains, drained by the River Berach. It is a tribute to the nationalism, loyalty, courage and sacrifice of the Mewar rulers of Sisodia and their relatives (Men, women and children) from the 7th to 16th centuries.

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2. Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Fort which is situated in the city of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is amongst the largest fortifications. The fort is located in the heart of the city and is also known as the Golden Fort or Sonar Quila. This beautiful fort is included in the list of World Heritage Sites. As it was built by the Rajput ruler Rawal Jaisal in 1156 AD, it was named after him. The captivating fort stands in the middle of the great Thar Desert, on Trikuta Hill.

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3. Golconda Fort

The Golkonda or Golla Konda Fort which is popularly known as Golconda Fort means "shepherd's hill". It is situated 11 km to the west of Hyderabad in the Telangana region. This region is popular for the mines that have produced gems like the Koh-i-Noor, Nassak Diamond and Hope Diamond.

Golconda Fort

4. Kangra Fort

On the outskirts of Kangra town is located Kangra Fort, which is 20 kilometers from Dharamsala. It was built by the royal Rajput family (the Katoch dynasty) of Kangra. It is considered as the largest fort in the Himalayas and the oldest in India. Kangra Forts

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5. Red Fort, New Delhi

The Red Fort was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, in the centre of Delhi using red sandstone and thus it was named Lal Quila. It was his residence for around 200 years. It is a remarkable fortified palace of Shahjahanabad and is considered as the zenith of Mughal creativity. It is a historic symbol of India, as the Prime Minister of India hoists the Tricolor (National Flag) on Independence Day, followed by a speech.

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6. Gwalior Fort

The Gwalior Fort is a hill fort near Gwalior, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. There is a defensive structure in this 8th century fort and two major palaces - Gurjari Mahal and Man Mandir, which was built by Man Singh Tomar. This magnificent fort receives a large number of tourists every year.

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If you have a keen interest in exploring history, historical monuments and wish to know the stories behind the ruins then pack up your bag and get set for your historical journey to the cities of splendid forts of India.

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