Ajmer Tours

Explore the wonderful location of the desert state Rajasthan, Ajmer which is the home of many magnificent forts and many other heritage sites. This marvelous place is also a pilgrimage destination is the 5th largest and an ancient city of Rajasthan.

Beautifully studded in the Aravalli ranges the mesmerizing destination Ajmer was founded by Ajayraj Singh Chauhan in 7th century A.D. the brave Chauhan rulers ruled the state for a very long time and later Pritviraj Chauhan lost the hold afire the defeat in the battle with Mohammed Ghori. The name Ajmer means to be an invisible spine and the city is ruled by several brave emperors. This beautiful city is the home of a number of dynasties and each and every ruler marked his own signature by constructing a marvelous fort or castle making the city an attractive destination.

The vibrant city Ajmer has a great historic significance and due to the Dargah Khwaja Sahab the resting place of Gharib Nawaz, this city became a favorite destination of the Mughal rulers. Due to the rule of many dynasties and kings the city holds a number of splendid constructions reflecting Indo-Islamic art and architecture. All the monuments and forts of the city Ajmer make the city much more special from all other Rajasthani destinations. One can see the blend of Hinduism and Islam in every aspect of the city Ajmer starting from art architecture, culture and traditions.

The secular state is holds many picturesque locations and the scenic beauty of the land is to be seen as the whole region is surrounded by the beautiful Aravalli ranges. The vibrant city turns to be more colorful during the celebrations of the fairs and festivals.

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