Top Shopping Places in SIkkim

Sikkim has gained international acclamation for its pleasant climate, snow-covered landscapes, and reasonable commercialization. Sikkim offers a variety of adventure activities, and the peaceful yet vibrant environment offers tourists a variety of other experiences to complement their visit to Sikkim. Shopping is a unique experience in Sikkim that will keep tourists entertained for hours. You won't be able to stop yourself from buying exciting souvenirs, handicrafts, prayer flags, woolen carpets, and a variety of other items. The best shopping spots in Sikkim for all budgets can be found here.

Why Sikkim is the Best Destination for Shopping?

Sikkim is like a small happy paradise with only a small population, so shopping there is a lot of fun. As a result, the marketplaces in this city are not as elaborate as those in other major cities. Every day, except weekends, there are markets that cater to locals and visitors. Aside from that, there are a few special weekly or weekend shopping hubs that cater specifically to tourists' needs by offering a diverse range of local products.

Shopping specialties of Sikkim

In Sikkim, there are a plethora of amazing things to buy. So, without further ado, here is a list of the best things to buy in Sikkim when you're out shopping. You'll be amazed at how beautifully handcrafted everything in this city is, from home decor to clothing. In Sikkim, the best things to buy are:

  • Carpets from Tibet
  • Silver Jewellery & Semi-Precious Stones
  • Tea from Sikkim
  • Thangkas
  • Prayer Flags & Buddhist Figurines
  • Decorative wall hangings
  • Cups from Sikkimese
  • Choksee
  • Alpine Cheese
  • Cardamom (black)
  • Bamboo Shoots (fresh)
  • Masks
  • Jackets made by hand
  • Sikkimese Liqueur
  • Wooden tables carved by hand


Top places for Shopping in Sikkim

New Market

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New Market is a vibrant shopping destination that entices shoppers with entertainment and food. New Market is regarded as one of Sikkim's most popular shopping destinations. It's a charming little market strategically located in Gangtok's downtown area. The shops are lined and stacked with a plethora of tempting items that are sure to empty your wallet. Dry fruits, sweet dishes such as 'barfis,' and sweet mango peels are some of the must-have items in the New Market shopping area. The dried mango peels sold here are extremely popular, and they can be easily stored and transported back home to be distributed to family and friends.

Old Market

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The atmosphere of Sikkim's Old Market is steeped in the state's traditional heritage. There is a lively and dainty little shopping area. Old Market is located on MG Marg and is well-known for selling both traditional and modern fashion wear and accessories. To get the best deal in the Old Market, you'll have to bargain a lot. As a result, you will encounter a boisterous crowd who is constantly haggling to obtain satisfactory deals. The bustling area is alive with the sounds of shoppers and vendors. Dogra jewelry sets and exquisite and artistic handicrafts items are two items that should not be missed while shopping for Sikkim couples in the Old Market area. Dry fruits are also popular here.  Check out the walnuts and almonds, which are among the area's best-selling items.

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Lal Bazaar

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East Sikkim is home to Lal Bazaar. Lal Bazaar is known as the "soul of Sikkim's kitchen" because it has the best selection of organic and farm products that are both fresh and authentic. The farm produce is obtained and sold fresh from the local villagers' market. Traveling through the Lal Bazaar is a thrilling experience, as you walk through the streets of this flea market in search of dried fish and exotic foods. A thorough exploration of the Lal Market will give you a hint of Sikkim's traditional food items and cooking methods. A short excursion from the Lal Bazar will lead you to Gangtok's nearby posh shopping center, MG Road.

MG Road

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MG Road is Sikkim's commercial hub, located in the capital city of Gangtok. It's like an open-air shopping mall in the heart of the city. All of the major shops, restaurants, cafes, and other businesses are located in the market. MG Road Market is a market where you can purchase everything from Sikkim Tea to prayer flags. Aside from that, you can buy Sikkim's traditional dresses, handcrafted pickles, and other handicraft items.

It attracts enthusiastic shoppers with a plethora of tempting restaurants, gleaming shops brimming with a wide range of goods, and a buzzing atmosphere of shopping fervor. Traditional cups, Thangkas, and Choksi tables are available in a variety of artistic styles.

Couples can also shop for a wide range of ready-to-wear clothing, souvenirs, trinkets, accessories, footwear, and other items. MG Road is one of the best places in Sikkim to go shopping for handicrafts. To have a complete shopping experience, visit as many clothing stores, souvenir and gift shops, shoe stores, handicraft items, and multi-purpose stores as possible. Begin your shopping spree early in the day.  If you're hungry or tired, stop by one of the cafes and restaurants in the area for a bite to eat and a place to rest your legs. This neighborhood is densely packed with pubs, clubs, and family restaurants. Fill your stomach with delectable patties, coffee, momos, pastries, and other delectable snacking items regularly. Until 7 p.m., keep shopping until you drop.

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Lachen market

Lachen is Lachung's sister village. This is one of Sikkim's most beautiful and scenic locations. This location, at an elevation of 8838 feet, is about an eight-hour drive from Gangtok. Lachen market is located in the heart of the village and offers visitors a unique shopping experience. Here you'll find a fantastic selection of handcrafted and handloom items. All of the items are made in small-scale industries hubs. As a result, they embody the essence of Sikkimese culture and tradition.  If you would like to buy something from this market, it should be lambs or yak wool dupattas, purses, or blankets. Designs on Buddhist culture and figures can be found in many of these articles. However, don't forget to bargain with the shopkeepers, as they are prone to overcharging travellers.

Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms

At the far end of Tibet Road is the Directorate of Handicrafts and Handlooms. This shopping destination is known for its unique Sales Emporium. If you're looking for authentic Sikkimese handcrafted items and unique pieces of artwork, this is one of the best shopping destinations in Sikkim. The products sold here are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted by local artisans and craftsmen who pour their hearts and souls into giving shape, form, and alluring designs to these finely conceived traditional products. Thangkas, artistic wood carvings, ornate wall hangings, soft woolen carpets, and a variety of other master craftsmanship products are among the many that you may be tempted to purchase. The Thangkas on display are made of fine fabric and feature intricate designs to entice customers. When you return home from a wonderful Sikkim vacation, buy some to hang on the wall of your home as a memento.

Geyzing market

Geyzing is a breathtakingly beautiful place in Sikkim's western region, surrounded by a lush green valley and snow-capped peaks. A monk body established the Geyzing marketplace for the benefit of the local villagers. There are a variety of shops on the glazing market. Because this is a commercial area, you'll find a variety of shopping opportunities here, including local handicrafts, handwoven woolens, and carpets. In addition, the shops of Geyzing sell a variety of handcrafted products from the region. A farmers' market is also located here, where visitors can purchase organic fresh vegetables and herbs.

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Ravangla market

Ravangla is a small town in Sikkim that is located in the southern part of the state at an elevation of 7000 feet. With highways, the town is well connected to the rest of the state. Ravangla is a small town located halfway between Gangtok and Pelling. Ravangla has a well-known market that sells a wide range of goods, including stationery, tailoring, groceries, food, and other items. Other services, such as photocopying and medicine shops, are well-known in the market. Several well-known Chinese restaurants can also be found here. Ravangla is also home to the carpet weaving center. This carpet weaving center was once established by a group of Tibetan migrants. At Ravangla, you can get good-quality traditional Sikkim carpets for a very low price.

There are numerous foreign and local liquor stores in the area. Ravangla is a great place to go for transportation because you can get a taxi or a private vehicle from here to anywhere in Sikkim. Everything can be arranged from Ravangla, whether you want to go straight to the airport or get a customized tour of your favorite location. 

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