How To Reach Goa

Goa is a well connected city through all modes of transport. Therefore, one can reach Goa easily by airways and roadways besides rail and sea routes. Let’s know about the various routes to travel to Goa in details.


Being located at Dabolim, Goa International Airport is also known as Dabolim Airport. It is located at a distance of 29 km from the capital of Goa to Panaji. This airport operates various domestic and international flights to connect the city with other major cities of the nation and every corner of the world.


Goa has developed rail routes that easily connect the city with other cities. There are two prominent railway stations in Goa, which are Madgaon Railway Station and Vasco-da-Gama Railway Station. Konkan Railway which is located at Margao, operates trains between Mumbai and Panaji. It also operates trains to other destinations as well. The Nizamuddin Goa Express is the only train that has access from South Central Railway. It departs from Delhi and reaches Goa via Pune.


The city is very well connected with other cities through roadways. The roads of the city have access to many public and private buses. Many Government undertakings such as KSRTC, MSRTC and KTC are operated from Madgaon, Panaji and Vasco Da Gama. There are daily bus services to Goa from Mumbai and Pune. Kadamba and Panaji are the two major bus terminuses of Goa. The state bus services of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra have access to operate from these terminuses. One can also enjoy traveling through super deluxe A/C buses from Mumbai and Bangalore.


Goa offers shipping services from Mumbai to Panaji making journey exciting and comfortable for its tourists.

Local Transportation in Goa

As Goa is one of the major tourist destinations of India, it is well connected to the chief cities and towns of India. It has access to many government and private buses. One can use public transport to move around within the city at a nominal cost. Bus facility both public and private is available in abundance. Besides, many private taxi or cabs can be hired to travel within Goa and visit the well known tourist destinations. One has to fix the fare before boarding a taxi.

Option of hiring a taxi and driving it by own to the desired destinations in the city is also available. If you are traveling alone then you can hire a Motorcycle Taxi to travel around Goa in a unique way. You can also get a three wheeler Auto rickshaw to travel within the vicinity of Goa at a negotiable cost.

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