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Health Tips Travel to India

Health is a major issue one should remain concerned about during traveling. One can enjoy to the fullest if only one remains healthy throughout the vacation. Therefore one should be aware of the climate of the place one is about to visit and be prepared to face the problems and to keep illness at a bay. Delhi experiences chilled winter and extremely hot summers, with humid monsoons.

Be Prepared
Before you set on for a journey, prepare yourself to face all the odds and have a memorable vacation.

  • Don’t forget to keep medicines or vaccines of your children along with.
  • Make it a point to check for the latest information on prevailing diseases or infections at your desired destination.
  • Get evacuation insurance in a developing country like India with lesser of healthcare as compared to advanced Western Counties.
  • If taking medicines, carry medicine and prescriptions while travelling. Keep medication in their packaging ro advoid suspicion by airport security and get dispossessed of the medicines you need.
  • If you wear glass, carry the slip bearing the number to meet the situation of getting the glasses broken and extra saline solution to frequently clean glasses in Northern region falling in dust bowel and the Thar deserts.
  • If not already vaccinated particularly DPT and hepatitis besides polio, typhoid, meningitis, chicken pox etc, get vaccinated before resorting to travel.
  • Malria and Dengue during summer is common in India. Use mosquito repellant or mosquito net in your bed room.
  • Ensure the purity of water to avoid water borne diseases. You may carry bottled mineral water which is available everywhere at all destinations.
  • For food, choose the eateries carefully making sure of its being hygienically cooked and is fresh.
  • Ladies should Pad and tampons which are available only in major cities. Caryy with you’re the cosmetics and lipsticks of the brand you use.

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