Holi a Color Festival : Types of Holi Celebrated in India

The festival of colors - Holi is celebrated with much enthusiasm in Indian regions. This festival is observed on Full Moon day (Phalguna Purnima) every year. This year, Holi will be celebrated on March 25th 2024. It signifies the commencing of spring and victory of good over evil (as bhakt Prahlad defeated Holika according to legends). It is considered as a perfect day to meet others and repair splitted relationships. The day also symbolizes forgiveness.

The festival of colors is celebrated in different ways in India. Let’s have a look at the different types of Holi enjoyed by the people all over India.

1. Braj (Lath Mar Holi)

In Braj, people enjoy Traditional Holi for a month in the regions like Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana and Nandgaon. Braj is known for its Lath Mar Holi, which is celebrated in Barsana. Lath Mar Holi has been a major attraction for the tourists visiting this place. Barsana is also known for its laddoo Holi, in which laddoos are thrown around and devotional songs are sung.

Barsana Lathmar Holi

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2. Ranga Panchami (Dahi Handi)

Dahi handi is the major attraction in Maharashtra. People celebrate this festival also known as Ranga Panchami enthusiastically with colors after Holika dahan.

Rang Panchami, Dahi Handi Holi

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3. Kumaoni Holi

Holi is a major festival of the people of Kumaon region in Uttarakhand. The people celebrate for two months in different ways through musical gatherings, which are known as Mahila Holi, Baithaki Holi and Khadi Holi.

Kumaon Baithak Holi, Uttarakhand

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4. Haryanvi Holi

One of the popular Holi celebrations in India is Haryanvi Holi also known as Bhabhi-Devar Holi. Not only this, Haryana also celebrates Dahi Handi (a pot full of buttermilk is hung high in the street and men try to break the pot while women pour colored water on them).

5. Bhojpuri Holi

Bhojpuri Holi is known for its energetic celebration. This Indian region celebrates holi with colors and mud. The people here consume bhaang to add to their enjoyment. They sing high pitched folk songs and dance on the beats of dholak for total entertainment.

6. Bengali Holi (Holi at Santi Niketan)

Being known as Dol Purnima in Bengal and Orissa, Holi is celebrated in a refined way using dry colours only. On this special occassion, a special musical function is organized in Shanti Niketan that includes song and dance along with playing of musical instruments.

Holi at Bengal, Shantiniketan Dol Utsav

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7. Manipuri Holi (Yaoshang Festival Manipur)

The festival of colors is celebrated for 6 days in Manipur along with Yaoshang festival. The prime attraction of this region is Raasrang Holi Utsav, which is marked by performing Manipuri dance, a form of Indian classical dance called Rasa Lila.

Yaoshang Festival, Manipur Holi

8. Holi in Goa

One of the prominent festivals of Hindu’s in Goa is Shigmo spring festival or Holi. Farmers and lower class people like the laborers and people of rural areas perform traditional folk and street dances to enjoy this festival.

Shigmo Spring Festival, Goa Holi

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The festivals of India have special significance and attract tourists. Be a part of this festival to know about it and enjoy the vibrant colors of Holi.

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