Why choosing a luxury train for traveling is the convenient one in India?

India when truly explored is a wonderland and will give you a taste of culture covered in modernity. But, tourism though, being a major part of Indian indulgence has not been up to the mark.

With women safety at risk, and recent cases of sexual assault, the number of tourists that includes foreign visitors and Indian Nationals have considerably gone down.

With so much to see and stay in India, a better way to do it for the first time tourists is to take the luxury train experiences that can take them on a tour to experience the richness of Indian culture.

This kind of travelling brings everything on board while cutting the pain of car to car combat and the hassle of air transfers.

With no proper guidance, the first timers can miss out on so much and some of them who are not familiar with the national language can face much problems.

These luxury trains that have been introduced present India in a nutshell and you can have the best served right to you. It gives an opportunity to know the country better before, planning another trip to travel thoroughly.

All major parts touched, these trains provide a welcoming environment with staffs always around and so, are the passengers.

The luxury trains have been designed to set up a space away from the regular travelling that one does and takes it to a whole different level altogether. The trains offer an era of royalty with magnificent services that one can look forward to.

Be it ‘The Golden Chariot’ that tours around the popular spots of Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Pondicherry depending on the itinerary and the Palace on Wheels train itinerary that tells the story of Royal Rajasthan, all of it is legendary. It’s like living the dreams once, you decide to go on this majestic journey with on board restaurant, bar, spa and other facilities.

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More details about Palace on Wheels:

Once, you get an idea about the best places to visit while enjoying in the leisure, you can plan another trip to your favorite destination. These trains give a best time on vacation as has a lot of scope for a good time while interacting with the fellow passengers.

This is sure a once in a life time experience and should definitely be in everyone’s bucket list. Trains like Palace on Wheels and Maharajas' Express are inviting enough just with the names and one can be sure of living the lives of Kings with staffs all at service.

Maharajas Express Train

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Know more about Maharajas' Express:

The Maharajas' Express train offers travelers 5 different itinerary, each designed to provide visitors with the best opportunity to learn about the interesting facts of India.

  1. Maharajas' Express Train 7 Nights / 8 Days Mumbai to Delhi Route - The Heritage of India
  2. Maharajas' Express Train 7 Nights / 8 Days Delhi to Delhi Route - The Indian Panorama
  3. Maharajas' Express Train 7 Nights / 8 Days Delhi to Mumbai Route - The Indian Splendor
  4. Maharajas' Express 3 Nights / 4 Days Golden Triangle Luxury Tour - Gems of India
  5. Maharajas' Express Train 3 Nights / 4 Days Delhi to Delhi Route - Treasures of India

The ease and relaxed vacation with not much to be done and everything well taken care of, comes from here as the planning has been done in that way. With these trains, planning your first trip to India would not be much of a task and the pre-decided schedule would work smoothly.

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