Top 4 Reasons To Choose Indian Panorama Journey of Maharajas’ Express

Among the numerous genre of itineraries provided by Maharajas’ Express, tourists seem to be more interested in choosing Indian Panorama. Every journey is unique from the other itineraries, covering the regal destinations of the country. Among those experiences, Indian Panorama gives the cream of vacation. Maharajas' Express  Are you new to luxury train vacation? Read How to Explore Rajasthan by Luxury Trains? to know how and where to start. Are you wondering whether to choose Indian Panorama itinerary? Here are the top 4 reasons To Choose Indian Panorama Tour.

1. Diversity In One Vacation

 Trip to Varanasi  Among all the itineraries, Indian Panorama has managed to cover all the diverse elements of Indian vacation in just one trip. It is not quite easy as India is a collage of colorful culture, which give rise to numerous elements of beauty. On the other hand, the nature plays a game in this tropical land, endowing each region with a different beauty. Wildlife beauty of the land is covered at Ranthambore, the spiritual elements of Hinduism and Buddhism are covered during the trip to Varanasi and Sarnath, the architectural beauties are covered in Jaipur, Udaipur and others and the cultural elements are displayed in Gwalior, Khajuraho and others and, so on. Read More: 20 Best Places To Visit In Varanasi And Arounds Popular Wildlife Tour Package India  You get to enjoy a piece of every face of India. No, Maharajas’ Express is not similar to Palace on Wheels.

2. The Cream Of The Crop

India Jodhpur Colourful Culture Unlike other trains and itineraries, Indian Panorama does not give importance to proximity. Just because a destination is closer to the one in the list, the train does not methodically stops at that destination to add more content to the itinerary. Every destination in the route is chosen for its wealth in beauty rather than proximity. Thus, you get to enjoy the entire Rajasthan, in the most rich-way possible. This is not just about monuments. The itinerary also includes a cultural program inside the train, on the last night. This will help you enjoy the culture of the land, at the lap of a royal comfort. This cream vacation can be availed at a discounted rate, from time to time.Guest on Maharajas' Express  In this pursuit of the sheer beauty, Indian Panorama does not run blindly towards iconic attractions alone. It gives equal importance to hidden gems of the regions, making your vacation unique and memorable. For instance, you get to enjoy Gwalior, Khajuraho, Silk trade of Varanasi and so on. Read Also: 13 Most Popular Folk Music and Dance of Rajasthan

3. Smooth And Slow Vacation

Spa on Maharajas' Express  It is not about quantity, when it comes to Indian Panorama. The itinerary gives enough time for the tourists to enjoy the amenities inside the train. Thus, none of the days in the itinerary is bottlenecked with activities. There is enough time for spa sessions, leisure golf games, champagne breakfast, elephant painting, royal tea and so on. Life on Board  Indian Panorama believes in inducing experience-filled vacation and not on scoring the highest number of destinations delivered in a trip. Starting from the vibrant markets of Jaipur to the incense-smelling streets of Varanasi, you get to rewind for a few hours with shopping. Are you looking for more destinations to enjoy shopping in Rajasthan? View Top 10 Colourful Markets in Rajasthan to read more. Back to the Indian Panorama, you will never be rushed into anytime and you can take your time to relish every single second you have in the royal lands of this desert state. Read On: Explore The Hidden Gems Of India With Maharajas Express For 4 Days Play games onboard in

4. Cuisine Of The Land

Meal on Maharajas' Express  Diversity of the land is expressed in numerous ways. The iconic element of this is the cuisine. In every itinerary of Maharajas’ Express, the cuisine of the day, changes with the destination. This allows chefs to procure fresh ingredients from the market and serve rich food in maharajas express. Must Read: Maharajas’ Express Kitchen; How Your Food Is Prepared However, thanks to the diverse landforms scaled in Indian Panorama itinerary, the cuisine changes immensely, every day.Maharajas' Express Restaurant  In addition, the itinerary will not bore you with just a train meals, throughout the week. You get to enjoy a lavishing meal or snack at different destinations’ top restaurants and hotels. By the end of the vacation, you would have clearly tasted all levels of Rajasthani Cuisines and Mughal styled cuisines, without breaking a sweat. Do you have a special meal request? Chefs of Maharajas’ Express will be more than happy to incorporate the meal that you deserve. Are you interested in Indian Panorama itinerary? click the link and learn about the itinerary in detail and to book tickets, in a secured manner. For the upcoming Indian Panorama departure dates and official information, visit the official blog of Travelogy India, Booking of Maharajas' Express For 2019 & 2020 . View Photo Gallery of Maharajas' Express  Luxury Train. Also Read: 10 World Heritage Sites to Visit with Maharajas' Express The World's leading luxury train, Maharajas' Express offers 4 more different routes with the exception of the Indian panorama. If you are planning your holiday on Maharajas Express train and experience more view another option below. Check Maharajas Express fare in Indian rupee and USD Are you looking for a luxury tour apart from trains? Here are the top suggested tour packages, just for you.