Major Festivals and Events in Goa

Though Goa is considered as the most westernized state of India, it celebrates all the events that occur in the western countries of the world but with a difference along with Indian festivals.

So, all the events associated with religious festivities present a unique blend of cultural confluence in Goa. Below mentioned are some of the major events and festivals in Goa which is celebrated with much enthusiasm.


Feast of Three Kings

The Our Lady of Remedies chapel at Cuelim organizes this feast, which is followed by a fair. It is celebrated by the people of all the religions.


Grape Escapade

It is the biggest wine festival of the world held in India. It was organized in 2005 at first, which carries a tradition of Grape Stomping. All the restaurateurs, wineries, hoteliers and lifestyle brands participate in the Grape Escapade as the event is celebrated with cuisines, wines and haute.

Shigmotsav / Gulalotsav Festival

Shigmo is a festival of color celebrated to honor the warriors in Goa. It is the biggest festival of spring season. Troupes of dancers perform folk dances on the road.


Goa Carnival

Goa Carnival lasts for 4 days wrapped with fun, amusement and festivity. It includes live music on which masked people dressed gorgeously tap their toes and a parade of vibrant floats.


Goa Food and Cultural festival

Reputed caterers, hoteliers, restaurants and housewives participate in this 5 day festival, which displays Goan cuisine and Sea Food. Cultural programs and fireworks are also held during this festival.

Lairai Zatra

This popular festival is celebrated to honor Goddess Lairai. During the zatra, Dhond dance around a bonfire at the Shirgao Temple.


Goa Cashew and Coconut Fest

Cashew was first introduced in India in Goa. As both cashew and coconut contributes to the economy of the state. This event is organized in Goa to boost its tourism.

Holy Spirit Feast

This feast is celebrated fifty days after Easter at the Holy Spirit church of Margao. It is a procession which includes a Priest and members of the Church wearing red ceremonial robes.


Sao Joao

The Sao Joao is a monsoon festival celebrated with much enthusiasm. This festival is celebrated to mark the joy of St. John on Jesus’s birth by jumping into the wells, ponds and streams.


Chikhal Kalo

Chikhal Kalo means Play in the mud signifies the games played by Lord Krishna during his childhood.


Bonderam Festival

It is celebrated, remembering the age old dispute between tribes dwelling on the island at the times of Portuguese era.


Ganesh Chaturthi

It is the biggest Hindu festival celebrated in Goa also known as ‘Chovoth’.



Dussehra is celebrated by every Hindu in Goa with grandeur and enthusiasm.



Diwali is one of the major festivals of Hindu celebrated in Goa that marks the defeat of Evil Rakshasa Narkasur by Lord Krishna.

Tripurari Poornima

To mark the end of Diwali, Tripurari Poornima festival is organized on the banks of river Valvanthi in Sanquelim. It is celebrated with boat racing contest.


St. Francis Xavier’s feast

To honor the death of St. Francis Xavier, this fest is held every year.

Mary Immaculate Conception Church Feast

This feast is held for three days, which is celebrated across the state with enthusiasm. Fairs are held within the vicinity of the church.

Datta Jayanti

To celebrate the birth of Lord Dattajayanti (the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu), this festival is held by the Hindus.


Christmas is the most prominent festivals of Christians in Goa which is observed to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus. Christmas is followed by the New Year Celebration.

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